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Firmware Update

Zeiss Loxia 25mm F2.4 FE Coming on Feb 15th and Shipping Starts from March 2018

Zeiss lens coming

The Image is of Distagon 21mm F2.8 with Sony A7 camera

Almost confirmed that Zeiss Loxia 25mm F2.4 lens made for Sony Fullframe Mirrorless camera announcement is expected in Mid Feb / possibly in 15th Feb 2018 and the shipping of the camera will start from March of 2018, The price of the lens is expected to be $1299 OR LESS.

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Sony is Ready to Announce Curved Sensor based Fullframe Camera


Curved sensor based High-End camera rumor is not new,  We have published the Sony curved sensor patent on July 6th, 2014, we have also published the sample image captured by curved sensor camera [see here].

Based on latest rumors floating over the web, Sony already started the massive production of curved fullframe sensors, the sources of the rumormill claim that the production units are capable to produce 1200 units/per month.  That’s a clear sign that Sony is now prearing to announce next flagship A7 series camera.

The best part of curved sensor is that they mimic human eye, in the curved sensor light directly falls in the center of the sensor and hits the pixel in straight, that completely eliminates the need micro-lenses above the sensor surface. Curved sensors are 1,4 times more sensitive in the center and 2 times more sensitive in the corners.They live among us, yes its absolutely true, Sony already implemented the curved sensor

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Sony Working on a Very High-End Mirrorless Camera

Latest rumors surfaced over the web suggest that Sony is working on Very High-End Mirrorless camera. Only very limited Sony staff know about the “secret” camera model. The expected announcement date second half of the financial year.

The camera will redefine core specification of all the present camera and its a “revolution” more than an “evolution” according to the sources of the website.

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Sony A7000 to feature 28MP Sensor and 4K Video

Sony-A7000-coming-soonMore details coming over the web as the announcement date is coming closer of A7000 / A6100, the upcoming camera name and core specification is still not confirmed, take a look at the rumored core specification of the camera.

  • 28MP Exmor R sensor
  • 399 AF points
  • 4D autofocus
  • internal 4K video recording
  • shipment late 2015

The rumored specification of the camera keeps changing from time to time, so we hope this time leaked specification of the camera comes out to be true.

If the above mentioned core specification is true than the upcoming Sony A7000 will dearly going to become a Small sensor Mirrorless market leader in short span of time.

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Sony May Introduce New Mirrorless System


A new survey is being conducted by Sony at the University of Amsterdam: Take a look at the lines said by Sony before asking the question…

This questionaire to register your impression over the SONY Digital cameras. Your opnion is very important and your answer will be taken in to deep consideration in order to evaluate the introduction of new product lines.

Sony is considering the introduction of a new model of Mirrorless Digital Camera at the price of 1300€.
This new camera will be the first model of an entire new producline Mirrorless Digital Cameras priced at the same point of Sony’s Mirrorless Digital Cameras price range, which fluctuates from 400€ to 2300€.
The new model will be named ”PicYou” and will include models for both amateur and professional photographers. A wide range of lenses and accessories will be available as well. Sony PicYou will provide to the users exactly the same quality features of current Sony’s Digital Mirrorless Cameras.

I don’t understand that Sony is just asking a simple question and looking for a +ve or -ve feedback or they really want to do something new? Since the mirrorless line is filled with excellent cameras and instead of creating multiple distraction Sony should concentrate in development of High quality and affordable E-mount lenses and cameras.

Share your thoughts with us in the comment box…

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Sony - No Medium Format Camera Coming


Sony – No Medium Format Camera Coming according to Sony, In an interview Sony staff confirmed to DCWatch that they are busy in developing and expanding the current A and E-mount camera,

Take a look at the main points of the interview

1) With SLT they have more option to implement new technology inside due the presence of more space.

2) Big sensor camera and more megapixels depends on the market demand, at present Main demand is improve the autofocus performance

3) Sony will going to implement a non-bayer sensor in future, but they are in development stage now.

4) Sony is working on Light Field camera and expected to arrive soon.

5) Hybrid shutters with more range are also coming.

6) According to Sony, the DSLR sales are down due to lack o innovation, sales of mirrorless are up due to the advance technology inside it, not due to the size difference.

7) Both APS-C and Full Frame sensor cameras have a future. Wild life photographers prefer APS-C while landscape photographers prefer FF.

8) They say, It might not be so important to add 5 axis on the A7r yet. It means no 5-axis coming to A7R II.

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Sony BIG Announcement on Jan-Feb 2015 and more updates

4k-cameraSony E-Mount high demand was unexpected, hence Sony focused all its resources on the development of E-mount system cameras, and due to that several scheduled A-mount product announcement was delayed aka the release and refresh cycle of A-mount camera and lenses increased.

According to the rumors the upcoming (next) A-mount camera will focus on high end market, so there is a possibility that Sony will use its A7 FF series sensors in the different variants of A99 SLT camera.

The other BIG announcement from Sony is scheduled for January-February 2015, but we don’t know it will be related to A-mount or E-Mount.

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source – sonyalpharumor