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Firmware Update

Nikon New Pro-Compacts Coming

Nikon firt pro series DL compacts camera was first announced back on Feb 22 2016, but we were the first website even at that time to let you know that these camera have serious issues with the integrated circuit for image processing built into the three new premium compact cameras. And finally after a year of gap on Feb 13 2017 Nikon officially cancelled the DL series compact cameras.

Nikon New Compacts on Horizon (2019)

TNC exclusive: We are the first website to spot Nikon upcoming compacts camera. We have spotted a Recent Nikon patent (filed on 2018-08-08) in which you can clearly see that Nikon is working on new range of compact cameras. These compact camera were first

Nikon Patent Details

2018-08-08 – Application filed by Nikon Corp
2018-11-22 – Publication of Patent
2019-03-24 – Application status is Pending

Patent desc. To improve scalability of an accessory.SOLUTION: An accessory attached to a first attachment part provided on a camera includes: a second attachment part that is attached to the first attachment part; a base part that is fixed to the second attachment part; a movable part that is movable relatively to the base part; a third attachment part to which another accessory is attached; and a storage part that is arranged on at least one of the base part and movable part and stores the third attachment part. The third attachment part is exposed from the storage part by the moving of the movable part

As you can see in the patent drawing above we have dedicated zoom-in-zoom out buttons like traditional cameras. And a multi-accessories hot-shoe on top of the camera.

Nikon Compact to have Dual Card Slot option

yes it is true that Nikon upcoming compact camera will have a 2nd card slot option on the optional accessories available with the camera. And not only that these accessories have the capability to connect or to pair up with others accessories made up for the camera.


Nikon Upcoming Compacts More Models Spotted

Not only one model, we have spotted one more model of Nikon upcoming Compacts camera with pop-up flash units. May be Nikon new series of compact camera are coming in two or more variants.

Stay with and we will update you soon as we get any new information related to Nikon upcoming compacts camera.

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Nikon Patent - Sensor Heat Management inside DSLRs

With prolonged use of LIVE view mode or while recording Video in DSLRs, due to sensor heat we may see some negative effect in the image quality / video quality of the camera. To solve this issue, Nikon is actively working on new methods to reduce the effect.

Patent Details

2018-06-14 – Application filed, Nikon Corp
2018-10-04 – Publication
2019-03-22 – Application status is Pending

Back on December 2017 we have published a patent of Canon heat sink unit inside camera, and finally after a year of gap we have same type of patent from Nikon.

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More Confirmations: Nikon DSLR Coming with Hybrid Sensor

TNCWe are the first website to let you know that Nikon is working on Hybrid AF sensors for their DSLR camera. As we all know that none of the Nikon DSLRs right now uses Hybrid Sensors. And that’s why Nikon users sometime complain about slow AF while using LIVE VIEW display or creating a video.

Patent Details

2018-06-28 – Application filed by, Nikon Corp
2018-10-04 – Publication
2019-03-12 – Application status is Pending

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a focus detection device that can properly detect a focus state of an optical system.SOLUTION: An interchangeable lens comprises: an optical system that has a focus adjustment lens 32; a storage unit that stores information about a spatial frequency characteristic of the optical system; a position detection unit that detects position information on the focus adjustment lens 32; and a transmission unit that transmits the information and a position of the focus adjustment lens to a camera body.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

It also indicates Future DSLR cameras such as Nikon D6, Nikon D7600 and Nikon D760 may carry Hybrid AF system inside.

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Nikon Upcoming Camera 2019

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Nikon Patent - New Tech. to Minimize the impact of Shutter Shock / Mirror Slap

DSLR users know about Mirror Slap or You can say Shutter shake. BTW, to minimize the effect so shutter slap the best way is to use the Mirror Up mode. Nikon is working to minimize the Shutter further more by implementing a brand new Mirror moving mechanism inside.

