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Firmware Update

Fujifilm Mirrorless interchangeable lens Camera on Spring 2012

Fujifilm X51

Fujifilm X series Roadmap

Fujifilm Mirrorless interchangeable lens to be released after March in 2012, or Japan’s spring season. According to Fujifilm the upcoming Mirrorless interchangeable lens Camera image quality and low light performance will be similar to a Fullframe Camera.

Above we can see Fujifilm X S1 interchangeable lens New Zoom Camera of X Series. More details coming soon.
News src – ITmedia(Japan) and channelnews(Aus)

Fujifilm aims to become 3rd largest Camera Maker

In an interview with Reuters Takeshi Higuchi, head of Fujifilm’s camera division said “Japan’s Fujifilm aims to become the world’s fourth largest camera maker by next March and the No. 3 manufacturer two years later, overtaking first rival Samsung and then Nikon”

After the success of Fujifilm X100 Fujifilm wants to re-enter in re-enter in the interchangeable lens camera market business again from which it withdrew in 2004, currently In digital still camera unit sales, Fujifilm holds fifth position behind Canon, Sony, Nikon and Samsung, but adds it is confident that its plan to boost sales 25 percent to 14 million units this financial year will gain it the No. 4 spot.

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Fuji X200 and X300 Rumors

View the full discussion in

In an April 4th post on, Bob Todrick, a pro photographer from Edmonton, Alberta, said:

“Have had my X100 for a week now … puts any of the 4/3 compacts out their to shame. Pretty sure they have a winner here…and Fuji has confirmed an X300 next year that will have interchangeble lenses.”

When another member asked him where he heard about an X300, he replied:

“I’m in the pro photo supply biz…this is from Fuji. They have decided to pursue what they call the serious prosumer market. The plans are that in the fall they will release an X200…a simplifed ‘p&s’ version of the x100. If these cameras do well they plan on the interchangeble lens version sometime next year.”