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Firmware Update

Olympus Fullframe 28mm F1.4 Mirrorless Lens Patent

We have published Olympus 24mm F1.4 lens patent few days ago, we also published 28mm F2 article a while ago related to the same. Take a look at the new patent surfaced over the web today of 28mm F1.4 Mirrorless Fullframe Lens.

Olympus Fullframe mirrorless patent information

The patent was filed on 2014.12.10 and awarded on 2016.6.20. 

It’s very clear that Olympus is seriously involved on developing fullframe mirrorless system cameras from 2014, We may expect a major product or development announcement this Photokina 2016.


The funny image below is created by our staff member trying to figure out the type of Olympus FF Mirrorless may arrive in near future.

Olympus Fullframe camera

Olympus Fullframe Camera Creative image

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source – egami

Olympus Fullframe Mirrorless Shoutout

Olympus Fullframe

Olympus Fullframe Mirrorless Shoutout now started worldwide as more and more websites started talking about possible Olympus fullframe Mirrorless camera announcement. (Ok that clearly means we are not alone)

The Rumor started when we have seen first Olympus patent of Fullframe lens and at the same moment we told you that Olympus does working on a fulframe camera and sooner or later we will see such thing.


Mann ki Baat….

Why Olympus Moving towards Fullframe Mirrorless?

People always want some good change and after looking at the skyrocketing sales record of Sony A7 series camera the Olympus also trying to Jump on the same ship.

Olympus Turning into third party Lens manufacturer ?

Some websites also told us and the world that Olympus will make lenses for Sony A7 series Mirrlress camera. But Keep in mind that Olympus is not a third party lens manufacturer only, they have the capability to develop a full-frame mirrorless camera.

Olympus Future ?

Yes, it’s a big question since Olympus is the vital member of 43 format group. Once Olympus get into fullframe mirrorless business the 4/3 mount cameras development may get slow down, Just like Sony slowed down the development of SLT series camera after Sony E and FE mount based camera announcement.

and Panasonic?

Panasonic already have the cashcow? .. they don’t need fullframe sensor based camera… more to come…

More Confirmation: Olympus Working on a Fullframe Mirrorless Camera

Another confirmation that Olympus is Working on a Fullframe Mirrorless Camera, earlier Olympus also filed a  patent for 28mm full-frame mirrorless Lens, take a look here. . And in a recent patent filed by Olympus we can see they are working on a 24mm F1.4 Lens patent made for for a full-frame mirrorless camera.

24 F1.4mm mirrorlessTake a look at the patent details below translated by google.

Description, self-interpretation of the patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-38418
    • Published 2016.3.22
    • Filing date 2014.8.5
  • Example 1
    • f 24.48
    • FNO. 1.41
    • 2ω 91.37
    • IH 22.50
    • FB (in air) 9.49
    • Total length (in air) 154.18

Stay with us and we will update you soon as we get any new information.