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Sony A68 vs Nikon D5500

Sony-A68-vs.-Nikon-D5500Sony A68 is recently announced camera features high end specification on the other hand the Nikon D5500 is a hard-core DSLR camera , take a look at the specification comparison review below…

Features / Models Sony A68 Nikon D5500
Megapixel 24 megapixels 24.2 megapixels
Sensor size / type APS-C (23.5 x15.6 mm) APS-C (23.5 x 15.6 m)
Low –Pass filter Yes Yes
Image Processor Bionz X Expeed 4
AF Points 79 including 15 Cross-type AF Points 39 points 9 Cross-type AF Points
Image stabilization Built-in No
AF System Contrast Detect + Phase detect Contrast Detect + Phase detect
ISO 100-25600 100-25600
Shutter Min/Max 30 sec 1/4000 sec 30 sec 1/4000 sec
Top Continuous Shooting Speed 8fps 5fps
Video 1920 x 1080 (60p, 30p) 1920 x 1080: 60 fps, 50 fps, 30 fps
Display 2.7″ LCD Rear Touch Screen 3.2″ Rear Touchscreen Swivel  LCD (1,037,000)
Viewfinder EVF 100% Optical pentamirror (95%)
Hot-shoe Yes Yes
Battery Life (CIPA) 480 shots
Environmentally sealed No Yes
Dimensions  143 x 104 x 81 mm 143 x 104 x 81 mm
Weight  690g 647g


Sensors:- Both camera features sensor made by Sony however both of them built over different technological background, the Sony uses SLT technology. The camera built with a uses a fixed translucent mirror inside and Nikon D5500 is a DSLR that moves its mirror up every time when shutter is clicked.

SLT-vs-DSLRAs you can see the image the SLT A68 mirror is fixed so the mirror will absorb 10 of light that will sure effect the image quality of the SLT.

Both the cameras Sony A68 and Nikon D5500 have almost the same resolutions of 24MP.

Sony A68 has CMOS sensor along with the advanced Bionz X image processor; works together to produce high resolution images with better color combination in various situations .While Nikon D5500 works with the EXPEED 4 processor and APS-C CMOS Sensor to produce the images with high quality.

Sony A68 will perform well in low-light conditions with more accuracy along with the reduction in noise compare to Nikon D5500.

Also the sensors of both the cameras are designed in such a way that there will be no need of optical low-pass filter and hence the sensor is sufficient to acquire more detailed subjects along with sharpness.

The difference in technologies of both the image processor of the cameras will definitely affect the image quality as well as processing speed of the cameras.

AF System:- Sony A68 has 79 points AF System which includes 15 Cross-type AF , which shows quick response in the acquisition of desired subject in different range of lighting conditions while Nikon D 5500 has 39 points AF System including 9 cross type AF points , shows its low performance compare to Sony A68 due to less AF points.

Here, the inclusion of 15 Cross-type AF Points makes Sony A68 more superior compare to Nikon D 5500.

So due to the more AF points, the Sony A68 deserves to grab more AF area of the screen  and also the camera finds out and focus real subject instead of something else compare to Nikon D5500.

Image Stabilization:- Sony A68 has built-in image stabilization which helps to minimize the camera shake during shooting. It also reduces the unwanted hand shake during hand-held shooting along with various type of camera shake, and hence come back with better and impressive images during photography.

While such feature is not present in Nikon D5500, so the users don’t any option to get impressive images with-out hand shake but they have totally rely on camera lenses they are using.

ISO:- Both the cameras have similar ISO of 100-25600. Hence the similar ISO supports both the cameras to capture the magnificent images even in low-light conditions with increased dynamic range.

Continuous Shooting Speed:- Sony A68 has continuous shooting speed of 8fps while Nikon D5500 has 5fps.

Videos:- Sony A68 as well as Nikon D 5500 capture Full HD video Hence both will give similar result and will definitely satisfy the users with impressive and better images.

Verdict: Sony A68 is recommended for sports shooter that gives you advance AF system and fast continuous shooting speed on the other hand Nikon D5500 will give you better image quality with more dynamic range.

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Sony A68 vs Canon 760D

Sony-A68-vs.-Canon-760DSony A68 vs Canon 760D, the Canon 760D is a Mid entry level DSLR camera and the Sony SLT is Mid Entry level SLR camera.

