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Firmware Update

Google Pixel 4 Beat Canon Fullframe Mirrorless Camera

We all know smartphone killed compact camera sales, but nowdays smartphones are using AI technique to generate more perfect images. And with passing time these techs are improving so well, that in near future smartphones will give tough competition to interchangeable lens camera market.

products used in the shootout – Canon EOS RP (B&H) | Google pixel 4 (B&H)

Image captured from Canon EOS RP


Image Captured via Google Pixel 4 Smartphone

For more details look at the Video

Best of both world

Why not even a single camera maker step out of box and adopt adnroid OS for their camera and spend some time and money in R&D of AI based customized camera apps for their system cameras.

If any camera maker combine the goodness of large camera sensor and AI based camera modes + image decoding algorithms as we have in smartphones, then for sure we will have best tool in our hands.

Zeiss ZX1 is a excellent attempt to create smartcameras

We all know Zeiss ZX1 is a smartcamera which uses android OS and customized camera app. But it cost too high and not in the reach of day to day shooters. We need a new series of smartcameras that can uplift the performance of existing cameras.

What will happen in next Five years ?

Do you have any idea what will happen in next five years if smartphone makers improves their AI to next level and introduce more complex and high quality camera modules behind smartphones ?

Do share your thoughts with us

source petapixel

Google Pixel and Pixel XL - World Best Camera Smartphone

Camera module image

Google announced new Smartphone pixel and pixel XL today and surprisingly on the same day DXO also published the test result of the same. DXOMark crowned Google pixel Smartphone as the best camera phone ever tested at DXOMark Lab. The Google pixel Smartphone camera quality is better than iPhone 7 and 7 Plus as well as Samsunt S7 edge. According to DXO Mark  the pixel is not only best Camera phone but it’s one of the best samrtphone they have ever tested to capture video.

The High score of Google pixel smartphone is possible due to advance camera module of 12 MP resolution and large 1.55μm pixels and bright F2.0 Lens.


The pixel feature 5 inch screen and the Pixel XL feature 5.5 inch screen. rest of the core specification of both is almost same, that includes Android 7.1, Snapdragon 821 CPUs, 4GB Ram and a large 3450 mAh Battery. 32GB/128GB variants are available in both the models.

The built-in HDR function of the camera increases the dynamic while capturing multiple exposures and merging them into one single shot.

The HDR function not only increases the dynamic range but it also reduces the noise and increases color depth of the image.

The camera can shoot 4K videos @ 30 frames per second and Full HD video can be recorded at 120frames per second and HD videos can be recorded at mind whopping frame rate of 240frames per second.