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Fuji Working on Ultimate X-Trans Camera

Ultimate X camera image

It’s really amazing to hear that the best Camera from Fuji isn’t out yet. According to Fujifilm Managers “when we announce our new telephoto prime [in 2018] we also need a higher performance body”

Keep in mind that Fuji X-Pro 2 and X-T2 both are new and we can’t expect their replacement at least in 2018. But the quoted text from the interview above loudly says that Fuji is working on a new high-end camera that will feature even more advance core specification compared to the Fuji X-Pro2 or X-T2.

Now Fuji will going to start a new series of camera dedicated for achieving ultimate AF Speed, fastest continues shooting speed and High-end video recording options. According to latest rumors the price of the upcoming camera will be approx $5000. upcoming camera will going to placed above the Fuji X-Pro2 and X-T2.

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Fuji 2X Teleconverter and lens hood coming soon

Fuji tele conv lens

Fuji 2X teleconverter and lens hood images leaked online today and they are expected to arrive on May 2016. The list of upcoming products doesn’t include any new camera we are waiting for.

.Take a look at the list of upcoming products leaked via Japaneses website

  • Fujifilm to announce soon teleconverter XF2X TC WR. Estimated retail price is ¥ 59000 (tax included)
  • Lens Hood LH-XF23. Estimated retail price of 8600 yen (including tax).
  • Reservation of wide conversion lens WCL-X70 is also started soon.

Lens hood image

As I have told already the known List is not exciting however we do believe Fuji film XT2 is coming on September 2016 with the same sensor as of X Pro 2 camera just few days ago we have also reported that Fuji film X200 camera is coming with 23mm lens as of X100T camera.

Just few days ago we have published Fuji X-T2 leaked images | Also look at Olympus PEN-F vs Fuji X-Pro 2 — Plus High ISO TEST

For more information do follow – Fuji news and rumor

source digicame-info

Fujifilm X-Pro2 Coming in 2016 and Fuji Fullframe Mirrorless...


Early we already published a post related to the announcement of the upcoming Fujifilm X-Pro2. Less than a week ago, we also came with the confirmation of the announcement of X-Pro2via leaked document via Chinese government website.

Now according to the latest information via Photography Bay source, there is lots of expectation that Fujifilm is taking keen interest in the announcement of its most waited as well as most wanted Fujifilm X-Pro2 and hence in this regard, if all things will go smoothly than we will definitely see the entrance of Fujifilm X-Pro2 at CES 2016.

We hope X-Pro2 will come with more advanced features compare to X-T1 and it will be available in February, 2016.

Earlier in an interview Fuji managers denied the possibility of fullframe camera from Fuji, however according to latest rumor Fuji may announce fullframe sensor based mirrorless system in near future (not before 2016)

But we have to also believe that every camera companies constantly changing its strategy to gain market share and full-fill customer demands.

From Pbay

Fuji X-T1 Recommended Lenses


The X-T1 features 16.3 megapixel APS-C X-Trans CMOS II sensor and the X-Trans architecture based sensors doesn’t require / need low pass filter inside the, so you will get sharpness + all details at 100% when best available lenses used with X-T1. The sensor features ISO range upto 100-51200 and top continuous shooting speed up to 8fps.

The X-T1 comes with HYBRID AF SYSTEM that combines phase and contrast based technologies, Digital Split Image and Focus Highlight Peaking are two tech present in X-T1 help you when you are using manual focus.

SO from above details it is very clear that the X-T1 is a excellent machine and will give you desired output when you will use  recommended set of lenses used…

Best Wide Angle Lens [Prime]

Fujifilm XF 14mm f/2.8 R Ultra Wide-Angle Lens

 Fujifilm XF 14mm f/2.8 R  Key Points Shop From
 XF-14mm-lens  The  XF 14mm f/2.8 lens features high-quality optics and an extreme wide-angle perspective to cover the entire composition.Best Wide angle lens available for Fuji X series mirrorless camera AmazonB&H

Continue reading Fuji X-T1 Recommended Lenses

Fujifilm X-Pro 2 is Not Coming with Fullframe X-Trans Sensor

X-Pro2-coming soon

Earlier we have published the story that X-Pro2 coming with Full-frame sensor,  but the rumor is not true but …. according to latest info the upcoming camera will feature 24 MP X-trans sensor.

The upcoming camera will feature newly developed Fullframe X-Trans sensor with built in phase AF pixels just like other X series camera… fuji is also rumored to announce two to three new Fullframe lenses with the X Pro 2 camera.

we have published this post back on Feb 204 – Fujifilm Manager Does Not Outright Deny Full-Frame X-Series Camera

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Fujifilm Manager Does Not Outright Deny Full-Frame X-Series Camera


In a recent interview published at dpreview website Fujifilm manager Toshihisa Iida said

Q.Will X-Trans sensors get bigger, in the future?……. Answer: At the moment we’re focusing on the APS-C format but in the longer term, after we’ve completed our lens lineup… I can’t deny the possibility. ”

It would make perfect sense for Fujifilm to release a FF X-Series camera since Sony already announced it at the end of 2013 and it is beyond any doubt that it is possible to do since Fujifilm is a expert in doing innovating things beyond consumer or competitors expectations.

I have a strong hope that we will soon see Fullframe compact and mirrorless camera from Fujifilm possibly at the end of 2014 or at the beginning of 2015.


Pre-order / Buy Fujifilm X-T1 Camera

Fujifilm-X-T1-imageFujifilm X-T1 available for pre-order at Amazon and B&H, the X-T1 comes with 16.3MP APS-C X-Trans CMOS II Sensor, Hybrid AF System, Continuous Shooting up to 8 fps, 0.5″ and captures Full HD 1080p Video Recording at 60 fps, on the back side we have a decent 2.360k-Dot OLED Viewfinder and a 3.0″ 1,040k-Dot Tilting LCD Monitor.

Now take a look at the pre-order options

Pre-order Fujifilm X-T1 from Amazon [with lens and without lens both options available]

Pre-order Fujifilm X-T1 body from B&H

Pre-order Fujifilm X-T1 body + kit lens from B&H