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Firmware Update

Canon EOS M50 Limited 4K isn't a Tech Issue

Canon EOS M50 limited 4K

During an interview with dpreview team Canon accepted that Canon EOS M50 (Amazon | B&H ) mirrorless camera Limited 4K mode ( you get no CMOS autofocus support while creating a 4K video with that camera). is not technical issue, the features are bit Limited because the EOS M50 is entry level mirrorless camera.

Take a look what Canon said on limited 4K mode of EOS M50

The EOS M50 offers 4K video and Dual Pixel CMOS AF, but not at the same time. Is there a technical reason for this limitation?

With the EOS 5D Mark IV, we do offer 4K video and Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus, so technically it is feasible. But given the position of the M50 in the lineup, we can’t include all of the features available in a product like the 5D IV. Given the position of the product, we wanted to achieve the optimal balance [of features] in a camera in that range. We’ve optimized the M50 as best we can [for its market position], and within those parameters, the combination of 4K video and Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus was not possible.

Ok, but my question is once you added DPAF sensor inside the camera then why you are limiting its performance ? Imagine if Canon EOS 50 have 4K with DPAF support it will sure kill the sales of Panasonic GX85 as well as other entry-level and Mid-range mirroless camera.

Dear Canon Photographers….We need your opinion on this.

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source – dpreview

Nikon Patent - Camera and Lens With Biometric Sensors

Nikon Biometric Sensors

Tnenewcamera Exclusive –  Latest patent from Nikon shows they are working on Biometric Sensors, these senors will be placed in various parts of the lens as well as just in front of shutter button of the camera to record Bio-metric information of the photographer.

Since the patent is on Japanese language, I am not able to resolve the entire details through electronic translation.

Patent says not only Biometric Sensors details, mood of the subject will be also recorded.. take a look at the translated lines

Nikon sensors


Translated Details from Patent Document

The display device includes: an input unit for inputting biometric information of a photographer at a time of photographing an image; a display unit for displaying the image; and a processing unit for estimating an emotion at the time of photographing from the biological information of the photographer and processing an image to be displayed on the display unit on the basis of the estimated emotion.

More interesting part of the patent, the Camera will also have information about the mood of photographer

Feelings entertaining when the photographer to take to face the subject, elation, anxiety, emotions, such as disappointment is an infinite variety. However, it is generally difficult to express such emotions during shooting the subject image itself. In some cases, the photographer sometimes try not to expose his feelings to the subject image. On the other hand, a viewer viewing the captured image, if understood photographer emotion at the time of shooting, it is possible to enjoy more deeply captured image. 

Also take a look – Nikon Patent – Lens with Touch and Pressure Sensor


Canon 7D Mark III Coming with Dual Digic 8 and More...

Canon 7D Mark III

We are talking about the Canon 7D Mark III camera this time and its possibility for having a completely brand new sensor and Digic 8 image processor.

New Sensor and Image Processor

In general if Canon and announces of flagship camera the uses a completely new sensor as well as image process by date.

So, we have already seen the latest generation of Canon image processor introduced with Canon EOS M50 mirrorless camera. The image processor is super fast, it is able to process 24 megapixels of files @ 10 frames per second. And with the help of superfast image processor the Canon EOS M 50 become the first mirrorless camera in canon to feature 4K video recording.

Next Generation of DPAF  Tech

Canon is continuously working to improve its Dual Pixel CMOS AF tech more and more. We have seen patent documents that clearly indicated and more fast and accurate DPAF [see here and here]. And not only that we have also received hints in that past, that Next 7D Series camera will improved DPAF compared to 7D II and Canon 80D.

Canon 7D Camera with New sensor And Dual Digic 8

We have seen the trend of Canon flagship 7D series camera, in general carries a completely new sensor as well as dual set of image processor. The existing 7D sensor performance is even worst than of Canon 80D.  And all these silently confirm us that next generation of Canon 7D series camera brand new image sensor and Dual Digic 8 Image Processor.

Take a look at the updated core specs of the 7D Mark III camera, based on the information we have and our expectations.

Canon 7D Mark III Update Core Specification

  1. 24 megapixels with improved dynamic range and low light performance compare 80d DSLR camera.
  2. Next Generation of Dual Pixel CMOS AF Tech
  3. And with the introduction of Dual Digic 8 image processor.
  4. Continuous shooting up to 20 frames per second with the help of Electronic shutter.
  5. 14 FPS with AF tracking
  6. low light performance up to ISO 102400 / 204800.
  7. Introduction of 4K in canon 90d with dual pixel CMOS AF support.
  8. New generation of RAW as well as C-RAW files as it has been introduced with Canon EOS M50 camera
  9. Rear Variangle LCD screen.

Higher Resolution Sensor isn’t a good choice for 7D III

Many other website are talking about higher resolution sensor all because of 5D Mk IV arrived with a 30 MP sensor.

Chances of having more MP sensor is high, since in general the 7D series is said to be 5D series camera with APS-C sensor. This time we have a 30MP Canon 5D IV camera in our front. So, yes there is a possibility of 28-30MP APS-C sensor in next flasghip model.

But as we all know that Canon Sensors Dynamic range as well as low-light performance look bit inferior when we compare with Sony Mirrorless (Not SLT) as well as Nikon DSLRs (Most of Nikon DSLRs uses Sony sensor).

So, increasing the resolution will make it situation more worse, since when you have more megapixels the pixel area becomes small hence we get limited low-light performance and reduced dynamic range.

That’s all for now.

So these were our updated list of expectation with the Canon 7D Mark III camera. Do share your wish list with us.

