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Firmware Update

Nikon Z6 Mirrorless Camera Support DUAL IS [Lens VR + Sensor IS]

I was really amazed to see with the help of FTZ adapter the Nikon Z6 camera was working in collaboration with Nikon VR (Optical Image stabilization) system. After activating the Lens based VR the overall image stabilization of the camera unexpectedly improved, you can see for yourself.

Nikon Should Add VR to S-Line of lenses

After watching this video I recommend and hope that Nikon will soon add VR (Vibration reduction) tech to their future S-Line of lenses. Since, the camera they have made support DUAL IS feature. The Nikon Z6 and Nikon Z7 share same Image stabilization module inside, so there is no doubt that Nikon Z7 will also work in collaboration with VR lenses.

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TNC Exclusive – Nikon New Pro-Compacts Coming

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Olympus Patent - Advance Image Stabilization System

We have read that Olympus already reached the physical limits of image stabilization by providing the 6 stops of image stabilization in the recently announced Olympus E-M1 Mark II camera. (Olympus E-M1 Mark II do provide 6 Stops of image stabilization when combined with some specific Olympus OIS lenses.)

That is not it that is not the limit because even after that we have seen patents in which Olympus is actively working to improve the image stabilization inside there cameras that is sensor based image stabilization system. Before we begin let me remind you that just few weeks ago we have published a patent that Olympus is working on hybrid image stabilization system that patent was published on January 19, 2017 .

Now I am going to discuss a patent that was published on August 2017 (more fresh then the previous one). So, this is more new and according to the patent it clearly shows that Olympus is working to improve their 5 Axis image stabilization system may be for Olympus E-M1 Mark III. Well we will not getting into the details I am putting the translated text of the patent so you can better understand what it is actually written and if you know Japanese then you can also help us by translating the patent and sending it back to us

google translate | Patent Details

Other languages Japanese
Inventor Olympus Corp
Priority date 2017-08-30

Blur correction device

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a shake correction device that enables a movable part to be drawn toward a stationary part with appropriate force without weighting the movable part, and enables efficient and stable operation.SOLUTION: A shake correction according to an embodiment has: a first stationary part that includes a magnet; a second stationary part that includes a yoke forming a magnetic circuit between the magnet and the yoke; and a movable part that is arranged between the first stationary part and the second stationary part. A plurality of rolling elements is provided between the first stationary part and the movable part, and the movable part is movable toward a surface direction. The movable part is provided with a coil facing the magnet, a magnetic material constituting a magnetic spring between the magnet and the magnetic material, and a driven member. The magnetic spring generates magnetic suction force that draws the movable part to the first stationary part.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 4

see Panasonic is also working on Hybrid IS

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Pentax Fullframe DSLR Early Specification

Pentax-Fullframe-camera-imaIt’s not a rumor, In an recent interview with dpreview and imaging-resource, Pentax/Ricoh executives confirmed the three major specification of the upcoming Pentax/Ricoh Fullframe camera..

These three specification are
Full-frame sensor
You can use DA lenses on the Fullframe camera and Cropping mode is also available.
On more features is hinted by the experts, possibly built-in image stabilization.

Now take a look at the rumored set of Pentax Fullframe DSLR specification floating over the web…

Digital SLR Camera
36 Megapixel CMOS Full frame without lowpass filter
Pentax KAF3 with stainless steel bayonet
SAFOX XI with phase detection with 27 pts (25 in cross and 3 of f2.8 )
Pentaprism Coverage: 100 % LCD
3.2 “TFT swing
Zapada (P- TTL ) high-speed sync and wireless compatible with Pentax flashes – take X -sync
Sensor system with reduced movement and rotation compensation system ( 3.5EV TBD)
TTL using a 86000 pixels RGB sensor

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Olympus Patent Advance Hybrid Stabilization Technology

image-stabilization-...We already know that the Olympus invented the 5-axis image stabilization technology, the technology effective up to 4.5 stops of stabilization, but the new patent shows a new electronic image stabilization technique that will cut-out the multiple blurred lines that can be seen at the edge of the subject and will remove automatically to make it prefect composition.

Explanation self interpretation of patent literature

Patent Publication No. 2014-239299
Published 2014.12.18
Filing date 2013.6.6
Olympus patents
Live valve
The mechanical shake correction by the sensor shift
Electronic blur correction that corrects the cutout position of the image
Correction of the dark current is also corresponding to correct the cut-out position

Olympus is to allow the hand-held live valve patent is being filed, Examples were corrected cut-out position in the lower right corner.


Tokina AT-X 70-200mm Announced - Features Auto Focus and Image Stabilization

Tokina finally announced the Tokina AT-X 70-200mm F4 PRO FX VCM-S lens for Nikon FX format DSLRs, the lens will give you approx for 105-300mm equivalent zoom range when used with a DX format DSLR. For first time Tokina lens comes with built-in voice coil motor-driven image stabilization system and it also have ring-type ultrasonic motor for fast autofocus.

Will arrive in stock at the end of May and shipping will start from the 1st week of June. Tokina AT-X 70-200mm F4 will cost you JPY ¥150,000 = $1478 US, but according to sources Tokina will keep its price under $1000 in US. A tripod collar (TM-705) will be available as an optional accessory ($230).

Sony A88 and A99II Coming Soon


According to latest rumors surfaced over the web Sony may announce two new fullframe camera this year, the first model will be A88 – entry level model and another one is A99 II high-end, no info about specification available yet.

It’s look like Sony is now moving its focus towards its A-mount line-up, on May 1, 2014 Sony updated its A77 A Mount SLT camera with Sony A77 II, now finally Sony A-mount full frame also coming soon.. we don’t have specification yet but SOny will bring new Sensor and AF Systems to the upcoming A-Mount FF Camera.

Also take a look at – New Camera Coming on May 2014

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Samsung to Announce 16-50mm F2.8 Lens


Update- The upcoming lens will have F2.8 aperture not F2.0

According to latest rumors coming from china, Samsung is is ready to announce high quality 16-50mm Lens very soon, the lens will feature

1. High grade optics

2. Built in optical image stabilization,

3. SSA-a Supersonic AF motor

4. Dust and water Resistance

Few days ago we have received a bit of info that Samsung NX30 Camera Coming on CES 2014

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