Features/ Models Sony A68 Canon 760D
Megapixel 24 MP 24 MP
Sensor size  APS-C APS-C
Low pass filter  Yes Yes
Image processor  Bionz X DIGIC 6
AF system  79 including 15 Cross-type AF Points 19-point all crossed type AF System
ISO  100-25600 100-25600
Shutter Min/ mix  30 sec 1/4000 sec 30 Sec 1/4000 Sec
Continuous shooting speed  8fps 5 fps
Video  1920 x 1080 (60p, 30p) 1920X1080 @ 30p
Display  2.7” LCD Rear Touch Screen 3″ Pivoting Touch Screen LCD with 1,40,000 Screen Dots
Viewfinder  EVF 100% Optical
Hot shoe  Yes Yes
Wireless  WiFi + NFC WiFi + NFC
Battery life 440 Shots
Dimensions 132X101X78 mm
Weight 55g

Sensors:- Both the cameras Sony A68 and Canon 760D have same resolutions of 24MP .

Before we begin to compare the core specification only we must know that the type of technologies both camera are using, the Canon is a pure DSLR camera and on the other hand the Sony A68 SLT technologies based camera.

In SLT system the mirror doesn’t flip up anytime weather you are shooting via viewfinder of display uni.So, the bit disadvantage of the SLT system due to the fixed translucent mirror is the translucent mirror doesn’t flip-up and LESS light pass thorough the sensor, hence approx 10 to 20% of the light falling on the sensor is consumed by the SLT mirror and as a result the low-light performance is not up to the mark and on the other side the Canon allows full light to fall in the sensor by flipping-up the mirror hence the Sensor performance is optimal.

On the other hand the Canon 760D 19 point AF system is active when you are using viewfinder and when you switch to Live view the Hybrid AF system gets active. Hence the AF system of the Canon 750D is bit more complex but best for DSLR users.

ISO: Despite of having the same ISO range the Canon will perform better in low-light condition compared to Sony A68 SLT camera.

Continuous Shooting Speed:- Sony A68 has continuous shooting speed of 8fps while Canon 760D has 5fps. So, Sony A68 will perform well with better result during capturing fast action objects such as running train or flying birds or any action objects.

Videos:- Sony A68 captures Full HD video with high bit-rate 50Mbps XAVC S format at 60 fps while Canon 760D also capture Full HD 1080p Video Recording at 30 fps.

Hence, the frame per second rate of Sony A68 is definitely faster than Canon 760D, which makes the Sony A68 to capture videos faster compare to Canon 760D.

Verdict – We recommend you to go with Canon 760D camera if you are a still shooter since it based on better technology and also supports many EF and EF-S Lenses on the other hand the Sony A68 is recommend for sports and still shooters.


Sony announced A68 Camera Announced


Sony has finally revealed its latest A-mount camera Sony a68 camera with 24 MP APS -C Sensor and a dedicated 79 Point Phase AF system with 15-cross type sensors. The camera features ISO range starting from100 and touches to 25600. The AF Speed of the camera is blazing fast and featured by 79 point AF system that features 79 autofocus detection points including 15 cross points, plus a dedicated F2.8 AF sensor. The camera also records Full HD movies use the efficient XAVC Sv format for high bit rate recordings at up to 50 Mbps. On the rear side of the camera we have clear, bright OLED Tru-Finder and also a 2.7-type LCD monitor tilts up to 135 degrees upwards or 55 degrees downwards. You can easily share your files with NFC and WiFi.

The camera price and shipping info still not known yet. We will update this page as soon as we get any new information.

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A-Mount is Not Dead Yet


Now we can sat the A-Mount is not dead yet after the announcement of the Sony A68 camera, however the core specification of the camera is almost same as of the Sony A77 II camer announce few months ago.

The announcement of the A68 rises a strong hope within us that soon or later Sony will bring successor of the Sony A99 camera. We also request Sony to match the update frequencies of SLT as well as mirrorless products. However not to forget that even Sony (UK) itself said that they we have no plan to We have No Fullframe A-Mount Planned. That clearly means Sony A99 II is not coming so soon.

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Sony A68 Coming on November 6th, 2015


Sony A68 finally coming on November 6th, 2015 in an special “Sony Surprise” event in Stockholm. We expect that Sony will announce the Sony A68 on Friday. As we have published earlier the Sony A7000 / A6100 is also expected to arrive soon with advance set of core specification and a option to record 4K video internally.

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Sony A68 Coming in First Week of November 2015

Sony A68 is expected is coming on “Salon da la Photo” in Paris between between 5-9 November 2015 and shipping will start from the beginning of 2016.

Take a look at the rumored specification here

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Sony A68 Coming in November 2015


Sony A-Mount is not dead yet, the Sony A68 rumored specification surfaced over the web and it says the camera will feature 24 Megapixel CMOS sensor and 79 AF point System. Take a look at the detailed specification below…

Those are a few specs of the new A68 camera:

  • SLT A-mount model (translucent mirror)
  • 24 megapixel sensor
  • 79 AF points
  • 19 AF Cross points.
  • 4D autofocus
  • LCD info display on top of the camera

The announcement is expected to arrive in November 2015 and the price is expected to be around $600. The Sony A99 II update is overdue and many users are desperately waiting for its update.

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