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Nikon Mirrorless Coming at CP+ 2018 Show and more...

CP plus show 2018

We haven’t seen any major announcement from Nikon this year at CES show.  well at CES Nikon was silent but we don’t expect Nikon we’re going to remain silent during the CP Plus event at march.

Take a look at the list of product we are expecting from Nikon this March or during the CP Plus event

Nikon at CP+ Event March 2018

  •  Nikon mirrorless camera system announcement
    Nikon will going to announce its APS-C sensor based DX format mirrorless camera during the CP Plus event or near about that. Thom Hogan (Nikon pro photographer)  predict few month ago that Nikon will going to start its mirrorless announcement with APS-C mirrorless camera in the beginning of 2018 or may be CP+ event and after that during the September (Photokina 2018) we will going to see full-frame mirrorless system announcement with lenses.
  • Nikon entry level DSLR Nikon D650
    Nikon D650 announcement is overdue. The upcoming Nikon entry level DSLR will going to feature 4K and advance core specification. We, are confirmed Nikon will  introduce 4K 24/30p in Nikon entry level fullframe  DSLR camera D650.

We are almost confirmed that Nikon APS-C sensor based mirrorless camera as well as Nikon full frame entry level DSLR during the CP Plus  event on march 2018.

 Now the list you see below is the list of expected camera from Nikon that will going to arrive this year no time frame is fixed then answer and may happen during the month of March maybe in June of  2018.

Upcoming Camera from Nikon

  • Nikon P1000 – Code Name N1622
    Nikon Mega zoom camera update is overdue, Nikon skipped the update of Nikon P900 last year. Nikon P1000 is coming for sure,  but its announcement may happen during the CP Plus event or maybe at June 2018.  We have already seen 100 + compact zoom lens patent from Nikon so we are expecting next Nikon Mega zoom camera when going to carry 100X plus zoom lens or maybe 125X optical zoom lens as we have seen in the patent.
  •  Nikon D750 successor (Nikon D750 MK II / Nikon D760)
    The name of the Nikon D750 successor is  isn’t confirm yet.  So,  the upcoming camera name could be Nikon D750 mark 2 or Nikon D760.  Nikon D750 was one of the most popular Camera among mid-range or semi Pro Shooters.  And ofcourse one of the most sold full frame Nikon camera of all time. We are not expecting the announcement of Nikon D750 successor this March, but its announcement may happen during the month of June or September of 2018.  We do believe that Nikon D 750 successor will going to carry advanced auto focusing system as of Nikon D5,  as well as completely new 24 megapixel FX format sensor with the introduction of 4K video.
  • Nikon D3500 – We are almost confirmed about the announcement of the Nikon entry level DSLR in 2018, but at the same time we also suspect that Nikon is delaying the camera to bring out some serious specification inside it.  At the moment we can confirm one thing the camera will have 24 MP DX sensor inside it, the predecessor Nikon D3400 have a  traditional contrast detect sensor.
  •  Nikon DL compacts
    Re-announcement of Nikon DL compact is also possible this year but no time frame is expected at the moment.

So, these when our expectation with the Nikon. And we are almost confirmed that Nikon Mirrorless systems Announcement will going to happen during the CP Plus show. And also the Nikon entry level full frame DSLR announcement is overdue for a long time, so we are also expecting Nikon D650 announcement during the event.

Also check Nikon upcoming camera 2018

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Honduras Newspaper Claims - Nikon D760 to Feature 24MP Sensor

Nikon D760 image

According to a news article published over the Honduras’ (Earlad) Newspaper the upcoming Nikon D760 camera will feature 24 Megapixel CMOS FX sensor and shutter speed upto 1/8000 sec.

Nkon D760 news paper

Now before we start predicting anything you must know that Honduras is a Central American country with 8.098 million population and Earlad is a major newspaper in Honduras.

But before Honduras Newspaper Claims newcameraforum published Nikon D760 core specification weeks ago, but the best part of the rumor is we are getting information of multiple sources and finally Nikon D760 is shaping up.

