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Sigma Sending invites for March 30 event

Sigma Lens

Sigma sending invites for March 30 Event, actually its a E-Mount event and we do expect Sigma will showcase newly announced Sigma ART lenses for FE-Mount on that event. As well as we also expect some E-Mount specific announcement on that event. Since, its a E-mount event not a FE. It is also expected that they may finally announce 50mm f/1.4 APS-C E-mout lens.

Now let’s hope what they have something exciting for E-Mount, we will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Sigma ART Lenses for Sony FE Mount Coming

Sigma lenses coming from Sony

Sigma china account accidentally twitted they will soon going to announce new FE lenses at CP+ show. So, its a great news for Sony fullframe A7/A9 series users, that ART lenses are finally coming for them. Unfortunately, the tweet was deleted after a while. But we do have the screen shot of the tweet .

Pic of the tweet below

Sigma tweet

the tweet is now deleted

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

Also see – Sony at CP+ Show, Sony A7 III OR Sony A7S III ?

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We also have a Sony camera users facebook group you must join that group to get live updates lots of discussions are going on, there you can ask questions you can give answers you can share your images.


Sony 100-400mm F4.5-5.6mm F4.5-5.6 GM OSS lens


With powerful Sony A9 camera Sony also introduce new 100-400mm F4.5-5.6mm F4.5-5.6 GM OSS lens. The lens features supersonice AF motors to match the current generation of FAST AF speed of high-end mirrorless camera and most important factor is Sony claims that the new 100-400mm lens gives out corner-to-corner sharpness throughout the lens’ zoom and focus ranges and beautiful rendered ‘bokeh’ or background defocus.

The lens has been designed, tested and developed to match the AF performance of A9 as well as upcoming future high-end fullframe cameras. | B&H Store


Sony 100mm F2.8 STF G Master and FE 85mm F1.8 lenses

Canon 100mm lens image

Sony Announces the 100mm Lens – things you must know about the lens

Sony announced the 2 new lens 100mm F2.8 STF G Master and FE 85mm F1.8 lenses. The 100mm F2.8 Lens is getting a major spotlight due to its uniqueness and features, let’s see what actually new inside the lens and why you should get that lens if you are into event or portrait photography.

apodization (APD) element

Sony used apodization (APD) element or filter whatever you can say. The apodization (APD) element is being already used by Fuji and Canon and Now Sony is also adding in the lineup.

The elements helps to create more natural bokeh. It minimizes the harsh texture  when there are strong contrast in the out of focus part of the background. It’s actually a radial natural density filter that get more darker towards the edges causing the disc of light to fade towards the edges. And that actually helps every indivual disc to produce more smooth and creamy bokeh.

11-blade aperture help you to get amazing rounded bokeh. A Macro switching ring helps the lens to focus close subjects as 0.57m/1.87ft (0.25x magnification).

The lens also features optical image stabilization that helps to combat camera shake on go.

Lens size comparison

Sony 100mm lens image

Camera and lens size comparison by

Take a look what happen when you attach the lens with Sony A7R II camera against 5D Mark IV.

The 85mm F1.8 Lens for FF Sony

Sony 85mm lens image

The 85mm F1.8 lens is lightweight and compact portrait lens for the Sony FE Mount system cameras and the lens is also dust and moisture – resistance.

Both lenses are expected to ship in March. The FE 100mm F2.8 STF GM OSS will cost $1500, while the FE 85mm F1.8 will sell for $600.

Continue reading Sony 100mm F2.8 STF G Master and FE 85mm F1.8 lenses

Sony Announced 50mm and 70-300mm FE Lenses

Canon 50mm F1.8Sony Announced 50mm and 70-300mm FE Lenses today. Both ythe lenses are designed for fullframe mirrorless cameras. The 50mm lens features F1.8 aperture and the 70-300mm lens arrived with F4.5-5.6 aperture range.

Lens-size-comparsion-imageLens size comparison

Both the lenses are the most demanded lenses by Sony FE camera users, both lenses are the ideal and must have lenses for a FE-mount fullframe camera user.

The 50mm Lens is affordable lens from Sony and will cost you approx $250 and the FE 70-300mm F4.5 – 5.6 G OSS lens will cost your approx $1,200 (US pricing)

Continue reading Sony Announced 50mm and 70-300mm FE Lenses

Sony to Announce Three New FE Lenses Soon

Sony upcoming lenses image

According to latest rumors surfaced over the web Sony will announce 3 New Fullframe E-mount Lenses in October 2016.

List of expected lenses thay may arrive soon

Zeiss Batis 35mm f/1.8,
Zeiss 24-70mm f/2
Sony Zeiss 16-35mm f/2.8

Stay with us and we will update you soon as we get any new information.

source – SAR

Best Lenses for Sony A6300 Camera

Best lenses for Sony A6300 camera image

Looking for Best Lenses for Sony A6300 Camera ? We are here recommending some of the best lenses available for the Sony A6300 camera today. These lenses are picked by our editors very carefully and perfect for you mirrorless A6300 camera.

Despite of the announcement of the Sony A6500 camera the popularity of Sony A6300 camera isn’t fading away and we are proud to day that the Sony A6300 is still one of the best mirrorless camera available $1K range.

Take a look at the recommendation below and Do ask your Lens related questions at the comment box below.

Best Lenses for Sony A6300 Camera


Sony A6300 best everyday lens image

The Perfect everyday Lens

Samsung A6300 does comes with a optional Zoom lens 16-50mm, the collapsible-barrel design and a power zoom mechanism makes it smallest zoom lens of Sony E-mount series. The 16-50mm does show barrel distortion at the wide end but only in RAW files, If you shoot JPEG you even won’t notice any distortion due to image processing done by BionzX processor. AT tele-end the lens creates a eye pleasing bokeh and makes it perfect for taking portrait shots, however the Bokeh is not as creamy as you get in 50mm F1.8 Lens.


