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Firmware Update

Nikon Working on Next Generation of Android Compact Camera

Nikon is working on new generation of compact camera with android OS. We have spotted a new patent that shows a camera integrated with compact zoom lens.  Nikon announced Nikon COOLPIX S800c with andorid OS five years ago and after that they discontinued the camera and no further successor was announced.

From the patent its very clear that Nikon wants to Re-enter in the compact market with new weapons.  We will update you soon as we get any new information.

Patent Details translated from Japanese

To provide a user-friendly image capturing device.SOLUTION: An image capturing device includes; image capturing means which captures an object image formed by an image capturing optical system that includes a zoom lens for varying focal length and outputs an image signal; zoom drive means which drives the zoom lens in an optical axis direction; a manipulation member which enables optical zooming operation; a first processing unit which runs a predetermined operating system and is capable of executing a program which is entered by a user and is executable on the operating system; and a second processing unit which controls the zoom drive means to drive the zoom lens in accordance with optical zooming manipulation applied on the manipulation member while the program is being run by the first processing unit.

android camera image

more translated details

The present invention relates to an imaging apparatus.

Conventionally, an imaging device is known which carries Android (registered trademark) universal OS (operating system) of the. For example, Non-Patent Document 1, a digital camera Android OS mounted sold by the applicant have been described. The OS provides a variety of API for using the camera function (Application Programming Interface).

The digital camera according to Non-Patent Document 1, OS having an API to use a so-called electronic zoom is mounted. Therefore, it not created specifically for the digital camera, if you run a program that was created towards the various electronic devices in which the OS operates, it was not possible to use the optical zoom function.

camera LCD lens patent image

Nikon Patent Android Camera Document first page

Nikon to Bring Advance 5 Axis IS to DSLRs

Nikon IS systems work

TNC exclusive — Nikon is working to improve the image stabilization system of the DSLRs. And in near future we may see introduction of 5 axis Image stabilization inside Nikon DSLRs systems cameras and lenses. In the patent drawing above we can clearly see that Nikon DSLR with attached lens is able to feature 5axis IS.

Sony A99 II camera with 5 axis IS


As we have seen in other mirrorless cameras including Sony Mirrorless and Panasonic G series cameras. The X&Y axis and the roll that in general camera needs to compensate. And the Pitch and Yaw compensate by camera lenses.

So, to bring up 5 axis IS in DSLRs Nikon will may introduce Sensor based Image Stabilization, or a completely new series of Nikkor lens with built-in High end Image Stabilization.

Patent Details

Details are translated from Japanes by machine ,

Patent JP-225405

The present invention relates to a motion compensation device and optical instruments.

In the high magnification ratio shooting, but increases the influence of parallel shake, a typical shake correction system using only the angular velocity sensor, it is impossible to detect the parallel shake. Therefore, at the time of high magnification photographing a problem that blur correction accuracy is deteriorated.
To solve this problem, a triaxial acceleration sensor, by using the angular velocity sensor of the three axes calculates the position of the camera, calculating the gravitational acceleration component included in the output of the acceleration sensor, by removing the translational shake component only by calculating, by correcting a technique for improving the shake correction accuracy at the time of high magnification photographing (Patent Document 1) it has been proposed. This is based on the output of the six-axis sensor, and requests the displacement of the parallel shake.

Also see – Nikon Working to Speed up the Mirror flip-up Speed

Nikon patents Mirror-Less interchangeable Sensor Camera

More Nikon Fullframe Mirrorless Lens Patents

Nikon Working to Speed up the Mirror flip-up Speed

Nikon is working to improve the mirror flip up speed. As we all know that DSLR uses flip-up mirror mechanism while capturing images burst shots, but somehow the speed of the overall system needs to be improved to compete against Canon DSLRs and Sony FF Mirrorles series.

One more thing before we begain, let me tell you that the patents are published in Japanese language and we read them after machine translation, so it might happen that we miss some details..

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To make a rotating mirror quickly halt at an advancement position.SOLUTION: A mirror unit includes: a mirror member that is supported rotatably between an advancement position and a retreat position; a drive lever that drives the mirror member; an urging member that is provided in the drive lever, urges the mirror member toward the advancement position, and sandwichedly holding a part of the mirror member between the driving lever and the urging member to thereby drive the mirror member to the advancement position together with the driving lever; and a cam member that has a cam surface pressing the drive lever, and causes a generation of drive force making the mirror member rotate from the advancement position to the retreat position in the drive lever. The cam surface has a profile in which the drive lever is spaced apart from the cam member during a period until the mirror member moves from the retreat position to the advancement position and when the mirror member urged by the urging member abuts on the drive lever.

See more Nikon Patents

Nikon patents Mirror-Less interchangeable Sensor Camera

More Nikon Fullframe Mirrorless Lens Patents

Nikon Smartphone Patent - Lens Covers for Camera

Yes, we have spotted a Nikon patent that shows Nikon is working on smartphone camera / lens cover. The text are being translated from Japanese so they  are not able to clear the things. I am not able to believe one of the world leading DSLR company will going to make lens covers for smartphones?

More Images – Nikon Smartphone Patent – Lens Covers for Camera

translated from Chinese
An intelligent mobile phone for rear camera lens cover

[0001] The present invention belongs to the technical field of smart phones, in particular to a smartphones rear camera lens cover.

