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Firmware Update

Canon 1DX Mark II vs Nikon D5

Canon-1DX-Mark-II-vs-Nikon-Canon 1DX Mark II specification comparison wit Nikon D5, take a look at the table and the details below;

Features/ Models Canon 1DX Mark II Nikon D5
Megapixel 20.2 MP 21 MP
Sensor size Fullframe sensor Fullframe sensor
Low pass filter Yes Yes
Image processor Dual DIGIC6 + processor Expeed 5
AF system 61-point AF system, expanded range, 41-point cross-type 153 AF Points – 99 Cross Type
 ISO  100-51200 and expandable range is  100- 409600  100-102400 and expandable range is 50-3280000
 Shutter Min/ mix  30 – 1/8000  30 – 1/8000
 Continuous shooting speed  16 fps  14 fps
 Video @ 60 fps  4K @ 60fps  4K @ 30fps
Display LCD monitor 3.2 inches, 1.62 million dots. Touch panel 3.2″ 2.36m-Dot Touchscreen LCD Monitor
Viewfinder Optical Optical
Hot shoe Yes Yes
Wireless optional WiFi + NFC
Environmentally sealed Yes Yes
Battery life
Dimensions 150 x 167.6 x 82.6mm 160 x 459 x 92mm
Weight 1340g 1415 g

 Sensor : Both the camera features almost same resolution sensor, there is no big difference here. But, the Canon 1DX Mark II features Dual-pixel CMOS AF sensor that quickly lock-down AF while you are using your DSLR display screen while shooting or recording a 4K video.

On the other side the Nikon D5 built-with traditional CMOS sensor so while you are using display for shooting still or recording a video contrast based AF system get’s activated resulting slower AF compared to its competitor.

ISO Range: The ISO range of the Nikon D5 is EPIC, on paper Nikon is creating world record, the camera expandable ISO range touched 3.3 Million mark on the other side Nikon D5 standard ISO range is 102400. Canon Standard ISO range is 51200 and its expandable ISO range is 409600.

ISO Standard Expandable
Canon 1DX Mark II 51200 409600
Nikon D5 102400 3280000

From the specification we can say that Nikon will undoubtedly will give you neat and clean low-light images, with better dynamic range.

But believe me I have seen the image samples of both the camera and being a pro shooter I will never allow myself to go beyond ISO 25600 in both the camera.

AF System: Now the DSLR AF system divided into two parts, part one talks about the core – the AF module used inside the camera and in second part we will discuss the type of sensor used inside the camera.


Part 1 – Nikon features 153 AF Points – 99 Cross Type points that covers a very large part of the screen and easily grabs AF on still or moving subject, Canon 1DX Mark II AF module remains same as of its predecessor,  61-point AF system, expanded range, 41-point cross-type.

AF Module
AF Points Standard Cross-type
Canon 1DX Mark II 61 41
Nikon D5 153 99
Canon 1DX Mark II Hybrid Contrast Detect + Phase Detect
Nikon D5 Standard Contrast Detect

Nikon does have better AF module than Canon, Canon have better hybrid AF sensor compared to Nikon D5.

AF sensor is utilized while shooting the viewfinder and Hybrid CMOS AF sensor is unitized while you are using display for shooting still or video.

Continuous shooting speed: Canon 1DX Mark II is bit better to Nikon D5, however even extra 1 frame can make you a true winner.

Video: Nikon D5 4K video recording limit is of 3min only. The Nikon D5 video recording limit has now become a running joke in the market, So Nikon desperately work on enhancing video recording limit of the camera.

Display: Nikon D5 and Canon 1DX Mark II camera now comes with touch display unit, however the D5 display features higher resolution compared to Canon display unit.

Verdict: Both camera have excellent core specification, Nikon D5 does showing more green lights on specification sheet but it doesn’t mean Canon 1DX Mark II is inferior.

Take a close look at both camera core specification and select the best one according to your needs.

Buy Canon 1DX Mark II from Amazon || buy Canon 1DX Mark II from B&H

Buy Nikon D5 from Amazon ||  B&H

Nikon Will Soon Increase D5 4K Recording Limit

Nikon-D5-firmware-update-imFinally we are getting confirmation that Nikon is working on Nikon D5 4K 3min video recording limit and they will soon extend upto 30min, a firmware update coming on March 2016.

BTW the Nikon D500 have no such issue, it can record 4K videos upto 30min.

Also see – Nikon D5 Field Review by Ole J Liodden

siurce – NR.com

Nikon D5 Field Review by Ole J Liodden

Professional Photographer and blogger Ole J Liodden shared a extensive Nikon D5 field review with us, take a look at the conclusion of the review and images.

