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Firmware Update

Canon .CR2 File Format Hacked and Decoded


It’s a really good news for Canon DSLR users. Magic Lantern guys claims (ML is a open source firmware for Canon DSLRs) that they have succeed to capture in-camera digital negative (DNG) RAW files in Canon DSLRs by Hacking and decoding the in-camera .CR2 Files of Canon 5D Mk III camera.

So, you don’t have to fight with .CR2 RAW files anymore since (DNG) RAW files are more acceptable in image editing tools like Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw. A 5DMk III DSLR with ML firmware can save RAW file directly in DNG RAW insted of .CR2

Magic Lantern developer a1ex decoded the Canon CR2 files and modified the output to allow the camera to produce a lossless DNG file instead.

You can see the proof at Magic Lantern forums where the user Danne has posted a couple of lossless 14bit DNG files.

However the date and availability of the firmware is still un-known

source – MLforum | 5D Mk III DNG Files are here

Via – Petapixel

New ML Firmware for 5D Mark III


A new firmware update issue by ML team for Canon 5D Mark III (for firmware version 1.2.3), the new updates solve the bootflag issue and LiveView is now quad-buffered and most of the display registers were changed, both installation and uninstallation is easy,  but please  remember that the ML is not a part of Canon and its a third party software… so use at your own risk, ML team not responsible for any damage to your camera

Visit ML website for more details || Announcement is below

Continue reading New ML Firmware for 5D Mark III

ML Dual ISO improves Canon 5D Mk III and 7D Dynamic Range to 14 stops

MLAlex from Magic Lantern posted a new information regarding the improvement of dynamic range of your Canon EOS 5D Mark III or Canon EOS 7D to 14 stops. The ML team working on a new technique of “Dual ISO”, By using the Dual ISO they are able to boost dynamic range by 3 stops, It’s a completely a new way of taking a photo by using ISO 100 for some of the vertical lines and ISO 1600 for the rest of it.  There will be a process to combining the lines of 100/1600 ISO to give you the full resolution file. No more details available yet,

From Alex ML at forum

– 5D3: works for both raw photo and raw video. 7D: photo only.
– Select one ISO from Canon menu, the other from Dual ISO submenu.
– Expose to the right for the lower ISO (usually ISO 100). Maybe darken 1 stop from there.
– Start at ISO 100/1600.
– Try a larger gap for really extreme situations, or a smaller gap for better midtone detail (less aliasing).

Histograms, ETTR, playback tricks [5D3 only]
– Raw zebras will use the darker exposure for highlight warnings and the brighter one for shadow warnings.
– Raw histogram will use the darker exposure. Consider the brighter one as some sort of shadow recovery.
– JPEG zebras/histogram are totally unreliable.
– In photo LiveView you will see the ISO from Canon menu. In movie mode, you will see horizontal lines.
– ETTR will use the darker exposure.
– Playback in 1x will show some sort of HDR preview. At certain zoom levels, you’ll be able to see only one of the two exposures, at very low resolution.
– The dynamic range indicator from the histogram is not accurate.

src – ML forum


Shoot RAW Video with Canon 60D - Magic Lantern

Canon 60D RAW VideoAccording to marekk (ML forum member) Canon 60D can record RAW video with latest Magic Lantern firmware, take a look at the details below written by marekk

Hi all 60D users 🙂

I prepared special version of autoexec.bin like 550D user mk11174 and RAW video works now on 60D 🙂 This ML version has only few options enabled. I’ve got no skills to fix 60D’s boot problems with full ML package with modules and tcc enabled so I removed everything except ability to record raw videos and load modules.

The Canon 60D is available under $699 body only and $800 with 18-135mm lens at Amazon, So its a great news that you can shoot RAW videos with a $800 camera.

The max resolution available with the firmware is 1734×976 (16:9), but it will only get you a few seconds of video, even with a fast, x100 card.

Canon 60D RAW Video # 1

Canon 60D RAW Video # 2

Canon 60D RAW Video # 3

Canon 60D RAW Video # 4

See more Details & Download latest

Also see –Magic Lantern – Raw Video from the Canon 5D Mark III is Now Possible

Magic Lantern - Raw Video from the Canon 5D Mark III is Now Possible

Magic Lantern  will soon bring a new firmware update for Canon 5D Mark III to enable RAW video output is now available, With canon usual firmware loaded in the 5D Mark III you get video as a compressed H.264 stream, rather than the pure Raw video.

A Magic Lantner forum member (laurenco) shouted that he was able to get 1928×902 RAW output, but video stops after 700 frames due to limited buffer,

I did a quick test in Raw mode. I wanted to see how much higher I could do above 720p. I tried 1928×850 and 1928×902. I think it was 902. 902 the buffer would fill up and video stops after 700 frames or so. At 850 I am able to get continuous recordi

Now its true that Third-party firmware hack Magic Lantern has managed to do something absolutely amazing,

Download the Alpha Version of 5D Mk III ML firmware

The first video is taken with 5D Mk III – native compression @ 1080p x 24 fps and the second taken with the new Magic Lantern firmware – Uncompressed RAW video.


Magic Lantern - Third alpha for 5D Mark III

Yest just few days after cracking the firmware of Canon EOS M, Magic Lantern team announced alpha 3 version of the 5D Mark III firmware.

This is a small update, mostly with bugfixes and a few handy tweaks.

  • Card test at startup
  • Histogram and waveform moved to bottom
  • New experimental display for focus peaking (extreme sharpness)
  • 16:9 bars for anamorphic preview
  • Focus box moves faster (not yet customizable)
  • After taking a picture and pressing Zoom In right away, you can scroll through pictures
  • Saturation boost when adjusting white balance
  • Warnings for bad settings (e.g. if you set picture quality to JPEG instead of RAW by mistake)
  • Dim the red LED while recording (make it less distracting)

for more details visit this page

Canon EOS-M hacked by Magic Lantern Team

Canon EOS-M hacked by Magic Lantern TeamYes, Magic Lantern Team successfully hacked the Canon EOS-M camera and we will soon see an alpha version of ML firmware during the next weeks.

see more at