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Firmware Update

Canon G1X Mark II vs Sony RX100 M2


Canon G1X Mark II features newly developed 1..5 inch CMOS sensor and on the other hand the Sony RX100M2 features 1 inch sensor, the other major difference is the size, the size of Canon G1X is really bit bigger than your pocket slim Jeans pocket and demands a large Jacket pocket.


Sensor size: The Canon features bigger sensor size and less megapixels compared to Sony RX100 M2,

Bigger sensor size collects more light in the sensor area compared to the smaller one and hence you get better low light performance and greater color depth.

Bigger Photodiodes in Canon G1X Mark II Sensor: Photodiodes are the part of the sensor that’s actually sensitive to light, a photodiode converts light (photons) into electricity (electrons).  Sony 1 inch sensor have approx 20 million photosites, and on the other hand the Canon G1X Mark II have 1.5 inch sensor and 12  million photosites, bigger sensor can obviously collect a lot more light per pixel –  Canon G1X Mark II is bigger and will collect more light compared to Sony RX100 M II.

 No-optical low pass filter – Sony RX100 M2 have no optical low pass filter inside hence you will get more sharp images when compared to Canon G1X Mar II

AF system: Both camera features Same contrast based AF system, but Canon comes with more AF points compared to RX100 M2. The newly developed AF system of Canon G1X Mark II is approx 2X faster than its predecessor. The PowerShot G1 X Mark II also supports 1-point and Touch AF.

Lens: Canon features more optical zoom lens than Sony, but Sony with limited zoom gives you more bit bright lens at the wide-end.

Image Stabilization: Canon features Hybrid Image Stabilization system , it include Panning IS, Macro (Hybrid) setting specifically corrects for shift-type shake, Dynamic mode IS for Video,  Powered IS active while using telephoto zoom and Active Tripod mode corrects minor amount of camera shake, Sony RX100 M2 have Optical SteadyShot image stabilization that works Active 3-Way stabilization works on clockwise and counter-clockwise movements only.

Fast Continuous Shooting Speed: Sony offers fast continuous shooting of 10fps, Canon G1X limited to 5fps only.

Display: Canon features high resolution fixed touch screen and Sony have tilting touch screen (no touch), with Canon G1X its easy to quickly access the main menus… so final choice is your which type of screen you prefer.

Both camera features built-in WiFi and NFC that enables remote shooting and wireless transfer of images .

Size and Weight: Sony RX100 M2 lighter and smaller than Canon G1X Mark II, +1  it will also comes with more battery life, suitable for travel photographers.

More Manual Controls in Canon G1X Mark II: Canon G1X Mark II comes with Dual Control Rings, inner ring is stepped and can be directed to set aperture value, shutter speed and exposure compensation and the outer, continuous ring gives you full control over the AF of the camera.

Verdict: Based on Specification Comparison review we recommend you to buy Canon G1X Mark II camera since it will give you better image quality than Sony RX100 M2 camera, but if you are a travel photographer and need a ultra slime camera for your pocket than Sony RX100 M2 is a excellent choice.

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Sony RX10 vs Sony RX100 M2 - High ISO TEST

We have already done a specification comparison review between these camera,  now its time for HIGH ISO TEST, take a look below

Sony-RX10-vs-RX100-M2-HIGH-Both camera showing almost same Image quality but if we look closely the image quality of RX100 M2 is bit better since the M2 since it have bit (F1.8 vs F2.8) better aperture  at wide end. Hence the RX100 M2 sensor get more light compared to RX10.

