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Firmware Update

Fuji X-A7 Full Specification and Price

Finally the full specification of the Fuji X-A7 camera is out, we are the only website who told you few days back that Fuji X-A7 will use Sony IMX 271 sensor and finally it does have it. We have also told you in our post that Camera will have 4K at 30FPS and streached time limit compared to Fuji X-A5. Take a look at details below

Fuji X-A7 Full Specification

  • Newly developed approximately 24.24 million pixel APS-C size sensor
  • Improved image quality during high-sensitivity shooting compared to X-A5
  • Uses copper wiring that enables high-speed data reading
  • Approximately 8.5 times the number of image plane phase difference pixels compared to X-A5
  • Realized 4K video using abundant amount of information equivalent to 6K by reading all pixels of the sensor
  • Capable of shooting smooth 4K movies at 30 frames / second
  • 4K video can be recorded continuously for up to 15 minutes, and full HD / HD video for up to 30 minutes.
  • Equipped with “Countdown Video” function for the first time as “X Series”
  • Equipped with “HD High Speed ​​Video” function
  • Equipped with 3.5 inch wide (16: 9) touch panel monitor of about 2.76 million dots
  • High visibility is achieved with a rear LCD monitor with a maximum brightness of 1000 candela.
  • For the first time in the “X Series”, the “Vari Angle Structure” that allows the monitor to be adjusted to any angle is adopted.
  • Lineup of “Scene Position” with “Light Trail” as “X Series” for the first time
  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth installed
  • Input / output terminals: USB Type-C (USB 2.0 High-Speed), HDMI micro terminal (Type D), φ2.5mm 3-pole mini jack
  • Recording media: SD card / SDHC card / SDXC card UHS-I
  • Battery: NP-W126S
  • Standard number of shots: approx. 270 standard, approx. 440 economy
  • Size: 119.0mm x 67.7mm x 41.2mm
  • Weight: Approximately 320g (including battery and memory card), approximately 271g (main unit only)
  • Color: Silver, Camel
  • Kit lens: XC15-45mmF3.5-5.6 OIS PZ
  • Reservation start date: September 12, 2019
  • Scheduled release date: Late October 2019
  • Mass retailer price: 92,950 yen including tax with lens kit (Overseas price: $ 699)
  • [Models released after October show a 10% consumption tax price]

The price of the camera with kit lens is $699 only. Fuji X-A7 will going to become entry level market leader soon with its specs and price.

We will update you soon as we get more information. Also see – Fuji X-A7 vs Fuji X-A5 Image Comparison

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source Nokoshita

Canon EOS RS Specification [Rumor]

According to latest rumors we have, Canon EOS RS (expected name) camera with a 80MP Canon made sensor may arrive on first half of 2020. Not only sensor information, rumor mills also published the possible specification of the camera

1. Canon EOS RS Possible Specification

  • A slightly larger body and grip than the EOS R
  • 80mp full-frame image sensor
  • A “new style” of joystick
  • Larger LCD than the EOS R
  • Larger viewfinder than the EOS R
  • The “viewfinder” can be tilted up and Dual SD card slots
  • No video specifications are known

So, the above information look feasible to me. As we all know that Canon 5DS/ 5DSR series Discontinued and Canon is working on High resolution mirrorless cameras. And most probably is Canon move on same schedule then the name of the upcoming camera is expected to be Canon EOS Rs Camera.

2. Canon 80MP Sensor information  surfaced from patent

Just few days back Rumormills spotted a patent in which we can clearly see that Canon is working on 83 MP sensor. More details below

A large number of pixels of 4 columns × 4 rows (8 columns × 8 rows of focus detection pixels) shown in FIG . 2 are arranged on the surface to enable acquisition of a captured image (focus detection signal). In the first embodiment, the period P is 4 [mu] m, the number of pixels N in the lateral 5575 columns × vertical 3725 lines of pixels = about 20.75 million pixels, the column period P of the focus detection pixels AF is 2 [mu] m, the focus detection pixel number N AF lateral The description will be made assuming that the imaging device has 11150 columns × vertical 7450 rows = approximately 83.06 million pixels.