Nikon D760 Facebook Page is here

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source – digicameinfo

Nikon D760 Camera Images Surfaced [Rumor]


Rumors started when Swedish photographer Tomas Jönsson uploaded a pic (and one more later) on his Facebook Timeline at 2015 Dec and made a claim that these two pictures he posted on facebook captured from new Nikon fullframe camera D7xx.

When someone asked him”Is it Nikon D6″ then he replied that the  camera he is testing isn’t a flagship fullframe camera, it will sit behind flagship line by having D7xx name. The one and only D7xx camera expected to arrive next year is Nikon D760.

Few days ago we have posted that Nikon D760 camera is coming with same sensor as Nikon D5 and all information we got today via different websites pointing the same info, isn’t it 🙂

1. Image #1 Captured from a D760 Prototype

Take a look at the first shot shared by the photographer



Must share a little image. Mostly for the photo-freaks, but maybe the rest of you likes it too. Taken in the middle of the night in December 2015. Moonlight, but still very dark. Tested a new model/sensor. This camera comes 2017 and I have never seen the like. Noise is super-low, the AF-module will be like D5/D500, ie as D500 best of all there is today. D500 is better/faster than Canon’s/Nikon’s pro models. The dynamics etc. Think now, the eyes can see three-four trees away. The camera sees this

2. Image #2 Captured from a D760 Prototype

And later the second shot he shared



This one is more crazy 🙂 Look. No moonlight here. No light at all. NADA! Totally pitch-black forest. I searched for Emmy with my headlamp. Set the focus with the headlamp in my hand pointed at her. 2.5 sec, tripod. She’s not still, but look at the heather. Absurd..

3. Price of Nikon D760

Nikon D760 price

Later on the discussion on Facebook the photographer also claimed that the camera will cost you around $2600. It’s really a big deal when you are getting a sensor form $6k camera body.

Update – 22 Dec 2016

The photographer who captured the image reveled more details and according to him the camera was Nikon D750 installed with a custom 20MP high sensitive sensor for test purpose. At the moment there are no proof or information that Nikon will use the same sensor in it upcoming cameras, it was one of kind prototype being used for test purpose only. But the most important thing the images are real and captured from a test unit, we will update you soon as we get any information.

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Source – Tomas FB | Via –

Nikon D760 Coming With Same Sensor as of Nikon D5 [Rumor]

Nikon D760 camera

The Nikon D5 mini version is set to arrive in 2017 with the same 20.8MP FX-Format CMOS sensor as of Nikon D5 and it name will be called Nikon D760. The latest trending word is Baby D5 coming in 2017. Not only that Nikon D810 and Nikon D610 successor update is also due for 2017. It’s really interesting to see will Nikon going to announce three Fullframe camera in a single year of they will delay the announcement to 2018.

But if we look at the core specification of the Nikon D750 camera it uses 24.3MP FX-Format CMOS Sensor. So if Nikon added a 20.8 MP sensor then it will sure a rollback in-terms of resolution. But as usual it will gain a lot of ISO sensitivity since  the Native ISO sensitivity of the D750 limited to 12800 whereas the native ISO sensitivity of the D5 starts from 102700 and goes upto 3.28 million mark.

We will update you soon as we get any new information. Our trusted sources confirmed that Nikon DL compacts shipping will start from 1st week of Jan  2017, more details and pre-order links can be found here.

Nikon D750 Facebook Page is here

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source - Nikonrumor

Nikon D760 Leaked Image ?


mock-up created by broxibear

Nomen Nescio emailed us a image of Nikon D760 camera, obviously the image look photo-shooped but just wanted to share with you guy’s.

As we have reported the Nikon D750 $600 price drop is now restored by The Nikon D750 update is overdue and we expect its replacement soon, Possibly this year in Photokina or by end of 201

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Nikon D760 Coming on Photokina 2016

Nikon D760 Coming Soon

Nikon D750 successor may arrive very soon since unusual price drop noticed on Nikon D750 product page at international store, they have dropped the price of Nikon D750 camera to $1,696. At B&H store the camera is available at $1,969.

