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Sony Medium Format Camera - Update

Sony medium format camera image

In an interview with Photolari Sony engineers and managers  confirmed that they do have all the capability required to build a mirrorless medium format camera

It has been ruled out the possibility of launch a medium format camera. At least for now.

And is that the spokespersons of the company have ensured that they have the necessary technology and components and that, if they decide to bet on this market, they could produce a medium format camera.

Yes they do have all the capability but they are putting attention of Sony A7/A9 series cameras.  BTW, the image quality of Sony Fullframe sensors aren’t too behind from Medium Format cameras. Take a look at Sony A7R II and 645Z comparison

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Sony Medium Format, Sony A9 and Sony A9R

Sony medium format

Sony 9, A9, Medium format information leaked today. And according to the tipster the upcoming Sony Fullframe cameras will have the advance core specification and 400point based AF system, but keep in mind that what we are discussing here is not coming from a trusted source so take it with a grain of salt.

Starting from medium format The upcoming Sony medium format camera rumored to feature 50 MP medium format sensor (sensor codename MX 1621). The sensor is expected to be same as we have seen in the hasselblad X1D medium format mirrorless camera.

Now let’s talk about upcoming fullframe camera from Sony

The Sony A9  camera is rumored to have a 24 megapixel newly developed FF  sensor with 400 AF points that will cover the entire display screen of the camera and will help you to track the fastest moving subject in no time. The camera also features burst modes of 14 FPS that is more than enough for a professional user. The ISO sensitivity of the camera is also very high that ranges between 50 to 204800.

a9 Rumored Specification:
– 24 mp (new sensor)
– 400 AF points on the entire frame
– 14 fps
– ISO 50-204800
– Shutter speed: 30″-32000
– dual XQD slot

Sony A9R camera rumor is not New, we’re hearing it from past few months, according to current rumors the ucoming 42 megapixel BSI CMOS sensor and 400 Hair. C image of Soni A9 camera if you look at the breast speed it will going to have faith frames per second upto 4000 range of the camera starts from 50 to 102400 take a look and detailed specification below

a9r rumored specification:
– 42mp BSI
– 400 AF points on the entire frame
– 8 fps Buffer 40 RAW
– ISO: 50 – 102400
– Shutter speed: 30″-32000
– dual XQD slot
– weather sealed

Stay with us and we will update you soon

source SAR

Sony Medium Format Camera Coming at Photokina 2016

Sony Medium FOrmat Camera Rumor

On January 4th, 2016 Phase one medium format new Back XF 100MP announced with Sony 100Megapixel CMOS Sensor.

According to latest rumors surfaced over the web Sony is finally preparing to announce medium format camera for this Photokina 2016 along with new series of Medium format lenses.

Take a look what the tipster said to sonyalpharumor

A high ranking Sony distribution guy just told me not to be too fast going towards Hasselblad.  He hinted towards Sony releasing a medium format camera at Photokina together with a series of new lenses.  As the presentation of the Hasselblad I was pretty disappointed as 4K video did not work yet and the Phocus software couldn’t process the raw files right, it will take until June/July anyway to decide if this makes sense – so I will wait until Photokina.  There seems to be a good chance that we see the world’s first mirrorless medium format camera from Sony.

So we may finally see world first mirrorless camera from Sony this year. But if the rumor is true then Sony may halt all the Fullframe and APS-C mirrorless announcement this year.

source – sonyalpharumor

Sony - No Medium Format Camera Coming


Sony – No Medium Format Camera Coming according to Sony, In an interview Sony staff confirmed to DCWatch that they are busy in developing and expanding the current A and E-mount camera,

Take a look at the main points of the interview

1) With SLT they have more option to implement new technology inside due the presence of more space.

2) Big sensor camera and more megapixels depends on the market demand, at present Main demand is improve the autofocus performance

3) Sony will going to implement a non-bayer sensor in future, but they are in development stage now.

4) Sony is working on Light Field camera and expected to arrive soon.

5) Hybrid shutters with more range are also coming.

6) According to Sony, the DSLR sales are down due to lack o innovation, sales of mirrorless are up due to the advance technology inside it, not due to the size difference.

7) Both APS-C and Full Frame sensor cameras have a future. Wild life photographers prefer APS-C while landscape photographers prefer FF.

8) They say, It might not be so important to add 5 axis on the A7r yet. It means no 5-axis coming to A7R II.

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Sony Medium Format Leaked Specification - Fake OR Real?

Finally the first set Specification of Sony upcoming Medium format camera surfaced over the web today, but it’s hard to believe that the specification is true.. Since the leaked document is showing a newly developed medium format sensor with active phase AF pixels inside it (not same as of recently announced Sony Medium Format sensor) and the next wired thing is it’s limited ISO range of 100-6400…  on the other hand the Sony FF sensor based Sony A7 camera features a ISO range of 100-25600 and the recently announced Pentax 645Z camera (that uses Sony Sensor) features ISO range of 100 to 204800.

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New Medium Format Camera Coming from Sony and Mamiya

Latest rumors suggest that Sony in collaboration with Zeiss and Mamiya are preparing to announce new medium format on 2015, no detailed specification available yet, as we know that Sony is producing high quality CMOS sensors used in the latest cameras like PhaseOne and Hasselblad, so there will be no problem for Sony to develop a medium format camera. we will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Sony Compact Medium Format Camera Coming


More details about Sony to be announced Medium format camera are coming, the MF camera will feature same body design as RX series camera with a fixed Carl Zeiss lens as we have already seen in Sony RX1 and Sony RX1 R series compact mirrorless camera, the camera will be very portable (perfect for professional travel photographers) and will also have very competitive price tag.

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