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Firmware Update

Nikon Z50 Announcement on October 10th, Price and more...

Finally we have the price of the upcoming Nikon Z50 camera, the announcement date of the camera is October 10th, 2019. Nikon Z50 camera will cost you approximately $980.

Nikon Z50 Price: $980 | 796.86 Pound sterling | 894.24 Euro | 69,749.05 Indian Rupee
Nikon Z50 + 16-50mm lens Kit price: $1,200 | 975.59 Pound sterling | 1,28,616 Japanese Yen | 1,095.23 Euro | 85,584.00 Indian Rupee

Nikon Z50 specification [Updated]

  • 20MP APS-C sensor
  • 4k video
  • Single SD card slot
  • 3″ pivoted LCD / can be tilted downwards for selfies but it will not work with selfie sticks
  • 11 fps
  • Maximum shutter speed: 1/4000
  • No IBIS
  • Fixed EVF
  • New Nikon EN-EL25 battery
  • Two new APS-S mirrorless lenses: Z-Nikkor 16-55mm f/3.5-6.3 and Z-Nikkor 50-250mm f/4.5-6.3

According to latest information the upcoming camera design will look like Nikon Z1 camera. We will update you soon as we get any information.

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That's why Nikon D7600 Announcement Delayed

In general Nikon D7500 scheduled update announcement was about to happen on Q1 of 2019. But, Nikon delayed that update for some reason. Not only Nikon D7600, Nikon D5700 was also expected to arrive this year but it was also delayed.

It’s all due to Nikon Z50, and other Nikon Mirrorless products which is scheduled to arrive this year and in Q1/Q2 of 2020. Nikon is now moving into Mirrorless path and somehow they are also following up the same DSLR cannibalization policy as of Canon.

Nikon wants to create a (Mirrorless) space by delaying updates of their DSLR models.

As you can see Nikon D7500 camera is 18 months older now and still waiting for an update

Nikon Z50

Nikon Z50 camera is rumored to arrive soon, we already have specs of the camera and most probably this month Nikon will do official announcement ofthe camera. Nikon Z50 camera will feature same sensor as we have seen in the Nikon PRO APS-C DSLR Nikon D500. Although the sensor is optimized (fabricated with 400+ AF points) for Nikon Z50 camera, but DR range, color output and low-light performance of the camera is expected to remains same as of Nikon D500.

Nikon Zxx series is replacement of Nikon D7xxx series

As per the rumors we have Nikon is replacing their year old D7xxx series with Nikon Zxx series camera. That doesn’t means they will end up production of Pro APS-C DSLRs  today, but in next 4 to 5 years they will sure.

Nikon is delaying announcement since they want to make space for new DX format Mirrorless camera. They want shift their user base to Mirrorless zone and without halting or delaying the updates of DSLR  it’s not completely possible.

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Nikon Z50 Full Specification Leaked, Announcement Soon

Finally we have the full specification of the upcoming Nikon Z50 camera. According to the latest rumors we have the upcoming camera may not carry built-in image stabilization system as we have in the FF Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7 Mirrorless cameras. Let’s have a look at the detailed specs.

Nikon Z50 Specification [Rumor]

20MP APS-C sensor
Single SD card slot
3″ pivoted LCD
11 fps
Fixed EVF (not removable EVF as described in the latest design patents)
New Nikon EN-EL25 battery

We have seen the designs of the camera but sources of the rumor mill suggest the camera will look somehow similar to Nikon Z1 prototype. So, at this moment we are not so confirmed about the designs.

Products Coming in Next few days

  • Nikon Z50 APS-C Mirrorless camera
  • Two new APS-S mirrorless lenses: Z-Nikkor 16-55mm f/3.5-6.3 and Z-Nikkor 50-250mm f/4.5-6.3

Trusted Sources are Silent

We are waiting for trusted sources, they are completely silent right now. In general 10-15 days prior to official announcement we generally get lot of lakes, such as specs and images of the upcoming camera. So, of-course either Nikon is doing everything very secretly and very limited of people are known to APS-C Mirrorless project OR they are preparing for a  development announcement.

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Nikon Z50 APS-C Mirrorless Camera Announcement Soon

We have told you back in August that Nikon N1912 is a Nikon DX format Mirrorless camera and finally we got confirmation. The upcoming Nikon NZ50 is a DX format Mirrorless camera. Nikon Z50 camera is rumored to announce soon with 2 new lenses, the camera is rumored to use the EN-EL25 battery.

1. Nikon Z50 camera details

According to latest rumors surfaced over the web, Nikon will be releasing Nikon Z50 camera soon with 20MP APS-C CMOS Sensor. The Camera will also carry a 3 inch pivoted LCD, electronic viewfinder and continuous shooting speed upto 11 FPS.

Most probably the camera is using the same sensor we have seen in Nikon D500 camera, tweaked and optimized for Mirrorless cameras.

2. Nikon Upcoming DX Format Mirrorless Cameras

  • Z-Nikkor 16-55mm f/3.5-6.3 small lightweight collapsible kit DX lens
  • Z-Nikkor 50-250mm f/4.5-6.3 small lightweight collapsible DX lens

We will update you soon as we get any new information. Do subscribe to our channel for latest updates LIVE news and Rumors.

We will update you soon as we get any new information

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Follow us on our social pages  FACEBOOK | TWITTER | INSTAGRAM to get live news + rumors 24X7