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Pentax Will Use Sony 42 MP sensor

Latest rumor wave created by a senior member of Pentax Forums, According to him Pentax will soon announce a new fullframe DSLR camera loaded with recently announced Sony A7R II Sensor, the other important information shared by him that Tamron will be adding new Pentax K mount lenses to its lens database soon…

Take a look at what he said in the pentaxforum

#1. Ricoh is going to open a factory service center in the US in 2016.

#2. The new full frame Pentax will have the Sony 42 MP sensor from the a7R II.

#3. Tamron will be adding new Pentax K mount lenses because of the above.

The news is not new, since on on May 29th, 2015 we have published a news that Pentax is planning to buy the sensor of Sony A7R camera, however we don’t know the credibility of the rumor, but it’s important to bring out the information in-front of you before anyone else does.

source – pentaxforum

Upcoming Pentax Fullframe Camera to Use Sony Sensor

According to latest rumors the upcoming Pentax Fullframe camera will use Sony 36 MP sensor used in Sony A7R camera, the camera will also feature pixel-shift technology resolution tech, this technology was first used in K-3 II camera to generate high resolution images.

Pixel shift technology actually works with the help of sensor shift IS mechanism, the camera moves its sensor to capture 4 different images and finally it create a composite image, you get a super high resolution file with excellent color output and low-light performance.

We will update you soon as we bet any new information.

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via – SAR

Pentax Full frame DSLR Coming in November 2015

Pentax-Fullframe-camera-imaWe have already seen the image and rumored specification of the upcoming Pentax Fullframe DSLR camera, Now according to Pentax Australia Pentax Fullframe DSLR will officially arrive in November 2015, at this moment we don’t have details about the pricing of upcoming DSLR.

source – Pentax Australia FB Page

See recent announcement – Pentax K-3 II Finally Announced – Features Improved AF, IS and Super Resolution Capture

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Pentax Fullframe DSLR Early Specification

Pentax-Fullframe-camera-imaIt’s not a rumor, In an recent interview with dpreview and imaging-resource, Pentax/Ricoh executives confirmed the three major specification of the upcoming Pentax/Ricoh Fullframe camera..

These three specification are
Full-frame sensor
You can use DA lenses on the Fullframe camera and Cropping mode is also available.
On more features is hinted by the experts, possibly built-in image stabilization.

Now take a look at the rumored set of Pentax Fullframe DSLR specification floating over the web…

Digital SLR Camera
36 Megapixel CMOS Full frame without lowpass filter
Pentax KAF3 with stainless steel bayonet
SAFOX XI with phase detection with 27 pts (25 in cross and 3 of f2.8 )
Pentaprism Coverage: 100 % LCD
3.2 “TFT swing
Zapada (P- TTL ) high-speed sync and wireless compatible with Pentax flashes – take X -sync
Sensor system with reduced movement and rotation compensation system ( 3.5EV TBD)
TTL using a 86000 pixels RGB sensor

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Pentax Full Frame DSLR Shipping Soon

pentax-fullframe-camera-imgAlmost confirmed that the long waited Pentax Fullframe DSLR will available to users from Oct, 2015 and for that you have to pay approx EUR 2000, the camera is listed portuguese website Tiendapentaxeros, we do also believe the information is true since its a reputed website with a large number of userbase.

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Pentax News and Rumors Round-up - December 2013


Take a look at the rumors and interview floating over the web from past few days, the first rumor is arriving from china and another one interview of Mr. Kohei Endo of Ricoh imaging has been published from Japan,

According to a Pentax user (from China) three FA Limited lenses will be updated soon.

Take a look at the translated text below via
– The “update” will happen soon,
– The Japanese style green “pearl” of the lens-changing mark on the existing Pentax 31 and 77 Limited lenses will be removed,
– The new lens will still be screw-driven for the AF, i.e., no SDM nor DC nor whatsoever in-lens AF motor,
– New HD lens coating will replace the old SMC one for better performance,
– A Ricoh red ring will be added (and of course)!

(via –

Latest interview of Mr. Kohei Endo of Ricoh imaging has been published in the Digital camera Watch watch (Japanese) website,

Main points of the interview (So far what I understand after reading the electronic translation)

No confirmation available about the arrival of Full Frame Camera from Pentax but the chapter is not closed and work is going on.

Pentax will focus on development of feature rich APS-C DSLRs, such  as the recently announced Pentax K-3 features is the world first camera to feature user selectable low-pass filter, + it also features 100% optical viewfinder and waterproof body design.

Waterproofing and Zoom lens may be also added to Ricoh GR series,. Its really a great news for pro photographers and Pentax users that company is so much dedicated about the development of pro compact camera(s) and APS-C fromat DSLRs.

Pentax Q is designed to attract smartphone users.


Retro Style Pentax LX Full Frame Coming Soon


Just few days ago pentax Russia confirmed that Pentax Fullframe DSLR coming in 2014, now according to latest rumors surfaced over the web the upcoming pentax DSLR may have similar design as the retro pentax LX camera (as above), The Pentax LX was a 35mm film camera made by Pentax between 1980 and 2001.

Others product coming on 2014

  • Pentax Fullframe camera is coming on 2014, expected to arrive before Photokina 2014.
  • New DFA lenses will be offered. + 2.8 constant aperture zooms are also coming.
  • New WR lenses will be launched.
  • K-01 failed because of design (finally they accepted). New Mirrorless camera are coming with new designs in 2014.
  • Ricoh/Pentax Medium format may be announced in the Q4 of 2014.

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