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Sony A88 and A99II Coming Soon


According to latest rumors surfaced over the web Sony may announce two new fullframe camera this year, the first model will be A88 – entry level model and another one is A99 II high-end, no info about specification available yet.

It’s look like Sony is now moving its focus towards its A-mount line-up, on May 1, 2014 Sony updated its A77 A Mount SLT camera with Sony A77 II, now finally Sony A-mount full frame also coming soon.. we don’t have specification yet but SOny will bring new Sensor and AF Systems to the upcoming A-Mount FF Camera.

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Sony to ship Exmor RS CMOS image sensors from October 2012

Above: Imaging modules (left to right): the 'IU135F3-Z,' 'IU134F9-Z' and 'IUS014F-Z' Below: "Exmor RS" stacked CMOS image sensors (left to right): 'IMX135,' 'IMX134' and 'ISX014'

Sony announced its back-illuminated stacked 8MP and 13MP CMOS image sensors for smartphones and tablets in January 2012, now today (Aug 20) they have announced that they will start shipping of these new units from October 2012.

The “Exmor RS” is a CMOS image sensor that adopts a unique ‘stacked structure.’ This structure layers the pixel section, containing formations of back-illuminated pixels over the chip affixed with mounted circuits for signal processing, in place of conventional supporting substrates used for back-illuminated CMOS image sensors

Two of the three “Exmor RS” models Sony is launching are the ‘IMX135’, a type 1/3.06 model with 13.13 effective megapixels and the ‘IMX134’, a type 1/4 model with 8.08 effective megapixels, which feature ‘RGBW coding’ function and ‘HDR (High Dynamic Range) movie’ function.

Sony will also bring to market three compact auto-focus imaging modules equipped with lens units and featuring auto-focus mechanisms that incorporate these image sensors: the ‘IU135F3-Z,’ ‘IU134F9-Z’ and ‘IUS014F-Z’. These three imaging modules adopt a newly-designed lens which has been optimized for the industry’s smallest 1.12μm unit pixel size to achieve higher resolution.

Sample image (right) of image captured in low light (10 lux) using the ‘IU135F3-Z,’ a type 1/3.06 imaging module (stacked) with 13.13 effective megapixels

Sample image (right) using the ‘IU135F3-Z,’ a type 1/3.06 imaging module (stacked) with 13.13 effective megapixels
Main Features
“Exmor RS” stacked CMOS image sensor
1) Commercialization of new, independently-developed “Exmor RS,” incorporating the world’s first(*1) unique ‘stacked structure’
2) This stacked structure facilitates higher image quality, advanced functionality and a more compact size.
– Equipped with ‘RGBW coding’ and ‘HDR movie’ functions (“IMX135” and “IMX134”)
– Equipped with a built-in camera signal processing function, enabling compatibility with automatic controls, picture adjustment and multiple image output formats (such as YUV) (“ISX014”)

Main Features
Imaging modules(each image sensor is mounted with a built-in lens unit with auto-focus mechanism)
1) High resolution has been achieved by adopting a newly-designed lens, which is optimized for the industry’s smallest 1.12μm unit pixel size.
2) The “IU135F3-Z” auto-focus lens module adopts a bright F2.2 high-resolution lens.
3) The “IU134F9-Z” achieves a thin, compact size (W:8.5 x D:8.5 x H:4.2mm).
4) The “IUS014F-Z” is an all-in-one model capable of picture adjustment that comes equipped with a camera signal processing function.