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Nikon D7100 Coming Before April, 2013

Nikon D7100We have already published this news on January 14th, 2013 (see here), now we are getting more confirmation from web, the Nikon D7000 Successor is coming before April 2013, we are still not 100% sure about the name, it may be named as D7100 or D8000, the upcoming camera will feature 24 Mp APS-C CMOS sensor (same as D5200 sensor), advance core specification, rugged body and continuous shooting speed upto 8fps.

With Nikon D7000 Successor, Nikon P310 Successor is also rumored to arrive very soon with RAW mode & WiFi sharing and advance core specification.

we will update you soon as we get any new info –

P.S. If you have tale a look at post related to Nikon Rumors

Nikon DSLRs Coming in 2013

Nikon D8000New rumors wave are coming about Nikon Upcoming DSLRs, Take a look at possible scenarios

Nikon D8000 – Expected to arrive at Q1 of 2013
Nikon may merge its D7000 and D300s together and only one high end DX format camera may arrive at 2013. The Nikon D8000 may have same 24 Mp APS-C Sensor with a super fast continuous speed of 8 to 10 fps and Rugged body to survive in all condition.

Nikon D600 is already announced as entry level full frame camera and D3200 and D5200 is enough to cover the entry line-up.

Nikon D4x – Expected to arrive at Q3 of 2013

Nikon D4x may arrive with a 36Mp+ (probably 52 Mp) Sensor and continuous speed of 4 fps, direct competitor of Upcoming Canon Megapixel monster (3DX).

New Lenses with Hybrid VR technology and up to five stops of image stabilization
Expected arrival of 80-400mm lens
More details about lenses coming soon…


Nikon V2 Coming Soon [Rumor]

Nikon V2

Update: Nikon V2 announced

Nikon may update its V1 camera any time soon, according to latest rumors coming from different sources the new Nikon V2 camera will feature a newly developed sensor for better low light performance and moderate upgrade in core specification.

Update: Latest new coming from Nikon Rumors [NR] , At least one new Nikon camera to be announced by the end of 2012, but the big question is which one? We have received some rumors about Nikon V1 arrival, but Nikon may also announce its Nikon D400 and Nikon D8000 DSLR, we will update you soon as we get any new information.