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Focal Length vs. Shapes the Face

face at different focal lengthA good tutorial to show you how the focal length impact your portrait photography, with a 200mm lens you get excellent out-of-focus background and beautiful face  and at 35mm you can see some significant wide angle distortion, for more details see the tutorial below

By Jay P. Morgan
The lens or focal length of the lens you choose has a profound impact on the image. It effects the perspective, background and features of the subject. In this lesson everyone should understand what the different focal lengths do to the human face and how they change the background. Why do you choose a 135 mm lens to shoot a head shot of a beautiful woman but use a 24mm to shoot a clown. Keeping the head the same size in the frame and changing the focal length of the lens, I will shoot a series of images that demonstrate how focal length effects the features of the human face and how it changes perspective which effects the background. We will go on to demonstrate a simple 2 light and one reflector fashion lighting set up. I learned a lot from this exercise and I hope you do to.
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Story behind the Money Man - Photo project by Jimmy Hickey

Take a look at video, a really new and nice concept created and well composed by Jimmy Hickey, the video is 10 min long but interesting  & inspiring.

This is the story behind my “What Have We Done; Money Problems, Personified” photo project. Covering all aspects of the project.

I put this video together to give anyone interested a general idea of how this all went down. I hope 10+ minutes isn’t too long, there was just too much content to not include! 3+hours including interview, is tough to shorten down to ten minutes haha

Countless amount of time went into this project as a whole. I would like to thank everyone for their help and support to create this, I love you all!

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How to capture great images of strangers

The video is created by Portland, Oregon-based photographer Jimmy Hickey’s you will get a clear idea how to shoot strangers while travelling (Yes, with your camera).
See the video and know the four step formula suggested by Hickey to capture great images of complete strangers ,

50 Quick Photography Tips

These 50 tips are highly usable for beginners, watch and learn and write your fav TIP at the end of the post.

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Portrait photography guide

What is a portrait?

From the very first pictured pictures on wet plates by nineteenth – century photography pioneers to the latest images recorded as digital files on the computer, people have always been the most popular subject for photography. For amateurs, the most common reason for taking out their cameras is to record for posterity, both the individuals who are important to them, and the special moments of their life. In the world of professional photography, portraits represent a significant proportion of commissioned work.

But what do we mean by a “portrait?” One English-language dictionary defines it as a “likeness of an individual, specially of the face.” But while that definition is certainly one with which many would agree, it doesn’t really do justice to the multitude of ways in which people can be portrayed in a picture.

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Cameras: Is a DSLR right for you?

This Guest Post is written by Mila Johnson of

The digital camera market is becoming muddled with too many choices. Consumers who normally would buy an affordable point-and-shoot now find themselves tempted by DSLR cameras. It’s hard not to be, with their professional look and falling prices. As DSLR camera become more affordable and commonplace in the big-box electronics stores, many camera shoppers find themselves wondering, “Is a DSLR right for me?”

Nikon D3100

The Difference

DSLR – Digital Single Lens Reflex – cameras are meant to emulate the SLR (take off the “D”) camera of old. A hinged mirror lets the photographer see exactly what the lens sees, and then it flips up when the photo is taken. The image sensor is behind the mirror, where the film used to be in SLR cameras. The two bigger differences are that a DSLR camera has a much more complex, high-quality image sensor and interchangeable lenses.

Megapixels vs Image Sensor

Retailers and advertisers love megapixels. It’s easy to stick a number on a camera ad and call it a day. This gives consumers an easy comparison point and they are out the door with the ten megapixel model. It’s more complex than that, though. The quality and size of the image sensor is much more important. Without turning this into a dry scientific article, let’s just stress that DSLR cameras are bigger and thus can house bigger and better sensors. DSLR cameras can have image sensors that are 20 times the size of those in a point-and-shoot, sometimes even bigger than that. Since point-and-shoot cameras are built for convenience, they have smaller image sensors that can’t produce shot quality to match a DSLR, even with a higher megapixel rating.

The Trade-offs

So is a DLSR right for you? It depends. A DSLR, by nature of its superior image sensor, will produce greater shot quality even if its megapixel rating is lower than that of a point-and-shoot. A DLSR is bigger, though, so it’s a matter of evaluating shot quality versus convenience. There is also the argument of simple versus complex. A DSLR requires a lot of practice, study and training to even try to use while a point-and-shoot is, well, point-and-shoot.

The Final Comparison:

Buy a DSLR if you:

  • Are a pro or are really motivated to learn
  • Have a lot of time to dedicate, since this will be a new hobby
  • Don’t mind carrying a lot of gear
  • Are not tied to a strict budget, since the price of accessories adds up fast
  • Consider yourself a “technical person” and learn new technologies quickly

Buy a point-and-shoot if you:

  • Just want a reliable digital camera for weekends, vacations, special occasions and the like
  • Are not very technical
  • Want a camera and not learn a new trade
  • Are on a budget

When shopping for a camera look for deals on cameras online to save!

Gigi Stoll exclusive interview with Leica Camera

Model Turned Photographer Gigi Stoll interview with Leica Camera, Gigi discovered her passion for photography and turned a hobby into a profession.

The Journey of Gigi Stoll began as a top fashion model, but she has transformed herself into an empathetic and eclectic photographer who shoots everything from searing images of life in distressed areas of the world to fine art nudes and the haute couture of New York and Paris. Here is Gigi Stoll’s exclusive interview with Leica Camera.