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Canon Mirrorless Prototypes Information Leaked

Leica Top LCD display pannel image

Image of Leica SL camera with TOP LCD Display

According to latest rumors Canon is working on a prototype of Mirrorless camera. The design and shape of the camera isn’t very clear at the moment since according to source the Canon camera was having a body without any brand logo over.

Canon Fullframe Mirrorless First Specifications

  1. Camera do have TOP LCD display like Leica SL FF Mirrorless.
  2. New Mount, due o shorter flange distance the camera isn’t capable to use EF Lenses directly. It will do need an adapter.
  3. Mechanical Shutter limited to 10FPS and it’s obvious the camera also have a complete silent shooting mode with faster frame rate.

We will sure bring more updates to you as the announcement time gets more closer.

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Canon Working on 10X Optical Zoom Lens for APS-C Compact Camera

Canon working on 10X optical zoom lens for APS-C compact camera. As we all know that the recently announced Canon G1X Mark III camera features 3X Optical Zoom lens. So, Canon is preparing for future competition and we may see a variant of Canon APS-C sensor based Megazoom camera.

Specification and lens arrangement of embodiment 5 for APS-C compact camera
Zoom ratio: 9.96
Focal length: 18.56 39.37 184.95
F no.: 3.61 5.11 6.49
Half image angle: 36.35 19.13 4.22
Image height: 13.66 13.66 13.66
Lens length: 110.65 121.29 164.53
Back focus: 8.65 10.60 12.43

[Publication number] Japanese Unexamined
Patent Application Publication No. 2018-36364 (P2018-36364A)
[Publication date] Heisei 8, March 2018 (2018.3.8)

We will update you soon as we get any new information.


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5X Macro Lens from Venus Optics - Laowa 25mm F2.8 2.5-5X Ultra Macro

Laowa Lens image

25mm F2.8 2.5-5x Ultra Macro 5X Macro lens announced by Venus Optics and it comes under half price of Canon MP-E 65mm Macro lens and let me tell you that the images captured with this lens is just amazing. The lens is small compared to Canon so you don’t get too much amount of Lens shadow on your subject while getting close to it.

Canon lens vs laowa


25mm F2.8 2.5-5x Ultra Macro The lens is made up of 8 elements in 6 groups—including an ultra low dispersion lens including multilayer coating. The lens is more compact than Canon as you can see in the sample image below.

The Venus Optics Laowa 25mm F2.8 2.5-5x Ultra Macro will be available starting in March for the price of $400 USD.

The lens isn’t available for pre-order we will update you soon .

Image captured from Laowa 25mm F2.8 2.5-5X Ultra Macro


Big Issue with Sony A7 III Sensor

Big issue with Sony A7 III sensor

Unfortunately Some issue spotted with the Sony A7 III sensor performance at specific situation. And till now we don’t have any official word from Sony related to the issue. So if you are thinking to hold your purchase then its your decision and we respect that, but this issue isn’t that Big and appearing at some specific condition.

We are the first website to bring out fact Sony A7 III has become the best seller Mirrorless camera at B&H Store and now the Sony A7 III camera become #1 selling Mirrorless camera at

Sony A7 III Sensor Issue

Now let’s have a look what said about the issue

In a couple of the photos you may notice striping, a problem we’ve found common to all cameras with masked phase detect AF pixels when shot a certain way: with very fast lenses wide open pointed directly at bright light sources to purposefully induce flare (e.g. here and here). In continued shooting today in the same venue and lighting, we noticed no issues shooting more modest apertures and zoom lenses.

Veteran Photographer and Pro-Vlogger Tony Northup replied to the Stripping issue at SAR

We shot 4,181 pics with the a7 III and I can’t find any trace of this effect in the images, including shots with the 85 f/1.4 wide open into light sources, zooming in to 5:1. I’m confident this issue exists, but I think the community is making WAY too much out of it. People really love to latch onto any flaw in a new camera, and I think this is blown out of proportion.

Ok one more minute a long scale discussion is also going in dpreviewforum

My perspective –  A $2K camera shouldn’t have any issue, So Sony should look after this problem and we are waiting for a +ve reply.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

Update, there are more images in the sample gallery having the same issue

Also some memebers are saying this issue can be fixed with photoshop. Take a look at the before and after image after the fix. The fix is done by dpreview forum member MagnarW

Sony A7 issue

Click here to view high resolution file after the fix

Sony A9 also exhibit Same Issue ?

Sony A9 Sample – Credit

Yep, the problem isn’t new. The Sony A9 camera also have some issue and it occurs due to the PDAF layer. Now take a look at what others said about the Sony A9 noise pattern. Via

Dennis F writes:

I don’t and won’t be using an A9 – doesn’t fit my need – but I have seen this pattern on an a6000 I converted for IR (830nm). This same pattern showed up in some areas depending on the luminosity. It was especially noticeable in clouds. I had to stop using the camera.


makes sense in context of the pattern noise in the red channel. It is a good example of why “same sensor” is a ludicrous conflation with image quality : camera electronics have a big influence on image quality which is why I still name the Nikon D810 the finest 35mm camera on the market—Nikon has superb image quality.

Kolarivision writes:

I heard that you recently tested the A9 and found horizontal artifacts in the red channel. This is something that we have been seeing in the A7R II camera in the IR spectrum. I attached a sample of our artifact, let me know if this is similar to what you see. It seems like some of the pixels Sony puts has a different IR/red transmission.

… I would bet it’s an oversight of the spectral properties of the AF pixel rows. Or large parts of the row, I think. The first time I ran into this was the Canon M3 that had a hybrid focus sensor, that one had horizontal lines that were clearly visible when you looked at the sensor. They might not use every pixel but for production they probably photomask whole rows at a time…..

DIGLLOYD: yes, the effect is very similar, I would deem it the same defect.

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