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Canon 1DX Mark II Rumored Specification

Canon-1DX-Mark-II-imgThe recently leaked specification is bit different from the early rumored specification we have published here, in the recently leaked specification Canon says the upcoming camera will carry a 24 Megapixel fullframe sensor made by Canon, take a look at the more details below

Canon 1DX Mark II specification

  • 24mp full frame Canon sensor
  • 80+ AF Points
  • New processor technology
  • 14+ stops of dynamic range
  • Nearly 15fps
  • 4K video (max frame rate unknown)
  • Dual CFast
  • Slightly larger LCD

According to the leaked specification the upcoming camera module will carry 80 AF points, however no exact details are available.

The leaked specification looks bit logical, however the source didn’t mentioned that the upcoming camera will carry Dual pixel tech or not. Since currently all the Canon all APS-C sensor based camera uses HYBRID AF system, so we do believe Canon will soon bring DualPixel AF Sensors to its fullframe DSLRs.

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Canon 70D Successor Coming


A mock-up made by new camera staff

Canon soon announce a up-scaled version of Canon 70D camera, the name is not confirmed yet but the camera will have following core specification.

Canon upcoming DSLR specification leaked

  • Same AF system as 70D
  • 24 megapixel sensor with dual-pixel AF
  • A bit larger buffer
  • DIGIC 6

Currently the Canon 70D camera features a 20.2 MP Dual pixel CMOS AF sensor with Live view, so if Canon introduces a new 24.2 MP resolution sensor with Dual-Pixel CMOS AF, many semi-pro shooters will sure buy this new cam.


Another astrophotography related announcement ?

Let’s talk about the possibilities – After the announcement of dedicated fullframe astrophotography DSLR from Nikon (Nikon D810A) Canon may also upgrade it 60Da camera soon , possibly Canon 70Da…

Many websites are saying Canon may announce 70Da camera but they are not able to mention that a mean “astrophotography”, may be due to lack of the knowledge.

However we are not confirmed at the moment Since Canon is continuously changing its strategy to re-gain market share and make increase profit from DSLR / pro-compacts business.

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Canon Dual-Pixel CMOS AF System

Canon-DUal-Pixel-AF-sensor-Canon Dual-Pixel CMOS AF system is a complete breakthrough in the field of Auto-focusing technology. The Canon 70D announced on Jul 2, 2013 was the first camera  that features Dual-Pixel CMOS AF technology.

The Dual-pixel CMOS AF Sensor features two photodiodes distributed to each microlens. As a result, two parallax images are captured at once. With Dual Pixel CMOS AF, the amount of lens drive is calculated from the amount of signal difference (amount of shift) in the AF points. When the signals of two photodiode are in agreement the Focus is achieved.

The Dual Pixel CMOS AF takes very shorter focusing times and gives you exceptional tracking performance and smoother autofocusing during video shooting. Live View shooting can be used in a manner similar to using the camera’s viewfinder, the fast and smooth AF performance allows users to concentrate more attention on the subject and composing the photo when shooting. Dual Pixel CMOS AF also supports 103 models of EF lenses (including many earlier models), enhancing a photographer’s creative options as well as maximizing the benefit of Dual Pixel CMOS AF in a variety of situations.

List of Canon DSLRs that features Dual-Pixel CMOS AF Technology

  1. Canon 7D Mark II
  2. Canon 750D / 760D
  3. Canon 70D

Canon Cinema Cameras with Dual-Pixel CMOS AF Technology

  1. Canon C100 Mark II
  2. Canon C300 Mark II

Canon 7D Mark III Surfaced at Canon Austria’s site

Don’t get too excited, Canon 7D Mark III announcement is at-least 2 years away but Someone at Canon Austria’s does a Big Typo mistake. As you can clearly see in the image above Canon EOS 7D Mark III is mentioned on Canon Austria’s site for a cash back action.

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source – CanonWatch

Canon C300 MK2 Video - EVER FREE By Yosh Enatsu

Our blog reader and Canon C300 MK2 user Yosh Enatsu created a nice video “EVER FREE”. Take a look at the video below and also don’t forget to see the making of.


‘making of ‘EVER FREE”


Canon C300 mark II camera features fullframe CMOS AF sensor dedicated for recording videos, take a look at the major specification of Canon C300 Mark II via B&H Store

  • Super 35mm CMOS Sensor
  • 4K,1920×1080 60/50i, 23.98/25p True 24p
  • Canon XF AVC H.264 Codec
  • EF Lens Mount
  • with Dual Pixel CMOS AF
  • Rotating 4″ LCD Monitor
  • 2x 3G-SDI Output, 2x SLR Inputs
  • 2x CFast Card Slots
  • Timecode I/O, Genlock In & Sync Out
  • Canon Log 2 Gamma

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Canon Patent - Built-in ND Filter inside Dual Pixel CMOS AF Sensor

A new Canon patent appeared today, according to the patent the camera the upcoming Dual-pixel AF CMOS sensor will carry built-in ND filter.
As we know that the with Dual Pixel CMOS AF, the amount of lens drive is calculated from the amount of signal difference (amount of shift) in the AF points. When the signals of two photodiode are in agreement the Focus is achieved. Now according to the patent one (1) of the photodiode will have ND filter and another one will not… in that way the half of the sensor photodiodes will have ND filter and half of of them are normal pixels and it depend upon users to switch on normal of ND filter mode… this tech will help to expand the dynamic range of the camera.

Explanation and self-interpretation of the patent literature

Patent Publication No. 2015-87401
Published 2015.5.7
Filing date 2013.10.28
Canon patents
Dual Pixel AF
And set up a half-ND filter at the pupil position of the lens
Half ND filter can be switched

Canon is working too hard on latest technologies , we have already seen many multilayer sensor patents from Canon ….

see – Canon New Multilayer Sensor Patent Canon Multilayer Sensor Rumors and also see our old article What to expect from Canon ?

If you have better translation do share with us.

source – egmai

Canon 7D Mark II Auto Focus Test - Sample Videos

Canon-7D-Mark-II-side-imageBuy Canon 7D Mark II from Amazon ||  B&H

Canon 7D Mark II Auto Focus Test – many Sample Videos surfaced over the web that shows the impressive AF performance of the Canon 7D Mark II camera, Canon 7D Mark II uses Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology, the sensor of the camera integrates two different photodiodes within each pixel to provide a broad and dense network of phase-detection. The Dual pixel AF system is active while you are using live view of the camera or recording a video

The First set of Video are uploaded by Canon 7D Mark II users / photographers worldwide and after that break we have added the videos uploaded by Canon itself…

Canon 7D Mark II Videos Uploaded by Users

EOS 7D Mark II Skydiving Auto-Focus Test

…if this Autofocus works while you’re jumping out of a plane with it, chances are high it will work everywhere

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