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DxOMark Received Money Offers Form Camera Makers

Whenever we talk about DXO Mark results then Nikon and Sony cameras come to mind because they always get top rank in DXO Mark ranking. However, there lot of photographers and websites out there, those who think the reviews published by DXO Mark are not fair and may be influenced / paid by camera makers.

While speaking in an interview, Vice President (Marketing) of DXO Mark Lab said, that they have received Money offers “Money Times” from both Phone and Camera Makers.

Touchard also added that these offers doesn’t means Bribes, but  but came from companies that didn’t “understand our business model.”

As we all know DXO Mark Lab is  one of the more controversial tech-related websites. Since the DXO Mark Lab do have a great infulence on smartphone as well as Digital Camera Market. Most of the comparison engines also use DXO Mark rating in raking of cameras.


Canon 6D Mark II Visited DXOMark Lab

Canon 6D Mark II camera visited 6D Mark II Lab, the camera scores a total of 85 points, low light score of 2862 ISO And the dynamic range of Canon 6D Mark II 11.9 Evs. Among canon cameras Canon 6D Mark II overall rating is satisfactory.

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Canon 6D Mark II image

But when I compared Canon 6D Mark II with Nikon D750 camera. I was literally shocked to see the test results, according to the test the Canon 6D Mark II camera is inferior.

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Canon EOS M5 at DXO Mark Lab

We are glad to let you know that Canon EOS M5 camera has now visited that DXO lab and test score is just awesome. The overall score of the camera when compared with the Canon EOS M3 showing major improvements.

Canon EOS M5

You will be surprised to know that the test score of Canon EOS M5 is even better than the Canon EOS  Canon 80D. Both camera features same sensor inside it.

When you compare the score of the Canon EOS M5 camera with Sony A6300 mirrorless camera then you will going to find the score of a A6300 score is still better than EOS M5.


Undoubtedly the Canon EOS M5 is one of the best mirrorless camera ever made by Canon. The newly announced Canon EOS M6 camera also features same sensor inside the Canon EOS M5 or Canon 80D camera.


Olympus E-M1 Mark II at DXO Mark Lab

Olympus E-M1 II chart image

DXO Mark tested out Olympus E-M1 Mark II camera and it topped the chart of test scores and become the #1 4/3 format camera ever tested at DXOLAB.
The lowlight performance of the E-M1 Mark II camer even crossed out the Sony made IMX269 sensor score that is being used inside in Panasonic GX8 camera. The Low light performance of the camera is as good as Nikon D500 camera and way better then Canon 80D is we believe the test scores of the LAB.

Olympus E-1 Mark II vs. Sony A6500


While comparing with Sony A6500 the scores of the E-M1 Mark II camera look bit inferior to the A6500 camera. But, still the test score of the E-M1 II looks very promising.

Olympus E-1 Mark II vs. Canon 7D Mark II

Olympus E-M ark II camera showing a big difference in test scores when compared with 7D Mark II camera. Despite of having a smaller sensor


While many Canon users complain DXO give biased results when they test a Canon camera, but Canon itself never issued a statement related to that. It’s also true that DXO Mark test results are used today by many comparison engines worldwide. Hence, they have a big impact on overall camera sales worldwide.

and a final look with Nikon D500

E-Mark II vs D500

Olympus E-M1 mark II test scores are very close to Nikon D500 DSLR. It’s true that Olympus set’s up a new standard of 4/3 format sensor.

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Source DXOMarkLab

Canon 1DX Mark II is better than Nikon D5 - DXOMark Lab

I have seen and published more than hundred of test results of DXO Mark Lab, In general the DXO Mark Lab give low points to Canon camera during test due to lousy performance of the Canon sensors.

But today I was really surprised to see that Canon flasghsip camera 1DX Mark II scored better result compared to Nikon D5 in sensor test examination.

Canon 1DX Mark II score image

Despite of showing a 3.3 Million ISO range in the Specification sheet Nikon D5 failed to impress DXOMark Lab engineers with its performance and Canon 1DX Mark II with a low range [409600] on specification sheet performed better compared to the Nikon D5.

We have created a pie chart to to give you a seance of knowledge about the difference between the test score and the specification sheet data.



take a look at the concision by DXOLab

This is a well-deserved result for Canon, and this versatile sensor should prove attractive to a wide range of photographers, including those that work in multiple disciplines. The wide dynamic range at low ISOs should appeal to all photographers, but especially those using it for landscapes, and the low noise at high ISOs will also appeal to action and sports photographers. Although the new model is aimed primarily at that market, the increase in pixel count over its predecessor now matches that of the earlier EOS-1Ds Mk III, a model that’s still highly regarded for editorial and commercial work. It is not too much of a stretch to view the new EOS-1D X Mk II as the natural successor to that camera, and its wide range of capabilities, including DCI 4K video, make it look highly tempting. Sure, it would have been great to see a higher pixel count, but overall, the sensor performance offers photographers the versatility to tackle a wide range of assignments with just one camera.

source – DXOLAB

Nikon D5 Test at DXOMark Lab

Nikon D5 test image

DXO mark lab finally published the test result of recently announced Nikon D5 camera, during the test Nikon D5 scored 88 as a overall score and if you look at the low light is score of the camera its 2434 ISO, the Portrait color depth score of the camera is 25.1 bits and the landscape dynamics range score of Nikon D5 is 12. 3 EVS.

Nkon D5 test score

If we compare the score of Nikon D5 with the Canon 1dx (Canon 1DX Mark II predecessor) camera the overall  low light is core of the 1 DX camera was 2766 ISO. Surprisingly the old Canon 1dx camera is better for shooting in low-light compositions compared to the recently announced Nikon D5 which feature 3.2 million TOP ISO range.


We Can say that the ISO range of Nikon D5 camera is just works on a specification sheet not on practical test?

Latest score of Nikon D750, Nikon D810 and Nikon DF is better than the recently announced Nikon D5 camera we are very surprised to see Nikon has taken a step backwards in terms of low light performance and its flagship camera.

Most importantly the low-light is score of Nikon D4S as well as Nikon d3s is better than Nikon D5.

source dxomarklab

Sony RX1R II DxOMark Test Score

Sony-RX1R-II-imgclick to enlarge

The Sony RX1R II DXO Mark Test score surfaced over the web and finally once again we have got a new king if compact camera today, the overall test score of the camera reached a bench mark of 97 which is 6 points more than the test score of Sony RX1R camera.

The Sony RX1R II camera low-noise score is far better than RX1, the camera  low light score uplifted  from 2534 to 3204, that a clear gain of 670 points.

The Sony RX1R II is the best compact camera for professional shooters those who have a habit of using fullframe system camera, how ever the cost of the camera is bit high and that isolates camera from regular shooters.

Now take a look at what DXO Mark said about the RX1R II camera

Sony-DSC-RX1R-II-imgclick to enlarge

Here is a quote from DxOMark:
The new RX1R II achieved an excellent DxOMark score of 97 points, with individual scores of 25.8 bits for color sensitivity, a wide 13.9 EVs dynamic range at base ISO (albeit slightly lower at base than the best tested), and a very good low-light ISO score of 3204 ISO. In terms of rankings, only the Pentax 645Z with its physically larger 43.8 x 32.8mm CMOS sensor (nearly 1.7x the surface area of a full-frame 35mm sensor) is ahead by just over a half-stop in noise levels.