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Samsung to Stop Production of Camera and Lenses


Update – Samsung denied the possibility of shutting down camera business

Before we begin I must say you it’s not a rumor, the news is coming from a article published over a Korean website that Samsung may shut down their camera business according to a “industry insider”, according to him after Samsung NX500 announcement Samsung doesn’t announced any new products and also shattered all marketing activities.

The camera division of Samsung is facing loss from past one year after they have started NX product line.

Samsung only announced NX500 camera in 2015 and after that no new camera announced by Samsung

February 5, 2015 Samsung NX500 28 Megapixel Hybrid CMOS AF sensor and ultra compact body

Samsung currently have one-of-the best APS-C sensor based camera in the market , but they have to understand professional or smei-pro users look for good camera as well as lens support, which the NX lens-linup doesn’t have.

Sony resolved it through metabones adapter. Recently announced Sony A7R II camera can do high speed AF with all Canon lenses and soon metabones will also launch Nikon FX Lenses adapter.

source here

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Samsung B&W Mirrorless Camera in February 2015

Samsung-NX300-black-and-whiAccording to latest rumors surfaced over the web Samsung will announce Black and White APS-C sensor based mirrorless camera, the camera will use the same sensor as of NX300 camera without color array and AA filter.

If the rumor is true than Samsung will become second camera manufacture (after leica) to introduce a pure B&W photography dedicated mirrorless camera, will you buy one? share your thoughts with us…

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Samsung NX400 Coming on Q1 of 2015

According to latest rumors Samsung may announce Samsung NX400 (NX300 successor) at Q1 of 2014, the sources also suggest that possibly two variants of Samsung NX400 is coming, one is with EVF and one is without EVF. No more details or specification available yet.

also see – Samsung NX1 Coming on September 2014 [Rumor Update]

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as seen on mirrorlessrumors

Samsung Camera and Lenses Coming on Photokina 2014


We have created a list of camera and lenses that may arrive on photokina 2014 (September), one thing you should know that Samsung already announced the entry level mirrorless such as Samsung NX mini, Samsung NX3000 and mid-range entry level camera like Samsung NX30, but the only camera left is Samsung NX1, NX1 is said to be Samsung prime APS-C machine.

Samsung Camera and Lenses Coming on Photokina 2014

So we may see Samsung NX 1, Nikon D9300 and Canon 7D Mark II during  photokina event.

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Samsung NXF1 Price and other details


Samsung NF1 price leaked today and it approx $499 with lens, the Samsung NF1 will feature 20MP back-illuminated 1″ CMOS sensor and a ultra compact body design, take a look at the rumored specification we published few days ago…

Samsung NF1 Major Specification

  • 20MP back-illuminated 1″ CMOS sensor
  • 9-27mm lens, 9mm thick
  • DRIMe 4 processor (DRIMe IV New Image Engine)
  • 1/16000s maximum shutter speed
  • 3-inch swivel LCD screen similar to the MV800
  • Built-in flash
  • 22fps continuous shooting
  • ISO range: 160-12800
  • 1080p/30p video capabilities
  • Micro SD memory card
  • Super continuous shooting capability
  • Very slim design

We have been told that NF1 is coming on April 2014, more update coming soon. Stay with us on Facebook and Google plus, more update coming soon. | See more Samsung Rumors

Samsung NX Weather Sealed Flagship Coming Soon


Yes, its true that Samsung NX series not announced yet, according to latest image surfaced over the web (shown above), The Samsung NX30 comes at second place and the flagship placed at TOP (without any name).

Just after the announcement of Samsung NX30 we have received a email from new source that Samsung will announce a PRO Weather sealed APS-C format based camera with high-end specification and newly developed sensor.

The newly developed F2.0 to F2.8 lens weather sealed lens was first of its type and more high-grade weather sealed lenses coming to match with upcoming NX flagship camera.

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Samsung NX30 vs Sony NEX 6

Samsung NX30 is recently announced by Samsung and Sony NEX 6 is almost 1 year old, both the Sony and Samsung features almost same core specification…. take a look below for more details.


We noticed very minor difference in Camera core specification now what left is lenses, yes Sony have bit more lenses (E-Mount) than Samsung Mirrorless system, so finally we recommend you to go for Sony NEX 6 system.

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