I think this field review covers the most important parts of my field testing, and I hope it has been interesting for you to read. You can see more about the technical details in the video below. Don’t forget to see more images from the Nikon D5 Beta test in the 4 portfolio links in the bottom of this post. As you already has understood – the new Nikon D5 camera is in my opinion not only a small improvement, but has set new standards especially regarding the AF-system and High ISO performance which will be hard to beat for other camera models. For me it looks like Nikon has found back to the “Nikon DNA” and again has a camera that is on top of the line. I’m really looking forward to get my final version of this camera (not Beta) and use it on my upcoming photo expeditions……

This field testing was very interesting and fun, and I’m thankful to Nikon and K&L for selecting me for this Nikon D5 test shooting! … Full Review at oleliodden.com

Nikon-D5-Review-image-2 Grizzley bear hunting salmon, Alaska. Nikon D5, 400/2.8, 1/2500 sec at f/7.1 and ISO 3200

Image captured at ISO 25600.

Click on the image to enlarge

Nikon-D5-image-high-res Grizzley bear, Alaska. Nikon D5, 600/4.0 + 2.0X extender, 1/640 sec at f/10 and ISO 25 600

Image captured at ISO 102400.

Nikon-D5-High-ISO-image Grizzley bear very late in the evening, Alaska. Nikon D5, 600/4.0, 1/400 sec at f/4.5 and ISO 102400 Click on the image to enlarge.

NC Take’s – The image taken at Nikon D5 at 25600 is highly usable and contains zero amount color noise..We all know that Nikon D5 supports 3.3 Million ISO range, but the image take at ISO 102400 showing significant amount of color noise and banding noise.

Full Review at oleliodden.com

90% of Nikon D5 Coming with XQD Card Slots

XQD-Card-slots-imageAs we know the two version of Nikon D5 coming, one with Dual XQD and one with Dual CF card slot but surprisingly we came to know about the fact that 90% of camera that Nikon currently manufacturing will use XQD card slots, So if you are waiting for a CF card based model you a have to wait a while. However, the memory card slots can be changed even after your purchase via Nikon service center, charges may apply.

The Expected shipping date of the Nikon D5 camera is March 2016.

Nikon D5 Sample Images

Take a look at the samples of Nikon D5 camera, the recently announced Nikon D5 features newly developed 20.8 MP Fullframe CMOS sensor and powered by a EXPEED 5 Image Processor, the camera can shoot at an unbelievable ISO range of ISO 3280000.. take look a the images below


Continue reading Nikon D5 Sample Images

Nikon D5 vs Nikon D4s

Nikon-D5-front-imageTake a look at the specification comparison review between these two camera, The recently announced Nikon D5 is world first DSLR to feature 4K video recording … and a lot more specification upgrade compared to its predecessor

Features/ Models Nikon D5
Nikon D4s
Megapixel 21 MP 16 MP
Sensor size Fullframe sensor Fullframe sensor
Low pass filter Yes Yes
Image processor Expeed 5 Expeed 4
AF system 153 AF Points – 99 Cross Type 51 AF Points – 15 cross type
ISO 50-3280000 50-409600
Shutter Min/ mix 30 – 1/8000 30 – 1/8000
Continuous shooting speed 14 fps 11 fps
Video 4K  (30p/25p/24p) Full HD (60 /30 / 24 fps),
Display 3.2″ 2.36m-Dot Touchscreen LCD Monitor 3.2″ 921k-Dot LCD Monitor
Viewfinder Optical Optical
Hot shoe Yes Yes
Wireless WiFi + NFC WiFi + NFC
Environmentally sealed Yes Yes
Battery life 3020 Shots
Dimensions  160X459X92 mm 132X101X78 mm
Weight  1415 g 1350 g

Sensor: Nikon D5 features a newly developed 20.8 MP Fullframe sensor exclusively designed and developed for the Nikon D5 flagship camera and in combination of Expeed 5 image processor the camera ISO range touches 3.3 Million ISO mark (3280000 ISO) which creates a world record itself, till date no other consumer camera in the world is able to touch even 1 Million Max ISO range. On the other hand the Nikon D4s camera MAX ISO range is limited to half a million ISO mark (409600 ISO).

From the above it is very clear that the sensor of the recently announced camera is better than of the Nikon D4s camera

Image Processor: Nikon D5 uses advance Expeed 5 image processor, and thanks to the new processor Expeed 5 enables D5 to capture 4K video and enables Full time AF while shooting at 12frames per second @ 21 MP while the Nikon D4 is expeed 3 image processor is limited to Full HD video recording and captures 11 frames per second @ 16MP files.