More details (translated)
The utility model discloses a dedicated rear camera lens visor of smart mobile phone, lid protective housing behind the cell -phone, the rear surface one end of lid protective housing is provided with lens visor shell body behind the cell -phone, and the other end is provided with the cell -phone megaphone, the carat (measure of the purity of gold) department of putting is provided with cell -phone camera lens in the inside of lens visor shell body, and the top that the inside of lens visor shell body is close to cell -phone camera lens is provided with camera lens visor, structural design scientific and reasonable, convenience safe in utilization, easy operation, it is sturdy and durable, but the pull formula cell -phone camera visor of design can effectively protect the cell -phone not broken dropping the in -process lens, the pull formula that designs moreover, needs only need can shoot the visor pull to the opposite side when shooing, and in the time need not shooing, it can the protective glass piece to forget about it the left side with the pull lid, also can not be by the crash at the in -process lens of dropping

Also see – Nikon Patent – Camera and Lens With Biometric Sensors

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Nikon Patent - Camera and Lens With Biometric Sensors

Nikon Biometric Sensors

Tnenewcamera Exclusive –  Latest patent from Nikon shows they are working on Biometric Sensors, these senors will be placed in various parts of the lens as well as just in front of shutter button of the camera to record Bio-metric information of the photographer.

Since the patent is on Japanese language, I am not able to resolve the entire details through electronic translation.

Patent says not only Biometric Sensors details, mood of the subject will be also recorded.. take a look at the translated lines

Nikon sensors


Translated Details from Patent Document

The display device includes: an input unit for inputting biometric information of a photographer at a time of photographing an image; a display unit for displaying the image; and a processing unit for estimating an emotion at the time of photographing from the biological information of the photographer and processing an image to be displayed on the display unit on the basis of the estimated emotion.

More interesting part of the patent, the Camera will also have information about the mood of photographer

Feelings entertaining when the photographer to take to face the subject, elation, anxiety, emotions, such as disappointment is an infinite variety. However, it is generally difficult to express such emotions during shooting the subject image itself. In some cases, the photographer sometimes try not to expose his feelings to the subject image. On the other hand, a viewer viewing the captured image, if understood photographer emotion at the time of shooting, it is possible to enjoy more deeply captured image. 

Also take a look – Nikon Patent – Lens with Touch and Pressure Sensor


Beware - Nikon P900 Successor Patent Images are of Nikon DL 24-500

Few websites are showing the patent images of Nikon DL 24-500 camera and saying that it’s a successor of Nikon P900 camera aka Nikon P1000. The images you see above and below are of Nikon DL 24-500mm camera we are adding the patent details images screen shot as well as side by side comparison of Nikon DL real vs patent images .

We, were first to tell you that due to integrated circuit issue the DL series camera shipment was first delayed and finally cancelled by Nikon [See all Nikon DL series saga here including its free leaked images].

Take a look at the side by side images of Nikon DL 24-500 camera along with the patent image

patent PDF is here

Nikon DL 24-500 mm link B&H

Nikon Patent - Lens with Touch and Pressure Sensor

The New Camera Exclusive – Nikon is working on completely new technology. We have spotted a Nikon Lens with Touch and Pressure Sensor.  So, you can now zoom your lens with the touch of your hand. Future DSLR/ Mirrorless lenses may carry advance sensor controls.


Nikon lens with touch sensors

Description: (Translated Version) To allow a lens position when a hand is released from a lens barrel to be held.SOLUTION: A lens barrel 10 of a digital camera 1 comprises: a barrel that houses an imaging optical system 20; and touch sensors 12, 14 and 16 that are provided in a periphery of the barrel, and detect a state where an operator contacts with respect to the barrel or a contactless state. When the touch sensors 12, 14 and 16 detect the contact, a CPU 32 allows a zoom lens 21, a focus lens 23 and an aperture stop 25 which correspond to each sensor to move or open/close, and when the touch sensors 12, 14 and 16 do not detect the contact, the CPU 32 locks the movement of the zoom lens 21 and the focus lens 23 or the opening/closing of the aperture stop 25 via a locking section 34.

Application number: JP20130049952 20130313
Priority number(s): JP20130049952 20130313

New camera tocuh sensor

(Translated version ) In a digital camera equipped with a retractable lens, when a pressure sensor is attached to the grip portion of the digital camera and it is detected by the pressure sensor that the camera is in a non-gripping state from the state of gripping the camera, the camera is falling (For example, refer to Japanese Unexamined Patent Application, First Publication No. Hei 11-94926). In this technique, the lens is collapsed to prevent breakage.

[0009] The zoom ring 11 is an operation ring that manually moves the zoom lens in its optical axis direction. The zoom ring touch sensor 12 is a sensor that detects contact of an object by detecting changes in electrostatic capacitance and electric resistance. The zoom ring touch sensor 12 is provided on the zoom ring 11 and can detect contact with the zoom ring 11. It should be noted that the zoom ring touch sensor 12 may be provided in the vicinity of the zoom ring 11 with a high possibility of being touched when operating the zoom ring 11.

[0010] The focus ring 13 is an operation ring for manually moving the focus lens in its optical axis direction. Similarly to the zoom ring touch sensor 12, the focus ring touch sensor 14 is a sensor for detecting contact of an object. The focus ring touch sensor 14 is provided on the focus ring 13 and can detect contact with the focus ring 13. It should be noted that the focus ring touch sensor 14 may be provided in the vicinity of the focus ring 13 with a high possibility of being touched when operating the focus ring 13.