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Firmware Update

Sony 3 Layer Sensor for Smartphones

three later sensor

Well Sony announced three layer Stacked CMOS sensor for smartphones. The sensor is capable to record superslow motion movies upto 960fps.

Sony R&D Dep pushing technology to a next level by adding alien tech inside the small smartphones. Imagine a Smartphone that that captures 960fps video on the go.

The Changes Made: Till now Sony was developing 2 layer sensor for smartphones a while ago that consist of stacked CMOS image sensor with a layer of back-illuminated structure pixels and a chip affixed with mounted circuits for signal processing.

But Now a new DRAM layer added to the conventional 2 layer sensor making it 6X more faster than conventional sensors.

The Major Advantage you get is you can record Full HD video at 60fps and that’s truly amazing.

Camera using three layer stacked sensor: Sony RX10II, Sony RX100 IV and Sony RX100 V also features DRAM tech based sensor with HFR (High Frame Rate).

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Sony Multilayer Sensor with Built-in Lens


A new multilayer sensor patent surfaced over the web, the sensor have a built in lens that will automatically correct the incident angle at the corner which usually causes heavy color shifting, huge vignetting and loss of sharpness.

The sensor tech will also support third party lenses that also includes wide angle lenses. We also do hope that Sony will soon announce multilayer fullframe sensor camera.

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src – egmai

One More Multilayer Sensor from Sony

Sony new multilayer sensor patent surfaced over the web with redesigned microlens pattern, take a look at the translated details below…

Sony is favorable to telecentric multilayer sensor of patent is being filed. It seems to realize by the microlens that strengthened the asymmetry.

Explanation self interpretation of patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2015-28960
    • Published 2015.2.12
    • Filing date 2011.12.1
  • Sony patents
    • Stacked photoelectric conversion unit ( multi-sensor )
    • By condensing element strengthened enough asymmetry to be away from the center of the imaging plane (microlenses), and close to perpendicular to the imaging plane incident light

src – egmai

Nikon First Multilayer Sensor Patent


Nikon first multilayer sensor patent surfaced over the web, we have already seen the multilayer sensor patents from Canon and Sony, but it’s also important to note that Nikon is also joining the multilayer sensor war room…

Take a look at the patents image & details below… (translated by google)


Explanation self interpretation of patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2015-15684
    • Published 2015.1.22
    • Filing date 2013.7.8
  • Nikon patents
    • The laminated two-layer sensor
    • The first layer RGB Bayer array
    • The second layer W monochromatic
    • Specific color in the first layer is a photoelectric conversion, and transmits the remaining color components into the second layer

Sony A9 Specification Leaked

Latest rumors surfaced over the web that suggest Sony is testing a new Fullframe sensor based mirrorless camera, the upcoming camera will be placed over the A7 placed over the current A7 series camera, the upcoming camera name is expected to be A9 however we don’t have any confirmation yet.

Take a look at the rumored specification below
The upcoming camera will feature a 46 MP sensor
ISO range should be around – 100-25,600 ISO (extended 50 and 51,200)
4K recording option
Weather Sealed Body

The camera is expected to arrive on 2015 (may see a development announcement or product prototype in CES 2015), Sony A9 will cost you approx $3000.

Also see – Sony Multilayer Sensor Camera Rumor
Our source emailed us that he is testing a prototype Sony  mirrorless camera, he also added that he don’t have any conformation about this particular beta model will be taken for final production or not…

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Canon to use Sony Multilayer Sensor


We already heard a lot rumors earlier that  Canon will soon announce a multilayer sensor DSLR in 2015, but here comes the twist… according to the latest rumors Canon may use a Sony developed multilayer CMOS sensor in the upcoming DSLR, the rumor look bit true to me since Canon is using Sony Sensor in the recently announced powershot G7X camera.. so there is a big possibility that Canon will use Sony sensor for its upcoming DSLRs and compact camera.

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What to expect from Canon ?

Canon-upcoming-DSLRsWe have created this article on the basis of Canon latest patent that surfaced over the web from past few months, If you look at these patent you get a clear idea about the technologies that will be implemented in the upcoming DSLRs from Canon

New Sensor:

1. Canon Multilayer Sensor Patents

Canon upcoming sensors 2015 2016 image

Until now we have seen the three multilayer sensor patent from Canon, the first patent is Just like Foveon sensor of Sigma, The 2nd Multilayer Sensor from Canon showing significant improvement in the design by adding a anti-reflection film in each layer, the third one in 5 layer sensor, the sensor features two additional layer (UV and IR), the UV and IR layer will remove skin spots to capture bright and clear skin tone.


2. Improved Dual-Pixel AF Technology

Canon Next gen of Dual Pixel AF patent

The Next Generation of Dual-Pixel AF sensors show significant improvement in the AF speed and Continuous shooting speed of Canon DSLRs or current 70D, now the upcoming DSLRs doesn’t require to move the mirror up and down during AI servo mode, the advance Dual Pixel technology inside the sensor will do all the   Job and may completely eliminate the need of Phase AF module in the DSLRs.

What Type of DSLR we are expecting?

Possibility #1
If Canon successfully merge both the technology mentioned above (Multilayer sensor technology + Dual Pixel AF), then we may see a next generation of 1DX Mark II camera with ISO range of 819200++ with Continuous shooting Speed of 15fps or more.

Possibility #2

  • Canon Single layer Sensors with Advance Dual Pixel Technology inside (according to rumors Canon testing new GEN Single layer DUAL Pixel AF sensor for 7D Mark II), the use of new genration Single layer Dual Pixel AF sensor will sure improve the speed but moderately improve the image quality . UPDATE Canon 7D Mark II is now announced see the related post here
  • Canon may introduce a super high resolution camera by using a multi-layer Sensor technology, that will show better image quality, dynamic range and low-light performance compared to its competitor (A7R and D810).