From the above we can see that Expeed 5 image processor is very fast compared to the Expeed 4 image processor.


AF System: The recently announced Nikon D5 uses Multi-CAM 20K AF system and the Nikon D4s was using Multi-CAM 3500FX  AF system. Nikon D5 AF points is approx 3 times more dense compared to Nikon D4s AF points, Nikon D5 offers 153 Phase AF points and 99 type cross AF points on the other hand the Nikon D4s is limited to 51 AF Points – 15 cross type points, more AF points clearly means more screen coverage and more accuracy.

ISO: Now the number tells everything. The recently announced Nikon D5 is capable to shoot images upto 3.3 Million ISO range on the other hand the Nikon D4s was limited to 1/2 Million ISO, its a very big change and will allow to take images of your desired subjects in moon light.

Continuous shooting speed: The continuous shooting speed of the Nikon D5 is amazing, you get 12fps with fulltime AF support and 14fps with AF lock, the Nikon D4s continuous shooting was limited to 11 fps only.

Video: Nikon made a breakthrough by adding 4K support, the Nikon D5 becomes world first camera to feature 4K video, So the Nikon D5 is a prefect solution for not only photographers but also for cinematographers.  Nikon D4s is limited to recording Full HD videos only.

Verdict: Nikon made a machine that may remains on TOP for next five years without a doubt, I have never seen such a major jump in the core specification of any successor, form the specification point of view it’s look like Nikon announced Nikon D10 :)

However, for Nikon D4s users and other pro shooters we highly recommend you to buy Nikon D5 camera, since no mirorless or DSLR of present day world can match the core specification of Nikon D5.

Buy Nikon D5 from Amazon ||  B&H

Nikon D5 Announced - Features 20 MP FF Sensor with 3.3 Million Max ISO

After a bunch of Nikon D5 rumors and predictions, Nikon today finally revealed a new low-light king Nikon D5, the Nikon D5 is a successor of Nikon D4s camera.

Nikon-D5-side-imageThe Nikon D5 features newly developed 20.8 MP Fullframe Sensor, its native ISO range touches 102,400 ISO and expended ISO range touches a limit of 3.28 Millon. That clearly means Nikon D5 created a new world record and it’s the only camera to offer such extensive ISO range, after that we have Sony A7s and Canon 1DX limited to 1/2 Million ISO range only.

Major Features of Nikon D5

  • 20.8MP FX-Format CMOS Sensor
  • EXPEED 5 Image Processor
  • 3.2″ 2.36m-Dot Touchscreen LCD Monitor
  • 4K UHD Video Recording at 30 fps
  • Multi-CAM 20K 153-Point AF System
  • Native ISO 102400, Extend to ISO 3280000
  • 12 fps Shooting for 200 Shots with AE/AF
  • 180k-Pixel RGB Sensor and Group Area AF
  • 14-Bit Raw Files and 12-Bit Raw S Format
  • 1000 Base-T Gigabit Wired LAN Support

The camera is capable to record 20.8 MP files @ 12frames per second with full-time Auto-focus support and 14fps with the mirror locked.


Nikon D5 now uses newly developed 153 autofocus points with 99 cross type and a separate AF processor, the new camera also features 180K pixel RGB metering system and Advanced Scene Recognition System.

Nikon D5 is the first DSLR feature 4K video recording @ 30fps.

The Nikon D5 features new 3.2” 2359K dot XGA LCD adds touchscreen functionality, the touch screen offers you to zoom, swipe and scrub in playback, you can also click shutter by just touching the screen.

D5 is able to utilize the superior read and write speed of XQD memory cards, which are up to 35% faster than CF cards.

Buy Nikon D5 from B&H and Amazon

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Press Release

In Addition to the D5, Nikon Releases Imaging Accessories Including Powerful New SB-5000 Speedlight and WT-6A Wireless Transmitter

LAS VEGAS, NV (January 5, 2016) – Today, Nikon Inc. announced the latest in the acclaimed series of flagship FX-format professional DSLR cameras, the Nikon D5. Far surpassing mere evolution, the D5 boasts a myriad of powerful new imaging innovations, including a Nikon-developed 20.8-megapixel CMOS sensor, an all-new 153-point AF system, 4K UHD video capture and EXPEED 5 image processing to give photographers the best balance of performance, precision and low-light ability. Nikon has also announced additional products, including the WT-6A Wireless Transmitter and the exciting new SB-5000 Speedlight, Nikon’s first radio frequency (RF) controlled flash.

