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Panasonic Working on Advance Hybrid Image Stabilization

A new Hybrid Image Stabilization patent from Panasonic surfaced over the web. That, clearly shows Panasonic is working to improve the image stabilization system. Well, Panasonic is one of the world leading mirrorless makers and they do offer Hybrid IS in most of their cameras. However, they are step behind Olympus Hybrid IS systems and with E-M1 Mark II camera which offer IS upto 6.5 Stops when used with Olympus lenses.

This is not the first time, We have also published Panasonic Dual IS patent a while ago you can check here. And as you can see below I am adding the screen shot of the patent image.

panasopnic patent 2018


Panasonic Dual IS Patent

A new patent surfaced over the web that shows Panasonic working on advance versions of Dual IS system that will upscale the Panasonic existing Dual IS system to next level. Panasonic GX8 was the first camera to introduce Dual IS inside the camera and after that we have seen many Panasonic cameras with Dual IS mechanisms.


Patent Details (Trnaslated)

An imaging apparatus includes a camera body and an interchangeable lens. The camera body includes: an image sensor; an image sensor driver configured to drive the image sensor in a plane perpendicular to an optical axis; a sensor configured to measure a position of the plane; a shake detector configured to detect a camera body shake; and a first image stabilizer configured to correct the detected shake by driving the image sensor driver. The interchangeable lens includes: an image stabilization lens configured to adjust an optical path to correct a shake; an image stabilization lens driver configured to drive the image stabilization lens in a plane perpendicular to the optical axis; and a second image stabilizer configured to correct a shake, based on a position measured by the sensor of the camera body, by driving the image stabilization lens driver.

Panasonic PDF HDR sensor 

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Panasonic Working on PDAF HDR Sensor

Panasonic is working on completely new type look like a science fiction. The sensor will capture create HDR images on single click and will also carry Phase AF points for fast auto focusing performance compared to the current generation of cameras with DFD AF system.

Panasonic Sensor patent details

[Publication number] Japanese Unexamined Patent Application Publication No. 2018-14740 (P2018-14740A) click here
[Publication date] January 25, Heisei 30 (2018.1.25)
Image pickup apparatus and driving method thereof

Panasonic isn’t new to do on sensor HDR patent take a look below

  1. Toshiba Latest Patent – HDR from Quad Pixel
  2. Sony Patent – Single Shot with Variable Exposure
  3. Nikon Patent – Hybrid Sensor Pixels to Capture Single Shot HDR

Do you know Panasonic was also working on a DSLR system that never announced ? See it here

Exclusive: Panasonic Working on GroPro Style Camera

Panasonic Gropro style camera creative image

Panasonic Gropro style camera creative image

This time we have a patent that shows Panasonic is working on a Gropro style camera. So, we can expect Panasonic action camera announcement in upcoming years. More details of the patent below…

The patent document also shows the camera features 5 axis image stabilization system.

Patent No: US2017/0261
Publication Date: Sep 14, 2017

The patent publication date is Sep 14, 2017 that clearly indicates patent is new and we can’t expect the action camera announcement anytime soon. It generally takes 1 OR 2+ years for a patent to become a real product.

5 axis image stabilization

Take a look at the patent details below translated from Japanese

An image stabilization mechanism includes: a sensor holder unit that holds an image sensor; a rear frame; a front frame; a first ball; a second ball; and a cylinder unit that presses the first ball against the sensor holder unit. The cylinder unit has a cylinder provided on the rear frame so that its axial direction is parallel to an optical axis direction, a piston movably disposed in the cylinder, and a spring that urges the piston toward the sensor holder unit. The first ball is disposed between an end surface of the piston and the sensor holder unit.

Panasonic GX9 Coming on 2018 [Rumor]

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List of Panasonic Upcoming Lenses

List of Panasonic Lenses comingPanasonic is working on SIX new MFT lenses according to the patent documents surfaced over freepatentsonline. The list also includes a superzoom 12-240mm telephotolens and 12-70mm lens with a constant aperture of F2.8.

Take a look at the list lenses

– 12-70Mm F2.8
– 12-240Mm F3.6-6.5 (total length of the lens is 18.8Cm)
– 24-70Mm F3.6-5.7
– 24-240Mm F3.6-6.5
– 70-200Mm F2.8
– 100-300mm F2.8-4

Undoubtedly the 12-70mm F2.8 lens will get a warm welcome from all professional and advance armature photographers worldwide. The lens covers a very cleaver focal length and features fixed aperture throughout the zoom range.

via – 43rumors

Panasonic working on 12-100mm lens - Patent

12-100mm lens

According to a latest patent surfaced over the web Panasonic is working on 12-100mm lens. As we all know Panasonic already have 12-35mm lens but that 12 to 35 mm lens features constant aperture throughout the zoom range on the other hand the latest document suggest that lens will arrive with a variable aperture from 4.0 to 5.8.

Panasonic 12-100 patent

I was expecting a better and fixed aperture based pro kit zoom lens from Panasonic, but I am disappointed after reading the patent document, the the 12-100mm range is excellent but the starting aperture of the lens is 4.0 which is not acceptable at all.

Panasonic says –  the present disclosure provides a compact and lightweight zoom lens system having a short overall length of lens system as well as excellent optical performance.

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via 43rumor

Panasonic Patent a Invisible Camera

camera invisible img
Panasonic patent a invisible camera that will remain hidden from human eyes while capturing the shots. The latest patent may be used as surveillance / spy camera

Description, self-interpretation of the patent literature – Translated by google

  • Patent Publication No. 2015-197649
    • Published 2015.11.9
    • Filing date 2014.4.3
  • Panasonic patent
    • In the light guide plate that totally reflects the light, to cover the lens
    • It provides a light source at the edge of the light guide plate
    • Providing grooves at a predetermined pitch on the light guide plate
    • Light source becomes invisible camera is that it ON
    • The light source is captured at the time of the OFF
    • At a certain frequency or more, I synchronize and ON the light source and the OFF, and the imaging of OFF and ON

source –