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Firmware Update

Panasonic GH5 Major Firmware Update, Improves Core Specification

Firmware update

Panasonic announced Major Firmware Update for its Panasonic GH5 camera. The camera core specification enhances to a next level. We know these set of improvements are coming since these updates were promised at the time of announcement. Panasonic not only delivered promised pack of Firmware update they also added some other useful features also. The best part is, you don’t have to pay any single penny while upgrading your camera to next level

Panasonic GH5 Major Firmware Update [Promised pack of features]

  • 400Mbps All-I compression options in 4K (200Mbps in 1080)*
  • Higher resolution 4:3 video capture for shooting with anamorphic lenses
  • Hybrid Log Gamma shooting mode (HDR TV-ready Log shooting)

Additional features also coming with this update

  • More responsive autofocus, especially in 24p video shooting
  • USB-based tethered shooting option with free Mac/Win software
  • Additional Stabilization mode steadier hand-held video
  • Improvements to 6K and 4K Photo modes*
  • Additional wireless function
  • Bug fixes and minor feature tweaks

Download  Link

Nikon D3400 and Nikon D5600 - Download Latest Firmware Update

Nikon D3400 Nikon D5600 image

Nikon has released latest updates for its popular Nikon D5600 and Nikon D3400 DSLR, to fix out some connectivity issues between the iOS app and snapbridge.
You can download the firmware from the official website of Nikon and the link is given below.

Download Nikon D3400 Firmware | Nikon D5600 Firmware

Both the camera features one of the class leading 24 megapixel CMOS sensor inside it, both DSLRs features amazing core specification do score highest ranking in DXO Mark Labs test score.

Pairing of Snapbridge app with the Nikon camera via bluetooth connectivity is bit tricky, Why I am telling this tricky because it it involves lot of steps that should be done critically correct.
First of all the iPhone doesn’t feature NFC connectivity and that’s why you can’t tap and connect like Andorid devices. In your iPhone you have to do it manually by pairing with the Bluetooth connectivity and once you pair your device at the end you have to unpair your device to into the connection correctly

How to connect your Nikon camera with iOS Smartphone

Canon 1DX Firmware 2.0.7 Coming


It’s look like Canon is fully per-pared to announce the firmware update of its flagship Canon 1DX camera. It’s a fact and not a rumor since according to a Canon 1DX user and forum member PSNet he found firmware 2.0.8 installed on his camera after coming back from Canon professional service. However the user didn’t discuss about improvements included in the latest version of the firmware update.

We have to keep in mind that after a major firmware update of Canon 7D [see our post published, on June 28th, 2012] camera Canon took almost two years to announce Canon 7D Mark II camera.

Will the upcoming firmware update can delay the announcement date of Canon 1DX Mark II camera ?

However at this moment I don’t expect the upcoming firmware will bring any major changes in the core specification of the camera and it will only fix minor bugs related to new / wide angle lenses. Hence you don’t have to worry about the delay of Canon 1DX Mark II camera, it will arrive before Q1 of 2016.

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PENTAX RAW codec Update

The display is enabled by installing this software in Windows Vista and Windows 7 without developing the RAW file image (The extension is “.PEF”) of which it takes a picture with a PENTAX digital SLR on Windows Vista.

Click here to visit and download