Patent Details

Inventor Akihiro Sato Akihiro Sato Original Assignee Co., Ltd.
Nikon Priority date 2018-04-05

Translated Text from google
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To solve the problem in which a component for preventing a rebound increases in a rebound prevention mechanism to quicken exposure start, and further a system for preventing the rebound has been complicate.SOLUTION: A mirror holding mechanism according to one embodiment of the present invention is a mirror holding mechanism to be installed in a camera body, and the mirror holding mechanism comprises: a main mirror unit that rotates between a first state obliquely provided in a subject light flux and a second state retreated from the subject light flux; and a sub-mirror unit that interlocks with the main mirror unit to oscillate, is obliquely provided in the subject light flux in the first state, and is retreated from the subject light flux in the second state. In an operation displacing from the first state to the second state, the sub-mirror unit displacing toward a retreat direction is configured to perform a first contact with the main mirror unit at timing when the main mirror unit rebounds at an end to displace in an oblique providing direction.SELECTED DRAWING:

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Nikon Latest Patent - Better VR, Intelligent Optical Viewfinder and More

Thenewcamera exclusive: We have sorted out some of the best and Recent Nikon patent filled in the year of 2018. let’s have a look at the patent details and information. The good thing to notice here is Nikon haven’t postponed the development Nikon DSLR in favor of Mirrorless system cameras. Their R&D team working continuously to bring out new innovation in next generation of DSLRs

1. Improving DSLR lenses VR (Image Stabilization)


In a Recent patent by Nikon, you can clearly see that Nikon is working to improve the VR (image stabilization of Nikon DSLRs lenses). More details co0ming out from patent documents are below

Patent Details

Application Number: 2018034227 Application Date: 28.02.2018
Publication Number: 2018116288 Publication Date: 26.07.2018
Applicants: Nikon Corporation

[ Translated Patent Details ]: To provide a shake correction device that allows for reference value correction excellent in accuracy.SOLUTION: According to the present invention 100, a shake correction device 100 correcting tremors of optical members 1B and 6 comprises: an angular velocity sensor 12 that detects angular velocity of the optical members 1B and 6; a reference value computation unit 34 that computes a reference value of an output signal of the angular velocity sensor 12; an imaging element 3 that generates an image signal for each of continuous frames on the basis of input subject image light; a motion vector computation unit 41 that computes a motion vector of an image between the frames on the basis of the image signal; a reference value correction unit 42 that corrects the reference value on the basis of the motion vector; and a target position computation unit 36 that computes a target position of the optical element to be moved for causing the optical members 1B and 6 to perform a shake correction on the basis of the output signal of the angular velocity sensor 12 and the post-corrected reference value. The target position computation unit 36 is configured to, during an exposure of the imaging element 3, compute the target position on the basis of the post-corrected reference value in a pre-exposure.

2. Nikon Patent Intelligent Optical Viewfinder to Protect Photographer Eyes

To protect eyes from high-brightness subject specifically SUN, the viewfinder will now have a light-sensor to detect the amount of light passing through the viewfinder and will control the out-put whenever required to protect photographers eye. Take a look at the translated patent details below

Patent Details

Application Number: 2018036763 Application Date: 01.03.2018
Publication Number: 2018116291 Publication Date: 26.07.2018

[ Translates Patent Description ] The present invention relates to a camera having a function of protecting the eye from the high-brightness object. When viewed high luminance object such as the sun through the camera viewfinder, it can adversely affect the pupil. Therefore, in order to protect the eyes, and the photometry sensor the finder optical path, provided eyepiece shutter or eyepiece aperture, when the strong light exceeding the reference value the incident, light shielding or reduced by operating the eyepiece shutter or eyepiece diaphragm camera for light quantity control of such light are known

Nikon Z Series Underwater Housing and Adapter Image Spotted

We have searched a lot  int this patent about details, however it’s sometimes hard to dig out all the details from translated machine language. From the translated text it’s very clear that Nikon is working on more new type of adapters for its Mirrorless cameras at the same time it’s really bit strange to see a Camera under-water housing showcased in the patent image. May be they were trying to hide the new Nikon Mirrorless camera models  ?

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Nikon Working on 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 APS-C Mirrorless Lens with Silent AF

The latest patent published this year shows up a 18-135mm Lens with F3.5-5.6 aperture. The lens is designed and developed for APS-C sensor based Mirrorless camera. One of the important feature described in the patent is Lens features silent and Fast AF motor inside, to make it more compatible with Video oriented Mirrorless camera.

