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Sony A58 Announced - Images, Press Release and Full Specification

Sony A58 SideSony A58 is finally announced by Sony, A 58 will replace both the A37 and A57 models, the camera features newly developed APS-C CMOS sensor and  advance Image processor, ISO 100 – 16000 (25600 with Multi Frame NR), Advance 15-point phase detection Live View AF with 3 cross sensors; with AF tracking in Tele-zoom Continuous Advance Priority AE mode, the camera also features Auto HDR; Hand-held Twilight; Sweep Panorama; Anti Motion Blur; Multi Frame Noise Reduction, on the rear side we have OLED Tru-Finder with 100% field coverage and 460k-dot 6.7 cm (2.7-type) with adjustable angle Display Unit.

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Sony Eye Tracking AF SLT Coming in 2014

According to latest rumors Sony is working on eye tracking AF technology, but the bad news is the “Eye controlled Focus System” is limited to viewfinder only, the camera will track your eye-movement by infrared sensors in the viewfinder, with this technology you can easily change the AF point with a blazing fast speed but you will have to calibrate Your eye for this to work properly.

Canon EOS-5 A2 First Eye Tracking AF introduced in Canon EOS-5 A2(E)

Sony will introduce this technology in 2014 in its flagship SLT and fill-frame NEX camera, If we take a look at history the first Eye Tracking AF camera was Canon EOS-5 A2(E), and after a number of canon models offered Eye Controlled Focus (A2E, Elan IIE, IXe, 3, Elan 7E, and Elan 7NE).

+ Some More Rumors

Sony A77 and A57 successor coming in 2013, Sony A57 successor name is A58 and coming before sep 2013, no details about Sony A77 successor available.

via – Sonyalpharumor [SAR]

New Sony Alpha SLT Coming in January 2013

Sony SLTAccording to President of Sony Hawaii (yep), Sony is ready to announce New Sony Alphs product in  January 2013

“It is the tip of the iceberg, said Okemura. “We’re going to be making some major announcements at the upcoming Winter Consumer Electronics Show. We will be showing a lot of other technologies, not just the Bravia Television, but advancements with the Play Station, also in Sony Pictures, and also in the Alpha Series cameras.”

We will update you as soon as we get more info, stay with us on twitter and facebook

Source via SAR

Differences Between SLT and DSLR Cameras

Even if you only have the most rudimentary knowledge of photography and are content with your compact digital camera, there’s a strong chance that you’ve heard of DSLR cameras. For more than a decade they have generally been considered to be at the top of the pile in terms of camera technology. However, due to a recent innovation by technology giants, Sony, there’s a brand new acronym in town looking to claim the title of ‘camera of choice’ for itself – the SLT.

What’s the difference? Where’s the innovation? Well, part of the story is in the name: DSLR stands for digital single lens reflex; SLT for single lens translucent. Forgetting the omission of ‘digital’, the key difference lies in the use of the term ‘translucent’, rather than ‘reflex’, which in both cases refers to a mirror used inside the camera.

In the case of the DSLR, the mirror reflects light up into the viewfinder and then, once the shutter button is pressed, it lifts out of the way to allow the photograph to be taken, hence the ‘reflex’.

In the case of the SLT, however, the mirror is translucent, so it allows light to travel directly through it for the picture, with only a small amount being reflected for use in the camera’s autofocus system, thus eliminating the need for internal movement of the mirror.

This means three things primarily: firstly, less of a time delay between pressing of the shutter button and the actual photo being taken, so photos are practically instant and can be taken in more rapid succession. Secondly, the lack of movement inside the camera reduces shake and blur, meaning sharper images.

However, the third difference associated with the translucent mirror is that invariably a small quantity of light is absorbed by the mirror, which ultimately means that less light finds its way through to the sensor – so certain shots, in low light for example, may lack a degree of clarity and definition.

The technology behind SLT cameras is certainly promising and impressive, although still in its early days, so it’s perhaps no surprise that many professional photographers continue to use traditional DSLRs. The jury is still out in terms of which camera type is superior, but can we certainly think both can co-exist?

Sony Upcoming Full-Frame SLT Specification Leaked

Upcoming Sony A9x  Full-Frame (probably Sony A99) rumored specification surfaced over the web today, the overall specification of the Full-Frame SLT look very impressive , Sony is expected to announce new flagship NEX model and Full-Frame SLT in sep 2012 (photokina),

  • 24 MPX sensor Full Frame Sensor
  • All cross 102 phase detection AF
  • ISO 50-25600 (can be extended to 102.400 with the final firmware)
  • Live view – evaluative & subject recognition lock-on AF
  • 1200 zone live-view evaluative metering
  • 1920×1080 60p and 24p
  • simultaneous still & movie recording
  • 921K True Black 3 way tilt LCD
  • Shutter Speed 1/8000
  • New iAuto
  • Smart Tele converter
  • Magnesium body
  • Weather Sealed body
  • Built-in Flash

based on current rumors from different websites Sony will announce two new full-frame camera in next 12 months.

src – SAR

Sony A37 Sample Images

Sony A37 Sample Images are now coming above the surface, verge and digitalcamerareview posted many new sample images taken from Sony A37,

See samples with Fire-eaters, sword swallowers and snake handlers at

digitalcamerareview on Sony A37 2X clear zoom technology….

The telezoom 2x magnification is acceptable when not viewed at 100%, but looking closely will reveal some digital artifacts and evidence of over-processing. To be fair, the statue was barely visible in my wide angle shot, so it might be a nice feature for someone shooting a prime lens who wants some zoom reach in a pinch.

Sony Alpha SLT-A37 sample pictures at

Pre-order Sony A37 and NEX-F3

Sony A37 and Sony NEX-F3 is now available for pre-order,  use the link below to pre-order your new A37 DSLR or Mirrorless NEX-F3.

Pre-order Sony A37 at B&H
Sony A37 with 18-55mm Lens
Sony A37 with 18-135mm Lens

Pre-order Sony NEX at B&H
Sony Alpha NEX-F3 with kit lens (Black)
Sony Alpha NEX-F3 with kit lens (Silver)