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Best Mirrorless Camera of 2013 - High ISO JPEG TEST

We have collected some HIGH ISO JPEG images of  Panasonic GH3, Sony NEX 7, Olympus E-M5, Fujifilm  X-E1, Sony NEX-5N, Canon EOS M . Click to en-large, Take a look at the images – share your thoughts with us.

Top two performer are Sony NEX 5N and Sony NEX 7,  images are clear even at ISO 6400, in the next slot we have Canon EOS M, Fuji X-E1 and E-M5 at bottom we have Panasonic GH3.

image credit –

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Sony NEX-7 vs Panasonic GH3

Panasonic GH3 vs NEX 7

Sony NEX-7 vs Panasonic GH3, Take a look at specification Comparison review below and Some High ISO Images are also attached.

Sony NEX 7 vs GH 3

Sony NEX 7 have better sensor: Panasonic GH3 have a small M 4/3 format sensor and NEX7 have large APS-C sensor, the ISO range of NEX 7 is high compared to the Panasonic GH3.

More frame rates With Pansonic GH3 you get bit better video recording options and frame rates, Fully articulated touch LCD and vast amount of M4/3 lenses.

On the other specification side we have Panasonic GH3 comes with a built-in GPS and Rugged body, Sony NEX 7 is missing it.

Sony NEX 7 comes with in Camera HDR, panoramas and 3D capture option, Panasonic GH3 missing all these features.

Sony NEX7 is light-weight and small compared to Panasonic GH3.

GH3 vs NEX 7

In High ISO test Sony NEX 7 Images have less noise and more details compared to Panasonic GH3, and you get more resolution and dynamic with large APS-C sensor.

Conclusion: We highly recommend Sony NEX 7 for still shooters.

High ISO Image credit: focus-numerique

Sony NEX 7 Successor Coming Soon

Sony NEX 7

According to latest rumors the NEX 7 Successor will arrive in first half 2013, the Sony NEX 7 Successor will have a major upgrade in core specification with new AF system and better sensor.
we will update you soon as we get any new news/info/rumors, follow us on news and twitter.


Fujifilm X-Pro1 vs Sony NEX-7 vs Canon EOS 7D

Image comparison between Fujifilm X-Pro1, the Sony NEX-7 and the Canon EOS 7D done at cameralabs, see the images and comparison details below

Lens and camera details
Camera used – Fujifilm X-Pro1, the Sony NEX-7 and the Canon EOS 7D within, Image quality is set at JPEG (best quality).
The X-Pro1 was fitted with the Fujinon XF 18mm f2 R, the NEX-7 with the 18-55 f3.5-5.6 OSS kit zoom and the EOS 7D with the EF-S 18-85 f3.5-5.6 IS USM.

Fuji X Pro 1 and Sony NEX 7 noise performance is better than the Canon EOS 7D 18 megapixel sensor, and same 18 Mp sensor is used in 550D and 600D, I hope canon will use a newly developed and better sensor in upcoming canon 650D.

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via – cameralabs

Fujifilm X-Pro1 vs Sony NEX 7 vs Olympus EM-5

mirrorless comparison

Fujifilm X-Pro1 vs Sony NEX 7 vs Olympus EM-5 Specification comparison review, all these three camera are the most popular mirrorless camera of today.

First See a quick Specification Comparison
Fujifilm X-Pro1 vs Sony NEX 7 vs Olympus EM-5

Low-Light performance and Dynamic range

From the specification comparison it is clear that Fujifilm X-Pro1 have big APS-C size sensor and 16 megapixel resolution , the Sony NEX 7 have a high resolution 24.3 megapixel APS-C sensor and Olympus OMD EM-5 have small 4/3 format sensor with 16 megapixel resolution.

From the specification comparison it is clear that Fujifilm X-Pro1 will perform better in low-light condition, bigger the pixel is, the lower the noise : The size of the photodiode and this has a big impact on the dynamic range and low light performance.

Video Performance

Sony NEX7 offers Full HD at 60 and 24 fps, Olympus EM-5 also offer Full HD at 60 fps (but no 24fps) and Fuji X Pro-1 Full HD video recording limited to 24 fps only.

A Image (JPEG) comparison test between Fujifilm X-Pro1 vs Sony NEX 7 vs Olympus EM-5 done at focus-numerique (french website), see the result of test below





ISO-12800The Fujifilm X-Pro1 JPEG from camera look clear and usable upto ISO  3200, Sony NEX 7 performance is also good but I am really disappointed by Olympus EM-5 High ISO performance.

Conclusion: Fujifilm X-Pro1 and Sony NEX 7 both are excellent performer, buy any one of them.

Fujifilm X-Pro1 from Amazon
Sony NEX 7 from Amazon
Olympus EM-5 from Amazon

See more Specification Comparison Review

Sony NEX 7 Sample Images and High ISO test

Sony NEX 7 sample ImagesSony NEX 7 image samples now available at different website, see the details below, know more about Sony NEX 7

Sample Images

Sony NEX 7 Image Samples at imaging-resource

Sony NEX 7 High ISO test at Steve Huff – Sony NEX 7 High ISO samples compared with E-P3 and Fuji X100,

Sony NEX7 Image Samples at Steve Huff – With Zeiss 24mm F1.8 and Sony 50mm F1.8 see here


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Sony NEX 7 announced

Sony NEX 7 finally announced, Sony A77, Sony A65 and Sony NEX 7 have same 24.3Mp APS-C Exmor CMOS Sensor.

Sony NEX 7 More than a pocket camera, It is the highest resolution 24.3Mp APS-C Exmor CMOS Sensor among pocket cameras as of August 2011. features a 2359K dot OLED eye-level TTL viewfinder, up to 10fps at full 24.3 MP resolution with exposure and focus fixed at the first frame. , and outstanding Tri-Navi 3-dial manual control. HD movies are superb with Full 1920 x 1080 resolution at 60p, 60i and 24p, Tiltable 3.0″ LCD

Other Features

  • Tri-Navi manual control-three separate control dials for direct
  • Object Tracking AF
  • World’s shortest release time lag is only 0.02 seconds,
  • Peaking function – Manual focus becomes much easier because peaking highlights the edges that are in focus,
  • 3D Sweep Panorama Mode and Sweep Panorama Mode
  • 6-image layering for low noise in low light
  • Auto HDR

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