TNC Exclusive: Nikon is working on 18-135mm F3.5-5.6 lens for mirrorless camera. The 18-135mm lens is designed specially to record videos without any Auto-Focus Noise. The lens is made for APS-C Sensor based mirrorless camera. Take a look at the details of the patent image.

Nikon working 18-135mm lens with Silent AF Lens Patent Image

Patent Translated Details

To provide a variable power optical system in which a focusing lens group is made more compact and lighter, an optical device and a manufacturing method for the zoom optical system.SOLUTION: A variable power optical system comprises, in order from an object side, a first lens group G1 having positive refractive power, a second lens group G2 having negative refractive power, a third lens group G3 having negative refractive power, a fourth lens group G4 having positive refractive power, a fifth lens group G5 having negative refractive power, and a sixth lens group G6 having positive refractive power, and is configured such that distances between respective lens groups change when varying power from a wide-angle end state to a telephoto end state, the third lens group G3 moves in an optical axis direction when focusing from an infinity object to a short distance object, and at least a part of the fifth lens group G5 moves so as to have a directional component orthogonal to the optical axis. The variable optical system satisfies a following expression: 0.80<f5/f3<1.30, where f3 represents a focal length of the third lens group G3, and f5 represents a focal length of the fifth lens group

Next, the camera is an optical apparatus provided with the variable magnification optical system ZL according to the present embodiment will be described with reference to FIG. 11. The camera 1 is a lens interchangeable type so-called mirrorless camera equipped with a zoom lens system ZL according to the present embodiment as an imaging lens 2. In the camera 1, light from an object (not shown) (object) is focused by the imaging lens 2, not shown OLPF (Optical low pass filter: the optical low-pass filter) through the imaging surface of the imaging unit 3 forming an object image on. Then, the image of the object is generated object image by a photoelectric conversion element provided in the imaging unit 3 is converted photoelectrically. This image, EVF provided in the camera 1: is displayed on the (Electronic view finder electronic viewfinder) 4. Thus photographer can observe an object through the EVF 4.

When the release button (not shown) is depressed by the photographer, an image is photoelectrically converted by the image pickup unit 3 are stored in a memory (not shown). In this manner, the photographer can take a picture of the object by the camera 1. In the present embodiment, an example has been described mirrorless camera, the variable magnification optical system ZL according to the present embodiment in a single-lens reflex type camera to observe the subject by the finder optical system has a quick return mirror in the camera body even when equipped with, it is possible to achieve the same effect as in the camera 1.

Thus, the optical device according to the present embodiment is provided with the variable magnification optical system ZL having the above-described configuration, suppressing the change in the size of the image during focusing (focusing), further, during zooming , and it is possible to realize an optical device well suppressing variation in aberrations upon focusing.

Incidentally, the following description may suitably be applied within limits that do not deteriorate optical performance.

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Nikon Patent - Camera That Sends E-Mail

Well I was not in the mood to cover this patent in my websites because the patent look too old to me. Since we are living in the world of Android and iOS where a lot of things are possible with the smartphones. We also have apps of dropbox, onderive where you can easily store your data. images from your tablets and smartphones directly.

But the patent we are talking about is not so old. And it do have some very attractive feature. When you are busy in getting in your images, your camera will going to save all these images in the email address you have shared with it. And not only that the images can be also shared with multiple email address.

Patent Publication Date – Mar 8, 2018
Applicant(s): NIKON CORP [JP] +

Patent Details

A portable telephone is equipped with a camera and includes an image sensor that is included in the camera and that outputs image data. The portable telephone also includes a processor configured to: (i) associate the image data with position information denoting a position at which the image data is output by the image sensor; (ii) control storage of the image data to a storage medium; (iii) select the image data related to the position information in the storage medium; (iv) acquire information indicating a map based on the position information related to the selected image data; and (v) create textual content to be sent to a destination based on the position information. The portable telephone further includes a communication circuit that sends the textual content, the image data and the information indicating the map to the destination.