However, if the are able to create BSI CMOS sensor it will be great. We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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source CR

Fuji X-A7 vs Fuji X-A5 Image Comparison

Redesigned Hand-grip

We have done a quick IMAGE comparison between Fuji X-A7 and Fuji X-A5, at first look you can notice the difference between the two. The X-A7 camera arrived with a redesigned hand-grip.

Vari-angle Display Screen on Fuji X-A7

Here we have he big change from fuji, every camera camera company know that vloggers have to face some serious problems when they get a camera with tilting screen. Mounting a micro-phone on tilting screen camera is almost impossible, you need a small camera rig for that or may be a customized microphone. But, fuji X-A7 new var-angle screen design everything looks so easy, specifically for vloggers.

Large Display and joystick

That’s really interesting, they are putting joystick and slightly large vari-angle display screen in a entry level camera. It will grab up consumer base of Canon 200D Mark II and Sony A6100 if it arrived with Hybrid AF.

We will update you soon. See more about Fuji X-A7

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Fuji X-A7 Camera Image Leaked

Finally we have the leaked images of the upcoming Fuji X-A7 camera. The design of the camera changed dramatically if we compared it with previous generation. The camera now features a var-angle dimply screen instead of a tilting-screen. Based on the rumors we have Fuji X-A7 is coming with Sony IMX 217 24MP APS-C CMOS Sensor and improved 4K video mode.

More Images of the Fuji X-A7 camera

on the rear side of the camera controls has been trimmed down and we now have a joystick to control menu items and AF points.

We will update you soon. See more about Fuji X-A7

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Leica SL2 Leaked Images and Specification

Finally we have the leaked images of the upcoming Leica SL2 camera. Also take a look at the major specification of the camera

Leica SL2 Major Specification

  • 47 million pixel CMOS
  • 4K video
  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth installed
  • Compatible with the application “Leica FOTOS”

Just few days ago we have received information about upcoming model code 2998 , now everything is very clear. The 2998 model code is Leica SL2. We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Nikon D6 vs Nikon D5 Image Comparison



Nikon D6 development announcement already done on Nikon on Sep 4, 2019 with only 1 press image and almost no information about the specs of the camera. We have done a quick image comparison of Nikon D6 camera with Nikon D5 camera. You can easily spot the difference in prism shape. From, the overall design it’s look like Nikon engineers done their homework fairly well, take a look at design difference of the camera

Major difference between the design of both camera


  • Prism is a different shape and taller.
  • The mode button is taller.
  • Slight angle difference to buttons plate.
  • Camera’s grip is angled and bigger at the bottom
  • Slight angle and size difference to side grip buttons
  • A small bump in the lower-left corner

We will be updating you more with more information

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Fuji X-A7 Surfaced, Initial Specification [Expectation]

Fuji just registered a new entry level Mirrorless camera Fuji X-A7 at Indonesia wireless certification agency. The announcement of the camera my happen on the month of November 2019.

Let’s take a look at the set of specifications we have for the upcoming camera.

Fuji X-A7 Initial Specification [Expectation]

1. Fuji X-A5 will use IMX 271 Sensor

Based on current situation and market trend, Fuji has no other way. They have to use class leading Sony made 24 MP IMX 271 CMOS sensor to make space in beginner segment.

Sony IMX 271 sensor, the Same sensor we have seen inside the Sony A6600, Sony A6400 and Sony A6100.

2. Improved 4K Video recording mode (4K 30FPS)

No more 4K @ 15fps with 5 min limit, we have kept out the name of X-A5 camera in best entry level vlogging camera list specifically due to the presence of 4K at 15 FPS and 5 min recording limit. We strongly believe that the upcoming camera have no such issue. Upcoming Fuji X-A5 camera will sure arrive with 4K at 30FPS and stretched recording limit.

We will be updating you once we get more information on Fuji X-A7 camera.

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