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Firmware Update

Something New From Sony Coming on Friday

Sony-A7000-comingAccording to latest rumors Sony may announce a new F series camcorder and a ” new creation.” on Friday, take a look at what website source said

New Sony F cam Friday is S35, not FF. 4K internally, but 8 bit XAVC-L (note the L) 100 Mbit max. No HFR as far as I can tell, 30fps max in 4K. Looks like a baby FS7. Price will be between old FS700 and current FS7, likely $5,000-6,500 USD. Differentiation on FS7 is much better CODEC, higher frame rates (incl 60p 4K), option for RAW and ProRes, bigger build.

More notes from the sources

Sony will shock everybody soon with their new creation.

At this moment we don’t have any confirmation that which innovative  image technology related product Sony will show us. We do expect either Sony will announce a 4K camcorder or may be Sony A7000 / A7S II camera.

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Sony A7S II, Sony A99 II and Sony A7000 Rumors Update

Sony-A7s-imageAccording to the latest rumors floating over the web, Sony may announce new products soon, the to be announced list includes.

1. Sony A7S
2. Sony A7000
3. Sony a99II
4. Sony FE 24-70mm GM Lens for FE mount fullframe camera
6. Zeiss Loxia Wide-angle lens for FE mount fullframe camera
7. Sony A-mount lenses

The most confirmed camera in the list is Sony A7000, since the camera was expected to arrive back on May 2015 but due to some sensor heating issues while recording the 4K movies delayed the announcement of the camera. We strongly hope the Sony will sure announce Sony A7000 camera on Sep 2015.

According to a leaked document via wikileaks Sony was rumored to announce new A7 series in 2015, we have already seen Sony A7II and A7R II and the only left camera is Sony A7S.

Almost 3 years passed away after the announcement of Sony A99 II camera but no update arrive till now, we expect sony will soon announce A99 II with a completely new sensor and a option to record 4K videos.

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source –

Sony A7S II Coming with New Design


According to the latest rumors surfaced over the web the upcoming Sony A7S II camera will feature upgraded body design similar to Canon XC10 camera. The Canon XC10 camera design is completely unique and new.

We are almost confirmed that Sony is seriously working on next generation of Sony A7S II camera and according to the article published yesterday [see here] Sony will put it’s all concentration in worldwide fullframe mirrorless market, according to the Sony representatives  ” Our goal this year is to become the leader in this market for the first time.”

The Canon XC10 was announced back on April 8th, 2015.  The camera features a smaller 1 inch sensor and it’s a hybrid camera dedicated for still as well as video shooters. The Sensor inside the XC10 camera is designed ad developed by Canon itself, however if we look at the pric tag it’s look bit overpriced compared to current market competition.

Also see – Canon XC10 vs. Panasonic GH4 vs. Panasonic LX100 vs. Panasonic FZ1000

See Canon XC10 at B&H and Amazon

Deep discounts on Sony A7 Camera – with 28-70mm lens it will cost you $1498 only at B&H and Amazon | too less compared to XC10 compact camera with 1 inch sensor.

source –

Take a look at the CanonXC10 flippable grip design demo by whatadigital camera team.

Sony A7S II Aroma Coming from Sony managers Interview

Sony-A7S-II-imageGood News – Mirrorlessons interviewed the Sony Europe division Product Managers Y. Hori and R. Noguchi, from the interview we can clearly say that next generation of low-light monster Sony A7S II is taking shape somewhere in Sony R&D center,

Key points of the interview…

1) Image stabilization: The A7r II image stabilisation unit itself is more advanced and complicated than the one used on the A7II. This because it has almost double the number of pixels of the A7II. That said the A7rII has same 4.5 step compensation as the A7II.

2) A-mount future: Sony answered that yes they are still developing the DSLT line and: “SLT cameras still offers some advantages like longer batter life, better grip, and whole functionally is still like DSLRs. We believe customers are still there and that they will love these DSLT cameras.

3) Uncompressed RAW: Mr Hori simply says: “I’ve heard of this request. If there is a high demand, we can consider developing it in the future.

4) A7sII: When asked if we can expect to see a new A7sII Mr. Hori answer is: “I hope so. *laughs* Of course I cannot comment but you can imagine, before today, the people wanted in-body stabilisation for the A7r. That was the most frequent feedback from the consumers. So we made this A7r II with even higher resolution. But I cannot comment on future products.”

The interview doesn’t give us any details but Soon or later Sony will going to update the Sony A7S camera, Stay with us for more information and update.

src 1 | via – SAR

A Sony Sensor that Captures Images in Star-Filled Night Sky

Its a good news for low-light lovers that Sony finally managed to develop a sensor that can captures images in totally dark environment aka moonless night, but the sensor module is developed for automotive industry, the newly developed sensor become the first that fulfills the AEC-Q100 reliability tests and it will be soon implemented to enhance the features such as aided driving or full automated driving.

We have high hopes that Sony will soon implement the same technology to Digital cameras soon and we may see Sony A7S II with ISO range of 819200 or may be 1638400.

Take a look at the detailed specification….
Sony-new-sensor-spec-imagevia – Image sensor world