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Firmware Update

Confirmed: Sony A7R II, Sony A7000 and New RX Compact Coming

Finally we got confirmation from leaked document via wikileaks that Sony will soon going to announce new Sony A7R II camera, A7000 and new compact RX series camera (possibly RX100 M4).

The image above you see is official Sony Product launch Calendar til June 2015, that clearly means that all the three camera coming before June 2015.

On April 23, 2015 the Sony will going to announce RX series compact camera and on Mid May 2015 Sony is expected to announce the A6000 successor and A7R II camera.

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vis – SAR

Sony RX100 M4 Leaked Specification


We have just received first set of RX100 M4 specification by a new source, take a look at the rumored specification below..

New or improved stuff in the RX100 iv or RX100 m4 is:
– 4k Video at 30 FPS (that one is an easy one)
– Improved Zoom to 24-100mm (just over 4x zoom range)
– Articulated Touch screen with touch screen focus – but still no touch menu
– restyled button layout – now with 2 dials on top (similar to the a6000)
– New and improved sensor with spherical shape and phase Autofocus points.
– New (tiny bit improved) image processor (needed for 4k Video)
– no EVF but expandable via hot shoe (urg. Why?)

If the leaked specification is true then RX100 M4 camera is sure coming with a big change compared to its predecessor, however the source is new so take it as grain of salt.

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Sony A9 Coming on April 23, 2015 [Rumor]

Sony-RX100-M4-K-imgAccording to latest rumors Sony A9 will arrive on April 23, 2015 with newly developed Sony 50 Megapixel fullframe CMOS sensor, the other expected announcement is the Sony RX100 M4 camera and this time we do hope the upcoming RX100 M4 camera will feature 4K video recording and modest upgrade in core specification.

Take the information as grain of salt, stay with us (FACEBOOK | TWITTER | GOOGLE+) If you have time –> see more Sony Alpha Rumor.

src – SAR

No Sony Mirrorless Camera Coming on April 23, 2015


According to almost confirmed rumor coming from SAR website, Sony will not going to announce any E-Mount related camera on April 23, 2015.So, the bad news is the Sony A7R II is not coming anytime soon.

Then we have only two options left, either they will announce a Alpha series SLT or RX series professional compact camera…

1. Sony RX series compact camera -Three RX Series compact camera is expected to arrive in 2015,

the first one is Sony RX1 Mk II  fullframe compact camera with curved sensor and a fixed 35mm f/1.8 Zeiss lens.

The second camera is the RX100 M4 camera with a new sensor and a option to record 4k videos..

and finally.. the announcement of RX10 Mark II is also due and it will also arrive soon, and will also support 4K videos.

2. Upcoming Sony A Mount Cameras – Sony A99 II and Sony A58 II, Both camera is also rumored to arrive this year.

Sony A99 II camera will arrive in Q1 or Q2 of 2015, the camera will have 36 Megapixel fullframe CMOS sensor (same as of Sony A7R camera) and the most important feature of upcoming A99II will be “World Fastest AF” and 4K video recording, its quite obvious that Sony will achieve it with the help of SLT technology, the other features will also include NFC and WiFi connectivity,

Sony A58II will be a major update over A58 camera, the sensor will be same as of current Sony A77 II 24 MP CMOS sensor and a 19 point AF system (11 points cross type), no major enhancement in video mode.

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source 1

Sony Upcoming Cameras 2015


Sony DSC R1 Waiting for Replacement

We have collected the list of Sony rumored camera that may be announced on 2014-2015, take a look and share your thoughts with us…

Sony-A7000-image1. Sony A7000

We have already published a lot of rumored information related to A7000 camera (see here and here),  so finally we do expect that Sony will announce Sony A7000 camera in the month of Jan and Feb, 2015. The camera is rumored to feature newly developed APS-C sensor optimized for low-light performance , the sensor will also feature active phase pixels inside the sensor for fast AF performance, viewfinder similar to the current Sony NEX 6 camera and a Tri nav display … Sony is also rumored to announce a new Zeiss 16-50mm compact zoom lens. Camera body will cost you approx $699 USD, Zeiss lens to retail for $1199.


2. Sony Medium Format Camera Rumor

  • Sony Medium Format Mirrorless camera – Recently published Sony leaked document is showing a newly developed medium format sensor with active phase AF pixels inside with a limited ISO range of 100-6400…
  • Sony Compact Medium Format Camera Rumor – Sony RX2 (Name is not confirmed yet) will feature Sony 50 MP medium format sensor and advance core specification.


