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Firmware Update

Fuji Patent - Tillable Top Display

Fuji working on a tillable top display above the camera that look like a hybrid viewfinder as well as it will also work as Top display unit for X-mount cameras.  A secondary monochrome display unit is being added in the camera system help you to capture low-angle shots. The secondary small display unit is also optimized for low-light shooting for viewing your subject. And one more thing, it has designed to consume very less amount of energy and it will get activated in saving mode also, when your battery is about to end and approx 15 or 20% charge left.

More details in the patent details below


Translated details

Digital camera and display method of digital camera
 The present invention relates to a display method of a digital camera and a digital camera, and more particularly to a technique of displaying a live view image or the like used for framing.
 Conventionally, a transmission type color liquid crystal display and a reflection type monochrome liquid crystal display are provided on the rear face of the camera body, respectively. When the power supply voltage drops or when the power saving mode is set, a color liquid crystal display A digital camera has been proposed in which only a monochrome liquid crystal display device is controlled without driving a device, and a live view image, various setting screens, and the like are displayed in monochrome (Japanese Patent Application Laid-Open No. 2004-194943).

Further, Patent Document 2 discloses a technique in which when the amount of ambient light is detected by an ambient light amount sensor or the like and the amount of ambient light is lower than a predetermined level or in a backlight state, the person as a subject , It is presumed that the live view image displayed on the front display panel can not be visually confirmed satisfactorily and the display on the front display panel is controlled to be off.

More Images – Fuji Patent – Tillable Top Display


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Fuji Patent a DSLR System


One of the big question is why the hell Fuji will patent a DSLR camera system when they are selling fantabulous amount of mirrorless cameras. So, here is a tweak, the DSLR you see in the image above is isn’t a a actual camera. According to the patent hunting website – FUJI FILM filed patent of new DSLR camera system for a binocular. And everything else is written in Japanese.

Patent Details (Via Google Translation)

[Publication number] Japanese Unexamined Patent
Application Publication No. 2017-207524 (P2017-207524A)
click here [Publication date] November 24,
Heisei 20 (2017.11.24) Optical observation apparatus and binoculars

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Sony Files Patent Infringement Suit Against Fujifilm

Sony vs Fuji

Just like Nikon Fuji also feeling some heat waves. According to News Mag the U.S international is soon going to launch a investigation into Fujifilm (FUJIY) magnetic tape cartridge and component imports following a patent infringement complaint by Sony.

The complaint was filed back in January 2017. Sony claims that magnetic tap cartridge uses Sony tech without a license / permission from Sony.

It’s look like world leading Mirrorless makers fight is going beyond ring.


Fujifilm Patent - 20mm F1.8


Fuji  patent 20mm F1.8 Lens for its X series camera. Fujifilm already have XF 16mm f/1.4 and XF 23mm f/1.4 R Lens. The 20mm lens will fill the gap in-between.

Fujifilm Patent – 20mm F1.8 Lens

Patent publication number 2016-218170
Release date 2016.12.22
Application date 2015.5.18
Example 1
Β 0 – -0.03 – – 0.13
F ‘1.01
FNo. 1.90 1.92 1.97
2 ω 96.4 95.8 93.2
Fujifilm patents
Negative restriction
Rear focus

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Click here to browse all the wide angle X-series lenses at B&H Store.

Fujifilm Patent - 16-55mm F2.8 OIS Lens


We already have non IS version of the lens for Fuji X-series camera [B&H and Amazon] but the recent patent document suggest the upcoming version of the 15-55mm F2.8 lens will have built-in image stabilization system and improved optics. The lens is weather sealed and features internal Focus motor as of its predecessor.

Fuji patent image

Description, self-interpretation of the patent literature (translated by google)

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-109719
    • Published 2016.6.20
    • Filing date 2014.12.2
  • Example 1
    • Focal length f = 16.492 31.059 53.436
    • Bf 22.000
    • FNo. 2.88 2.74 2.89
    • Angle of view 2ω 87.0 48.6 28.8
    • Positive and negative positive and negative positive 5-group zoom
    • Anti-vibration (part of the third group)
    • Inner focus (group 4)

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Fujifilm 16mm F1.8 Lens Patent

Latest Fujifilm Patent surfaced over the web that shows a 16 mm wide angle prime lens with F1.8 aperture designed for a APS-C sensor based mirrorless camera.

Fuji 16mm

Patent details translated by google

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-99543
    • Published 2016.5.30
    • Filing date 2014.11.25
  • Example 1
    • Focal length 16.439
    • BF 27.209
    • Fno. 1.85
    • Total angle of view 83.0

see more patents by Fuji


Fuji 20mm F1.8 Lens Patent

Fuji Lens patet imageA new Fujifilm patent surfaced over the web of Fuji 20mm F1.8 lens, take a look at the details below translated by google

Description, self-interpretation of the patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-95461
    • Published 2016.5.26
    • Filing date 2014.11.17
  • Example 1
    • Focal length 1mm
    • Bf 2.08 – 2.05 – 1.94
    • FNo 1.90 -. 1.92 – 2.00
    • Full angle of view 2ω 95.2 – 94.4 – 91.2

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source – egami