Also see specification comparison review here

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image credit -imagine resource

Canon G16 vs RX100 M2


Canon G16 vs RX100 M2, Sony RX100M2 comes with ultra-compact body size and bigger 20.2MP 1″ Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensor without low-pass filter  on the other hand Canon G16 is bit bigger in size but features 12.1 Megapixel 1/1.7″ (smaller) sensor, take a look at the major difference below…


Its no doubt that the bigger sensor  of Sony RX100 M2 will produce better image compared to Canon G16
+ You also get a ultra compact size and WiFi with NFC technology that enables remote shooting and video recording. (via smartphones and tablets)

On the other hand G16 offers you 2.4X more optical zoom, better macro mode and bit faster continuous shooting speed.
Canon G16 also features built in WiFi but no NFC.

Price difference: Canon G16 will cost you approx $200 less than Sony RX100 M2 camera.

Verdict: If you want better image quality + compact size, we highly recommend you to buy Sony RX100 M2 Camera. If you want a affordable pro-compact camera with bit more zoom and better macro mode –  you can buy Canon G16.

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Sony QX100 vs Sony RX100 M2

Does both the model have same core specification or do they show any major difference? take a look at the comparison table below



The QX100 and RX100M2 shares same sensor and lens, BUT the IMAGE PROCESSOR IS DIFFERENT. Sony didn’t clearly mention the type of image processor used in the newly announced QX100 smart lens.

Due to different / Slow image processor we get
1. LOW ISO Range (Unable to process / filter image file with high noise)
2. No Continuous burst mode
3. Limited Video recording capabilities (1440 X 1080)
4. Low shutter range

Other major difference that you will notice is
1. Lack of RAW mode,
2. Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual modes are missing.

Remote Shooting: Please don’t get confused that only QX100 offers you remote shooting ability, Both (QX100 and RX100M2) features Built in WiFi and NFC Technology, you can use you RX100M2 camera or QX100 for remote shooting of images or videos.

1. You can pair your QX100 Lens or RX100M2 camera with any iOS and Android based Smartphone.
2. Use your smartphone display to shoot images / can also be used uncoupled from your smartphone. Hold the camera / lens in one hand and your phone in the other,

Why QX100 is better?
1. More Compact size for shooting make this lens a excellent street shooter.
2. Low cost – QX100 is available at $499 / RX100 M2 available at $748.

Verdict: Even if the image processor is different we won’t see any major difference in image quality (probably upto ISO 3200), Since both of them shares same lens and sensor, the QX100 is definitely a major upgrade of your smartphone camera and highly recommended for smartphone users.

but if we look at the overall specification comparison between QX100 and RX100 M2, its’ no doubt that RX100 is better than QX100, Professional photographers may miss the RAW file and manual modes in the new QX100 smart lens, they can wait for the next version QX100 (Sony QX200),  or they can but RX100 M2 camera.

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Buy Sony RX100M2 from Amazon, B&H

Sony RX100 M2 vs Nikon Coolpix A

Sony RX100 M2 vs Nikon Coolpix A, Nikon coolpix a have more bigger sensor compared to Sony RX100 M2, take a look at the major core difference below,


The Sensor of Nikon Coolpix A is bigger than Sony RX100 M2 Camera, The Nikon coolpix A features 16.2 MP DX-Format CMOS Sensor similar to Nikon D7000 / D5100 DSLR, the Sony RX100 M2 comes with 20.2MP 1″ inch Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensor.

Nikon Coolpix A have Fixed 28mm f/2.8 NIKKOR Prime Lens.
Sony RX100 M2 have bright Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T* 10.4-37.1mm f/1.8-4.9 lens provides a 35mm-equivalent focal length range of 28-100mm.

Sony RX100 M2 have more optical zoom and better Macro mode compared to Nikon coolpix A.

Image Stabilization: Sony RX100 M2 features optical image stabilization, Nikon coolpix A have sensor shift image.

Continuous Shooting Speed
: Sony RX100 M2 camera features 10fps continuous shooting speed, Nikon coolpix A limited to 4fps only.

Video: Sony RX100 M2 have better video mode compared to Nikon coolpix A.


Display: Sony RX100 have high resolution 3″ Tilting Display, Nikon coolpix A have fixed 3″ display.