Best Zoom Lens for Sony A6300

Sony 55-210mm zoom lens

Best Sony A6300 Zoom Lens ImageThe perfect Zoom Lens – The best and handy zoom lens available for your E-mount camera is the 55-210mm zoon lens. The lens features very light-weight (compared to the DSLR zoom lenses I have used till now) and gives you clear images even when captures at tele-end of the lens or at max aperture.

you will get super sharp images at F8 and F11, but don’t try to shoot portrait with this lens you won’t get satisfied.

The Good: Good general purpose zoom lens

The Bad: only zoom lens for E-mount

Buy this lens from Amazon | B&H

Perfect Portraits from A6300

Best Portrait Lens for Sony A6300

Best Sony 50mm F1.8 Lens image

The 50mm F1.8 Lens is one of the best E-Mount lenses I have ever used, the Lens gives you super sharp images even at max aperture, excellent color and contrast ouput with creamy Boekh. The Lens also features silent and Fast AF motor and compact light-weight design.

Highly recommended for Sony E-Mount users

The Good: Excellent lens for portraits

The Bad: Nothing

Buy Sony 50mm F1.8 Lens from Amazon | B&H

Best macro Lens for Sony A6300 Camera

Sony 30mm F3.5

Best Sony A6300 Lens image

The Best and only macro Lens for Sony A6300 camera is Sony 30mm F3.5, the lens captures tack sharp images at 1:1 proportion. The lens features minimum focusing distance of 9.5 cm and the focal-length of the lens is 30cm. In general the standard Focal-Length of a normal macro DSLR lens varies between 60mm to 100mm, so with a 30mm macro lens you have to get closer to the subject to get a prefect shot.

The Good: Sharp images and creamy bokeh

The Bad: none

Buy this Lens from Amazon | B&H

The best street shooting lens of A6300 camera

Sony 35mm F1.8 Lens

Best street shooting lens for Sony A6300

The first lens that you should buy after the kit lens and the zoom lens.

The Fixed prime lens also offers built-in optical image stabilization and features Linear AF motor for silent and fast Auto-focusing, the lens also offers Direct Manual Focus. The 35mm lens is an excellent to do some serious image work. The max aperture and 35mm focal-length is excellent of capturing streets shots and family portraits.’

The 35mm F1.8 lens is a must have lens for E-mount users.

Buy this lens from B&H | Amazon

Recommended for Travel Shooters

Sony 18-200mm lens



The 18-200mm E-mount lens is one of the most versatile lens I have ever seen, the lens covers the need of kit and zoom lens. Best to use in daylight condition to get perfect shots. The lens works very well with the Sony’s current Hybrid Sensor AF. However the lens do suffers from distortions however it can be corrected by software’s later on.

The other drawback of the lens that it doesn’t allow you to zoom manually, the Lens act as a compact camera lens and takes bit time while zooming-in and out.

Don’t spend your bucks until you really need this lens, if you are a hardcore daylight travel photographer than you should buy this lens, otherwise think twice before getting it.

The Good: Covers a wide range, keeps you free from changing lenses

The Bad: Distortions and price

Buy this lens from Amazon | B&H

Best Third Party Lenses for Sony A6300

Sigma 19mm F2.8

Best-sigma-lens-for-sonySigma 19mm F2.8 is one of the best available third party lens for Sony E-Mount camera. The Sigma 19mm F2.8 Lens gives remarkable out-put at its range and comes at affordable price.

The Good: Best Wide-Angle prime lens for Sony E-mount

The Bad: None

The Sigma 19mm F2.8 Lens gives you more coverage than 35mm lens, affordable and perfect for hooting outdoors landscape or interiors.

Buy this lens from Amazon | B&H

The Ultimate Lens that your money Can Buy for Sony A6300 Camera

Best Travel and Portrait Lens for Sony A6300

Sony-16-70mm-lens-imageSony 16-70mm f/4 ZA OSS Lens – If you are looking for a all in one solution than Zeiss 16-70mm /(24-105mm 35mm Equivalent) lens is best for you.

The lens is made up of all metal part and features excellent optics with a constant F4 aperture support through-out the entire zoom range. The built in image stabilization system of the lens gives up to four shutter speed steps to benefit while handheld shooting. chromatic aberrations, distortion, lens flare and ghosting are minimal / non-noticable. It’s expensive but it’s a Zeiss OSS and you get what you pay for when quality is your priority.

Few month ago when I used this lens for first time with my A6000 camera I left my Canon 5DS R and Canon 24-105 f/4L lens in bag for a month, you will be surprised to see the quality of images you get from a compact mirrorless system camera while using this lens.

Buy this lens from Amazon | B&H

Affordable alternative to 16-70mm F4

Sony E PZ 18-105mm f/4 G OSS Lens

Sony 18-105mm Lens image

Affordable alternative of Sony 16-70mm F4 Zoom lens is 18-105mm Lens, the 18-105mm lens will cost you half compared to the 16-70mm lens buy there are only two drawback of 18-105mm lens in front of 16-70 is as mentioned below

  1. The size of 18-105mm is quite big although the size of 16-70mm is not too small but manageable
  2. The 16-70mm give more sharp result during test conditions.

If you can afford the 16-70mm is best for you, however the 18-105mm lens is also best lens for its price.

Buy 18-105mm Lens from Amazon | B&H