3. Sony 8K Camera

According to the recent rumors published few days ago Sony is testing a prototype of 8K Camera that look like Sony A99 with grip, so as we have already said here,  so there are two possibilities,

  • The first one is Sony may announce a new compact cinema line-up as Canon EOS C (cinema) series or
  • It is also possible that upcoming A99 II may have a option to record 8K Videos.

Other camera that do deserve attention

Sony A99 II Camera –  The Sony A99 II update is due and according to latest rumors Sony will add a 36 MP FF sensor in the A99 II body, a option to record 4K / 8K video and will also feature world fastest AF speed due to SLT technology.

Sony RX10 II / Sony RX20 – Sony RX10 was announced on October 2013,  based on the rumors surfaced over the web the RX20 / RX10 will arrive 4K recording option and XAVC-S Codec format support, plus 120fps frame rate option will be added to the HD recording of Sony RX20. Now October 2014 is passed an no update arrived yet, we do believe that Sony will announce the RX20 / RX10 II successor as soon as possible to avoid damage from FZ1000.

Sony RX100M IV – The next Sony RX100 M series camera will arrive on August 2014, we are almost sure that Sony will add 4K Video recording option of Sony RX100M IV camera.

What we are still missing?

A APS-C compact camera from Sony, a true successor of DSC RC1 camera.

Sony RX100 M3 vs Sony RX100 M2


The RX100M3 is a successor of RX100 M2 camera, take a look below the table to see the major difference…


Sensor: Sony RX100M3 uses same sensor of RX100 M2 camera,  but the image processor and the lens is new (mentioned below) so we may see some improvement in image quality.

Image processor: The BionzX image processor of RX100 M3 camera is approx three times faster than the Bionz image processor of RX100 M2 camera, the image processor is responsible for decoding RAW files to JPEG, AF speed, shutter lag and fast image processor naturally boost the overall operational speed of the camera.

Lenses: The lens losses some optical reach, Sony RX100 M3 able to do 2.9X optical zoom only and Sony RX100 M2 is able  to do 3.6X optical zoom.
Improvement in Lens of  RX100 M3 camera:
RX100 M3 comes with a improved aperture range – f/1.8 (W) – 2.8 (T) to f/11 on the other hand RX100 M2 aperture range is limited : f/1.8 (W) – 4.9 (T) to f/11, bright aperture lenses delivers more light to the sensor, hence you get more DOF and less noise in your images compared to RX100 M2.
The RX100 M3 Tele- close up range is much improved, the RX100 M3 Tele close-up AF range is 30cm on the other hand the RX100 M2 camera close-up range is limited to 55cm.
Better Background Blur – Due to close-up tele range the RX100 M3 camera gives very nice / creamy background blur compared to RX100 M2 when portraits are captured at Telephoto end (70 mm).
More wide coverage: The new RX100 M2 lens cover more frame compared to RX100 M2 camera (24-70mm vs 28-100 mm).
Inside the Lens: The Sony RX100 M3 lens is made up of 10 elements in 9 groups (including 9 aspherical elements), the RX100 M2 lens was made up of 7 elements in 6 groups (including 4 aspherical elements), due to the use of more and high quality aspherical elements,

Video: The frame rate remains same but new XAVC S recording format added (same as Sony A7s camera), audio recording format also get a facelift by adding Linear PCM (Pulse-code modulation – 2 channel).

Introduction of OLED pop-up viewfinder: The 0.39″ 1,440k-dot SVGA OLED Tru-Finder EVF added by Sony in RX100 M3 camera, the EVF’s optics feature a Zeiss T* anti-reflective coating to enhance visibility, the viewfinder also features eye sensor to detect your eye position.

The Hot-shoe is removed by Sony, it may bring disappointment to professional photographers since now there is no option left to use external flash or micro-phone.

Verdict: The RX100 M3 does have improved lens, new image processor, pop-up viewfinder and highest level of (XAVC S) video recording format available, but the sensor remains same as RX100 M2 camera, the RX100 M2 users may wait (if you feel these improvements are not enough for you) for Sony RX100 M4 camera but for new users we highly recommend you to buy Sony RX100 M3.

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