696 Nikon D750

Visit for more details

It’s a strong indication that Big stores are now clearing up the stock of Nikon D750 camera, making space for new one. Nikon D3400 Aug announcement already hinted us that Nikon planned for big announcement on September 2016.

Don’t forget to read our article -> Nikon D760 – Our Expectations with Nikon D750 Successor

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Nikon D760 - Our Expectations with Nikon D750 Successor

Nikon D750 is about to finish its first birthday since it was announced in September 2014. However it’s a matter of a complete praise that the camera succeeded to get through its cut off and finally secured its own place among the best DSLRs’ in the huge competitive market. But after completing almost one year we’re unable to cross through any kind of news or even rumors related to the successor of this popular Nikon D750. So, we think it could be a good to write something as per our thoughts about what we could expect of Nikon 760D (assumed name) or may be turned into D750 successor.

Users want some latest and updated version of Nikon D750. Well, we’re unable to understand the policy of Nikon Whether they are looking forward to do some quick work for Nikon 760D or not. Just see our expectations for 760D. Hope the stuffs could feature according to our expectation.

What about resolution? We do expect that the resolution of the successor of respected Nikon D750 will remain same as it employs 24.3MP FX-Format CMOS Sensor because As far as I am concerned Nikon users are satisfied with this 24.3MP of resolution and the camera and good thing is D750 current sensor is well enough to deliver the sharp images and the quality that we’d like to see.

Our calculation is saying that we would be lucky enough to see something new about the image processor. Though, we don’t feel any bravado in giving a fake name to the image processor but we have right to expect a fast Image Processor inside the body of Nikon D760, then we guess D760 will use either use Dual Expeed 4 or Single Expeed 5 so it will be an interesting thing to notice the major boost in the camera core specs .

 ISO- May be many of photographers didn’t realize the expandable ISO of 51200 in Nikon D750 more supportive so Nikon perhaps take it as a serious issue and increase expandable ISO upto 102400 so that the users of this Nikon D760 can be confident in the challenging situation of lowlight shooting. We hope Nikon do this.

Another and may be the final big thing we would think ourselves be favored by Nikon if they update Continuous shooting speed from 6.5fps to 8fps-10fps to freeze the action of the desired subjects instantly.

These were the few things we expect the design of Nikon D760 would come up with. Do share your thoughts with us.

Featured Comments

High ISO is not a priority at all! the current D750 is really good in low light situations! Who really wants to shoot at 102400!!! 6400 is the maximum I would use but normally restrict myself to 3200 when shooting concerts for example.
But on the other end of the ISO scale, I think native 50ISO would be a plus

Yes, as “none” said, 1/8000sec shutter speed would be much more useful in daylight shooting!

A bigger area for the AF points would be a plus!

More frames per second? Not sure people buy this camera for action or sport! If you’re a professional you’ll certainly buy another camera por sport like the D4. Not the same budget of course…

People like me, have bought that camera mainly for its video capabilities, so what we expect from the update of the D750 is to shoot in 4K/UHD (but not only in 24p as Canon D1-C, but also up to 50/60p + 120p in FHD. This will be the real piece of news! But Nikon will put this feature on its about to be announced D5 first!!! So, a bet we will have to wait a bit before this feature goes down the line up!

A practical improvement in the audio department, would be to invert the order of the mic input connector and headphone output connector! Apparently nobody complains about what seems to me to be totally anti ergonomic as mic is generally placed on the top of your DSLR. The actual configuration of these two connectors obliges you to cross your headphone and mic cables! Not natural at all!!!

Still talking of the video possibilities, it would be great to set the speed of the motorised diafragm. It’s way too low for a nice effect!!! An option in the fast access menu to set it like slow, middle and fast would be just great!!!!

Something that would also be practical when shooting a concert or at night, is the possibility to retro illuminate buttons like, if I’m not mistaken, on the D4, Just as you can illuminate the upper display!!!

Quite to finish with, I really would appreciate to have a configurable AF ON button on the right of the AE/AF lock button like on the D8XX cameras

Last but not least, for videographor a wonderfull thing would be a remote triggering like the MC-DC2 but with more options (lots of configurable buttons-at least 4)so that you don’t have to touch the body when shooting videos

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