“The D5 doesn’t simply get the shot that others might miss– it helps get the shot that others just simply cannot,” said Masahiro Horie, Director of Marketing and Planning, Nikon Inc. “With these new products, it becomes evident that photographers who choose Nikon cameras and NIKKOR lenses are equipped with an unrivaled system to surpass even the most demanding imaging expectations.”

The Nikon D5 once again redefines what a DSLR is capable of capturing, and is engineered with the ideal balance of resolution, low-light ability, system speed and processing power. The resulting camera body is truly worthy of the flagship moniker, giving professional photographers and multimedia content creators an indispensable tool to make their creative vision a reality with superior image quality. The D5 introduces many technological firsts for Nikon and offers many new features that share a common goal: to get the shot, no matter what.

New Features Include:

Astounding Low-Light Performance – The Nikon D5 offers an unprecedented native ISO range, from 100 to 102,400, reinforcing the D-series reputation as the leader of low-light image capture. A veritable new world of shooting opportunities awaits, as advancements in noise reduction and processing help capture low-noise images with fantastic fidelity that were previously impossible. The D5 tames the shadows, whether shooting a newlywed couple’s candle-lit first dance or sports with minimal lighting. The D5 also realizes unprecedented image quality in the high-sensitivity range between ISO 3200 and 12800 — the range favored by sports photographers. In addition, the D5 affords the ability to use higher shutter speeds with minimal illumination, letting photographers capture stunning images that are sharper, clearer and more colorful than ever before. As an added benefit, the next generation autofocus system performs in near darkness, acquiring focus in as little as EV-4 illumination. For extreme low-light ability, the ISO range is expandable from 50 (Lo-1) to a staggering ISO 3,280,000 (Hi-5), offering near-night vision capability that’s well beyond the visibility of the human eye. This extreme sensitivity is a benefit to photojournalists as well as for surveillance and security applications, letting users get shots others cannot see without a flash. This vast ISO range is also available to those capturing 4K UHD video, opening up new possibilities for multimedia and spot-news capture.

Exhilarating Image Quality – The Nikon D5 delivers on the promise of stunning image quality with the adoption of a new, Nikon-developed 20.8-megapixel FX-format CMOS sensor. The camera is designed to achieve the optimized balance between the large full-frame sensor size, resolution and the new EXPEED 5 image processing engine. Users can be confident that images will have enhanced sharpness and clarity, faithful skin tones and the unequaled dynamic range that Nikon pros have come to love. EXPEED 5 also helps to enhance noise reduction, letting photographers take full advantage of the D5’s immense ISO range. When paired with legendary NIKKOR optics, the D5 is truly a tool to help photographers capture the sharpest images possible with astounding clarity and radiant colors.

Powerful Performance – Nikon’s EXPEED 5 engine also serves to dramatically enhance camera performance, delivering low noise, high-speed image processing and offers the additional processing power needed for 4K UHD video. For professional sports and wildlife photographers, the D5 is capable of capturing images at 12 frames-per-second (fps) with full AE and AF, helping to ensure that the decisive moment is caught in crystal clarity and absolute sharpness. Users can also shoot at up to 14 fps with fixed focus and exposure and the mirror locked up, ideal for remote capture. Because the action won’t take a break, the extended buffer lets users shoot for up to 200 frames of 14-bit lossless RAW/NEF files + JPG fine*. The new processor is also 25% more efficient with up to 3780 shots per charge.

Fast Acquisition, with Precision – An exciting addition to the D5 is an all-new AF system with Nikon’s first dedicated AF processor. The Multi-CAM 20K AF sensor module offers superior AF performance with 153 AF points, including 99 cross-type sensors – triple the AF points from Nikon’s previous flagship, the D4S. Of these 153 points, 55 AF points/35 cross-type points are selectable by photographers to quickly and easily frame any shot. The system is configurable in 153, 72 and 25-point coverage when used with Continuous AF, allowing for stellar AF tracking performance of even the most rapidly moving subjects throughout the frame. Fifteen of the AF points are also functional up to f/8, further aiding those who require extreme telephoto capabilities, including wildlife photographers. This all-new AF system is coupled with a new 180K pixel RGB metering system and Advanced Scene Recognition System, helping to achieve optimally balanced exposures and accurate white balance in even the most challenging light.

