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Firmware Update

Nikon D4s vs Nikon D4


Nikon D4s vs Nikon D4, the newly developed DSLR bring many new features inside it that includes new sensor, fast image processor and better video mode, for more details take a look at the details below.


Increase in ISO range – Two factors inside the camera responsible for the ISO range first is sensor and second is image processor, form the High ISO test images that we have seen (included at the end of the post) we can clearly see better noise control (with bit less details) in D4s High ISO images so we conclude that

  1. The sensor quality is same as of Nikon D4
  2. Newly developed noise reduction algorithm work bit more aggressively inside Nikon D4s when compared to Nikon D4.

Fast Image Processor: Nikon added newly developed image processor inside Nikon D4s body, the new image processor is approx 30% faster than the old Expeed 3 image processor (according to Nikon). The Newly developed image processor also increases the AF speed of the camera upto 30% during test condition,

Nikon D4s comes with group area AF to quickly acquire the AF point for the first time:  The five AF points of the center can be configured to utilize five AF points as a single focusing point in the Group Area AF setting for heightened initial subject recognition.

The Auto Focus module is same as Nikon D4 (Muilti CAM 3500 FX) but due to EXPEED 4 image processor the overall AF speed increases.

For more details about the improvement take a look at the table below.


Video: Nikon D4s can now record videos upto 60fps at Full HD mode, + three formats are also available that include FX, DX and CX format, take a look at the table below for major difference between these two prime machine.


Nikon D4s vs Nikon D4 High ISO Test


I really appreciate the effort made by Nikon to boost the ISO range to a next level, but when I see at comparison images taken at ISO 1600, the Nikon D4s noise reduction filter look bit strong compared to Nikon D4, as a result we can clearly see less noise + bit less details in the image samples. The Nikon D4s images look bit softer than the Nikon D4 images.


Verdict: Nikon D4s have many improvements over AF system and Video modes, you also get improved ISO range with D4, however base at ISO range the D4 look bit more sharp than D4s.

For Current D4 owners I will recommend you to wait for Nikon D5 DSLR to see major improvement over ISO range and AF system, for new users / buyers we highly recommend you to buy Nikon D4s.

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Nikon products to be replaced soon


It’s look like Nikon is fully prepared for new product(s) announcement from the beginning of 2014, the Nikon 1 J series flagship model J3 is discontinued today, according to sources Nikon D4 availability is also low + nikon pro service Japan stopped selling new bodies of Nikon D4 DSLR through their equipment exchange program,

and Starting January 5th, 2014 Nikon will remove the following discontinued cameras from their MAP pricing

  • Nikon D3100
  • Nikon 1 J3
  • Nikon Coolpix L28, S31, S3500, S5200, S6500, S9500, L820, AW110, P330 and P520

also see some more Nikon Rumor and Nikon cameras we’d like to see in 2014

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High ISO Test - Canon 1DX vs Nikon D4 vs Nikon DF

We have arranged some HIGH ISO samples of all the flagship full-frame DSLR, as we all know that Nikon D4 and DF shares same sensor so the overall image quality of both the camera is almost same, but at ISO 51200 the Nikon DF image is showing bit more color noise compared to D4. Canon 1DX is also showing very good image quality during HIGH ISO test.

Canon-1DX-vs-Nikon-D4-vs-1 Continue reading High ISO Test – Canon 1DX vs Nikon D4 vs Nikon DF

Nikon D7100 and Nikon D4x/s Rumor Update

Nikon D600According to latest rumors coming from Japanese website digicame-info, No big announcement coming from Nikon at CP + show and D400 is not coming anytime soon, take a look at the more details below…

Announcement expected in next 6 months.

  • Nikon D4s may arrive soon with advance core specification.
  • Nikon D7100 may arrive with 24 Mp Sensor and advance core specification.
  • New Nikon 800 F/5.6, is the first lens with fluorite coating, Canon is using the same technology from years.

+ Improved autofocus system on the Nikon D4
+ Possible introduction of the Nikon D7100 with 24MP sensor and 8fps. 
+ New Nikon 800 F/5.6, the first with fluorite, using the same item several years Canon lenses. Likelihood totally uncertain

Translated version of google

Professional source that much work Nikon, Nikon’s staff told me that.
Not a big announcement at CP +.
Olympic football in London, D4 is not yet known the cause of the focal shift in the dynamic AF. Intensive development pattern in the D4S, a big change will be about almost the same contents.
Successor of the D300 has not been developed. It was also considered to be sold as a D400 the successor of D7000, continuous shooting eight seconds will not be achieved by a sensor of 24M, because it is not the performance of the three-digit pattern in which it is sold as D7100 directly.
800mm F5.6 lens will be the first to adopt the fluorite. Look at the reputation of this lens, in order, plan to adopt the fluorite lighter cannon.

See source page here –

contribute a better translation in comment box or email us at –

+ some more rumor

A new anonymous source given us list of upcoming Nikon product coming in 2013 / take it as a grain of salt

  • Nikon D800/D800E Successor D900 is coming in 2013/early2014 with 48 Mp resolution and without low-pass filter.
  • D4X will arrive in 2013 with 36 Mp sensor, new AF system, advance image processor and rugged body design.
  • Nikon D7000 Successor with 24Mp sensor.

Also look – Upcoming camera predictions by Impress Japan Magazine

Firmware Update For Nikon D4 to Improve Focus Accuracy

Nikon D4New firmware update for your D4 is just announced, The new update will improve the focus accuracy when using a lens with maximum aperture of F4 and a 2x teleconverter!

Modifications enabled with A firmware Ver. 1.03 / B firmware Ver. 1.02

  • Focus accuracy when a lens and teleconverter with a combined maximum aperture of f/8 is used has been increased.

Click here to download the update

Canon 1DX vs. Nikon D4 - High ISO War

The first High ISO test was done by  Xerodigital and Now its time for (non-english website) focus-numerique, during the test 1DX performance was better than the D4, Canon images are usable up to IS 12800, Nikon D4 is limited to ISO 6400. The scene is illuminated at 200 lux, the Canon EOS-1D was at 1/4 s, f / 5.6 & ISO 100.


translated by google

You can also compare images from the Canon 1D X with those of the Nikon D4 16 MP. So who is the winner of this clash of the titans? Overall, the Canon to the housing pro Nikon with better grain content (it is almost invisible at ISO 6400). D4 is already showing its limits to ISO 6400, sensitive to the 1D X which seems to be very comfortable. In 12800, the red mark still dominates its rival will not return the head to ISO 25600.

Canon 1DX vs D4

Full test samples available for download / see the full review here (Translated bu google)

See More Canon 1DX vs. Nikon D4 Specification Comparison Review

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Nikon D600 vs. Nikon D4 - High ISO Test

Nikon D600 vs. Nikon D4 High ISO test, both camera perform very well during High ISO test, Nikon D4 Image at ISO 6400 is very clean and have almost no noise on the other side Nikon D600 showing some noise with bit more details (due to high resolution).

Image Credit: imaging-resource / Click to enlarge

Image Credit: imaging-resource / Click to enlarge

Image Credit: imaging-resource / Click to enlarge

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Image Credit: imaging-resource