Additional Features: Sony RX100 M2 also have built in WiFi and NFC for remote sharing of images. No such optional available for Nikon coolpix A.



Image Credit:

High ISO test – Sony RX100 M2 have bit strong noise reduction filter, Nikon coolpix A High ISO images have more noise but more sharp compared to Sony RX100 M2.

Nikon Coolpix is using approx 2+ year old APS-C sensor of Nikon D7000 and D5100 DSLR, on the other hand Sony uses newly developed 1 inch BSI CMOS sensor.

Price Difference: Nikon coolpix A will cost you $340 extra

Verdict:  If I need a pocket camera after my DSLR I will prefer Sony RX100 M2, I don’t see a big difference in image quality since Nikon is using a 2+ year old APS-C sensor compared to  Sony newly developed 1 inch Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensor. Finally the choice is your’s, we have done enough work to find the major difference between both the camera.

Buy Sony RX100M2 from Amazon, B&H and Adorama

Buy Nikon Coolpix A from Amazon | B&H

Sony RX100 M2 vs Canon G1X [Updated]

The Sony RX100 M2 vs Canon G1X, the canon  G1X have bigger 1.5 inch sensor and big body size, the RX100 M2 is ultra compact camera and features 1 inch sensor, take a look at the major specification


Sensor: Canon G1X features 1.5inch 14 MP sensor, Sony RX100 M2 newly developed 1 inch 20.2 MP BSI CMOS sensor, the photodiodes of Canon G1X are big compared to Sony RX100 M2 camera , so you get better low light performance with Canon G1X.

ISO: Sony offers more ISO range compared to G1X at expandable mode, but Canon big sensor creates less noise at high sensitivity.

Take a look at the DxO mark test results, the low light performance of Canon G1X camera is better,


But The Low + High ISO test says a different story take a look

Sony-RX100-M2-vs-G1X-KPEG See the Raw Image Comparison Here

Sony RX100 M2 showing sharp details at base ISO, at High ISO both images are almost same, Canon Big sensor doesn’t showing any significant difference.

Lens: Sony zoom lens is limited to 3.6X and Canon offers 4X optical zoom, the aperture range of Sony is better compared to Canon G1X.

Top Continuous speed: The top continuous shooting speed of Sony RX100 M2 is 10fps and Canon is limited to 1.9fps only.

Video: Sony RX100 M2 have better video mode, you get 60fps frame rate while shooting at Full-HD video mode. Canon G1X limited to 30fps only at Full HD video mode.


Display: Sony offers tilted High-res display unit on the other hand Canon offers vari-angle display, personally I like var-angle display.

WiFi: Sony RX100 M2 have Built-in WiFi and NFC technology, No WiFi available in G1X.

Price difference:  Canon G1X available at $600, for Sony RX100 M2 you have to pay $748

Verdict: Sony features Ultra-Slim body that easily goes in your tight jeans pocket + Excellent image quality, we highly recommend you to buy Sony RX100 M2.

Buy Sony RX100M2 from Amazon, B&H and Adorama

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Sony RX100 M2 vs Sony RX100


Sony claims that new BSI CMOS Sensor of Sony RX100M2 will show 40% improvement in low-light performance compared to RX100, the RX100M2 have number of improvements over the old RX100, take a look below.

Specification Comparison (Sony RX100 MII vs Sony RX100)


Major Difference Between both the models


You get tilt-able display with RX100 M2

Sony RX100 M2 show better low-light performance compared to RX100 (according to DxOMark Lab)



Take a look at the first High ISO test of Sony RX100M2 vs Sony RX100


image credit dcwatch


Verdict: Sony done a lot of hard work to improve its RX100 camera, With the new RX100M2 you get new sensor, improved ISO range, better video mode, Hot-shoe and WiFi. We recommend you to buy Sony RX100M2 Camera.

Buy Sony RX100M2 from Amazon, B&H and Adorama

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