Rugged Reliability and Unsurpassed Usability – Downtime is never an option, so professionals need a camera that is going to be reliable and augment a demanding workflow. The Nikon D5 delivers with rugged construction and robust weather sealing, coupled with a familiar yet enhanced Nikon interface. A new 3.2” 2359K dot XGA LCD adds touchscreen functionality, allowing the user to easily pinch, zoom, swipe and scrub in playback, and also enter text faster than ever before. Being the champion of low-light, it is only natural that additional buttons and dials illuminate for enhanced visibility, while two additional Function buttons have been added for increased customization. The camera also features a Quick Release Mode setting for rapid access to release mode settings. Additionally, a new shutter and mirror sequencing mechanism nearly eliminates blackout time and mirror slap for bright, consistent views during high-speed shooting– realizing truly confident tracking of fast, erratically moving subjects that were previously difficult to achieve. The D5’s shutter itself is tested to 400K actuations for maximum durability. When paired with the WR-R10 wireless remote controller (transceiver) and WR-A10 Wireless Remote Adapter, the D5 is also able to interface with Nikon’s newest Speedlight, the RF controlled SB-5000, for new possibilities in lighting control. **

Rapid and Flexible Workflow – Further enhancing speed, the D5 is able to utilize the superior read and write speed of XQD memory cards, which are up to 35% faster than CF cards. To appeal to a wide variety of photographers, the D5 will be available in two versions; with either dual XQD card slots or with dual CF card capability. For maximum efficiency the camera is also capable of shooting smaller RAW Size S or M file types (12-bit, uncompressed), for greater flexibility when transferring batches of files from the field, while retaining image integrity. Photographers can also use the built in 1000 Base-T 400MBps Ethernet connection for image transfer, with speeds up to 1.5x faster than D4S.

Multimedia Powerhouse with 4K/UHD Video – The Nikon D5 is the first Nikon DSLR capable of capturing 4K UHD video (3840×2160 at 30p), letting users create stunning ultra-high definition video with beautiful clarity and color. Multimedia content creators can also use the D5 to create 4K time-lapse videos in-camera using the Time-lapse Movie function, and can create 8-megapixel still images from frame grabs. A great addition to any production environment, the D5 includes all of the most popular pro-level features of the Nikon D810, including Full HD 1080p video at a variety of frame rates, uncompressed HDMI out, simultaneous live view and headphone/microphone connections. Additionally, the D5 adds a feature to smooth exposure transitions using the Auto ISO function as well as exposure compensation to create natural-looking exposure transitions in video.

New Radio Controlled SB-5000 Speedlight: Lighting with No Limits

The Nikon D5 is optimized to work with the newest flagship Speedlight, the SB-5000, illuminating new possibilities in creative lighting. A first for Nikon, the flash operates via radio frequency and will operate without a direct line of sight for a range of up to approx. 98 feet (30 meters). This new-found flexibility lets photographers place lights in different rooms, around corners and work seamlessly in bright ambient light with maximum efficiency. When paired with the WR-R10 and the D5 or the D500, this Speedlight can control up to six groups (A-F) or 18 Speedlights for truly advanced wireless lighting. It is also possible to perform Advanced Wireless Lighting using either radio-controlled (up to three groups) and/or optical-controlled units (up to three groups) by simply attaching a conventional, optical-control Nikon Speedlight or the SU-800 Commander (as a master or commander unit) and a WR-R10 (as a commander) onto the D5.

The new smaller SB-5000 Speedlight also has a radically new design that includes its own internal cooling system, which prevents overheating of the flash panel from consecutive firings. As a result, the SB-5000 can fire consecutively for longer than conventional models, without flash cool-down time between bursts, and can fire up to 120 continuous shots at 5 second intervals. Controls have also been streamlined and refined, with the addition of an “i” button for access to frequently used settings. The design also integrates versatile bounce ability, with the flash head capable of tilting down to -7° or up to 90°, and rotate horizontally 180° to the left and right. 

New WT-6A Wireless Transmitter

Nikon has also announced the WT-6A Wireless Transmitter for use with the D5. An ideal solution for professional image transfer, the WT-6A can transfer with speeds of up to 130 mbps wirelessly and supports the fast IEEE802.11ac standard. The connectivity distance has been extended to approximately 656 ft. and can be used to transfer images to an FTP server or to a computer. When in HTTP mode, the unit can be used to operate camera controls, begin Live View shooting or start/stop HD video recording.

Price and Availability: The Nikon D5 DSLR will be available in March for a suggested retail price (SRP) of $6,499.95***. The Nikon SB-5000 AF Speedlight will be available in March for the SRP of $599.95. The WT-6A Wireless Transmitter will also be available in March, with the SRP of $749.95.