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Firmware Update

Sony Registered New Camera WW 213188 without Bluetooth Connectivity

Sony registered a new camera codename, ww 213188 camera at wireless Indonesian agencies. But this camera doesn’t have built in bluetooth. However, you have built in Wi-Fi for wireless connectivity and remote controlled actions and file transfer.

So, we have decide to do a small research to find out which model is coming next. You can see the list of models with and without Bluetooth, its look so obvious that all that latest Sony Fullframe Mirrorless camera does  have built-in Bluetooth connectivity.

Update WW 213188 without Bluetooth Connectivity is Sony RX100 VA Camera

WW 213188 is actually Sony RX100 VA camera, the RX100 VA Camera is actually a incremental version of the current Sony RX100 V camera. More Details here

Sony FF Mirrorless Camera Models With and Without Bluetooth

With Bluetooth Without Bluetooth
Sony A9 (V 4.1) Sony A7
Sony A7 III (V 4.1) Sony A7II
Sony A7R III (V 4.1) Sony A7S
Sony A7S II
Sony A7R
Sony A7R II

As you can see the latest version of Sony cameras do have  Bluetooth connectivity. Sony FF Mirrorless Cameras announced after 2016 all have Bluetooth connectivity inside them.

Sony APS-C Cameras With and Without Bluetooth Connectivity

With Bluetooth Without Bluetooth
Sony A6500 Sony A6300
Sony A6000

Not only fullframe mirrorless camera. APS-C mirrorless camera latest edition Sony A6500 arrived with built-in Bluetooth inside it. So, there is no chance that upcoming Sony A6700 camera will not going to have a built-in Bluetooth.

Sony Compacts Cameras With and Without Bluetooth Connectivity

With Bluetooth Without Bluetooth
Sony RX100 VI (V 4.1) Sony RX1R Mark II
Sony RX10 IV (V 4.1) Sony RX10 IV
Sony RX0 (V 4.1)

All Sony latest compacts have Bluetooth connectivity, except the Sony RX1 Mark II camera which was announced back on October 2015.

Sony RX1R III Camera without Bluetooth ?

It is possible that Sony may keep Bluetooth off from Sony RX1R III due to size issue. However, at the moment Sony all cameras models do have built-in WiFi and Bluetooth for enhanced connectivity purpose.

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Sony RX1R III Coming in Q1 of 2018 [Rumor]

Sony RX1R III camera image

Sony RX1R III Coming in 2018, We have received some information related to the next Fullframe compact camera from anonymous source. And we have decided to publish it since it look logical to us

new RX FF camera in Q1 of 2018
4K and S-Log2 Gamma
IBIS (in body image stabilization)

The Sony RX1R II was announced on Oct, 2015. The tech inside the Sony Sony RX1R II, (Amazon | B&H) $3.2K camera is bit old and the camera remains limited to Full HD video recording as well as it doesn’t feature Built-in or optical IS.

This news was first published on thenewcamera so do cite us while republishing it.

also see –Sony A7R III Dynamic Range Increases in Pixel-Shift Mode

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Sony RX1 III Camera Coming Soon [Rumor]


Sony is not in mood to announce Fullframirrorless camera anytime soon if we believe latest rumors surfaced over the web. They are planning to announce RX series camera along with two lenses.

Earlier it was said that Sony will going to announce A7 series (either A7 III or A7R II) camera after A9 announcement.  According to the information shared by the tipster, Sony is going to announce a new compact RX compact camera in next 4 to 6 weeks.

Sony next announcement includes

16-35mm f/2.8 GM (very likely)

new RX camera

new 135mm FE lens

We may see Sony RX1 R II camera since predecessor in few weeks, since the RX1R II was announced on oct 2015 and due for an update. The approx 2 year old is limited to Full HD video mode only and missing internal 5-aixs IS system.

The next Sony RX1R III camera is expected to carry same 42MP sensor with 4K video recording option and 5 – axis IS.

Take the information with a grain of salt since the information is coming from a new source

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Sony RX1R III to Feature 5 axis IS and 4K Video


I have received piece of information of week ago but I have not decided to publish it until I received more confirmation related to the same from different sources. Today I have seen a rumor mill published article related to Sony RX1R II successor and according to him the Camera is expected to arrive soon. Sony does registered few camera in different worldwide wireless certification agency and one of the camera among them with reg code WW620081 is expected to be next potential FF compact camera from Sony.

The latest price drop can be considered as an indication that Sony is preparing for the launch successor of popular RX1R II camera and for that they are clearing the stockpile camera in different online for retail stores worldwide.

Sony RX1R III to Feature 5 axis IS and 4K Video

We have received info from tipster Nomen Nescio an while ago according to him the upcoming Sony full frame compact camera will going to feature 5 Axis image stabilization system and the other most important Feature is Introduction of 4K video.

He told nothing about new sensor or new lens, so there is a possibility that even in next version of the camera we will going to see the same 42 megapixel sensor of Sony RX1 R2.

We will going to share information soon if we get any.

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