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Firmware Update

Samsung Was Working on Fullframe Mirrorless Camera

samsung NX Fullframe lens patent

A new 70-200mm F2.8 Lens patent surfaced over the web that shows that Samsung was working on Fullframe mirrorless camera and lenses. As we all know Samsung halted the development of Samsung APS-C sensor based NX mirrorless camera a year ago due to low sales volume worldwide.

Take a look at the patent details below translates by google


  • Patent Publication No. 2016-161878
    • Published 2016.9.5
    • Filing date 2015.3.4
  • Example 1
    • Focal length f = 72.10 134.9 194
    • F = 2.91
    • Image height Y = 21.64
    • Inner zoom
    • Inner focus
    • Vibration control

Samsung NX series mirrerless camera was announced back on 2010 and after that Samsung introduced a total of 19 Samsung camera before the production was officially halted.

source –egami

Almost Confirmed: A7R II is Coming Soon

Sony-A7R-II-Camera-imageAccording to the latest rumors surfaced over the web Sony A7R II, the upcoming camera will feature built-in 5 axis stabilization same as of Sony A7II, No more specification revealed yet but we do believe that the camera is rumored to arrive anytime soon and the shipment will start from May-June 2015.

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src – sonyalpharumor


Sigma Fullframe Sensor Coming


Sigma finally changed its mood , since on December 27th, 2013 sigma representatives told to that (see the full article here), Sigma have no plans to Introduce FullFrame Camera

At Sigma we truly do not see the point of a 24x36mm sensor unless you absolutely must have the 2×3 aspect ratio. The Foveon sensor of both the SD1Merrill and the DP Merrill lines of cameras is superior to the 24x36mm sensors of our competitors.

Now according to a interview published on, Kazuto Yamaki CEO of Sigma said

We receive many request to make a Full Frame Foveon. And we are aware the tendency now is to make larger sensors and with even more Megapixels.

other important points of the interview

– He believes time will come when Mirrorless will outsell DSLR. But DSLR will always exist as a niche product.
– We aim to achieve medium and large format quality with our foveon sensor tech
– Sigma has no plan to make an interchangeable mirrorless system camera yet.
– There is no plan yet to make a DP camera with zoom lens

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Tamron 300mm F2.8 Lens Patent for Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

New Tamron patent surfaced over the web, the Tamron 300mm F2.8 Lens designed for full frame Mirrorless camera, we know that currently no Full Frame mirrorless available/announced in the market, according to sources Tamron is close to Sony and Canon and we may see a Full-Frame mirrorless NEX OR FF EOS- M very Soon.

Self-interpretation and summary, Patent Documents

  • Patent Publication No. 2012-242504
    • Release Date 2012.12.10
    • Filing date 2011.5.17
    • Related 2012-242505
  • Example 1
    • Focal length f = 294.00mm
    • Fno. = 2.88
    • 2ω = 9.3 ° angle of view
    • 19 sheets 16 groups lens configuration
    • Three 3 aspherical surface
    • (Abbe number 81.6) three low-dispersion glass
    • (Abbe number 70.4) one low-dispersion glassTamron LD glass is standard, I did not know that more than 80 or more than 70 such
  • Positive and negative polarity
  • Inner Focus (the third group for focusing)
  • (Adjusted for the fourth group in the group of anti-vibration) shake
  • Costs in the form of inexpensive glass in one of the first lens group
  • One costs the consists of the second lens group