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Firmware Update

Olympus E-M5 vs Panasonic GH3

ephotozine done a High ISO comparison test between Olympus E-M5 and Panasonic GH3, Both camera was using Panasonic Leica DG Macro-Elmarit 45mm f/2.8 ASPH OIS Lens and ISO at 1600 and other settings set to Auto (AE & AWB), The Olympus E-M5 JPEG output streight from camera is more clear and sharper compared to Panasonic GH3.

Olympus E M5 vs Panasonic GH3

source / Image credit: ephotozine

Sony Professional NEX on September 12th

It’s almost confirmed that we will see a new professional NEX camera on September 12th, No details about specification or price is available now but we will update you soon as we get any new information.

So finally New PRO NEX is also added to Sep 12th list, See list of all Sony products coming on Sep 12th 2012.


Pentax Q10 Leaked Images

Pentax Q10 images surfaced over the web today, the Pentax Q10 is coming to replace Pentax Q (available at Amazon), specification is not out yet but the expected announcement date is mid-October 2012, available in silver, black and red color.

We have published the rumor few days ago [See here] that, Pentax is working on Pentax K-5 successor, a weatherproof 645D replacment, compact mirroless camera (Pentax Q10) and a 360 degree Digital camera. See more Pentax Rumors


More Leaked Images of Fujifilm XE-1

More leaked images of Fujifilm XE-1 surfaced over the web today the camera features 16 Megapixel sensor same as Fuji X Pro 1 and will arrive before December 2012,  see the leaked specification here


Fujifilm X-E1 Leaked Specifications

Fujifilm X-E1 specification leaked today, the X-E1 features same sensor as X-Pro 1 and comes with improves AF speed, see the details below

Fujifilm X-E1 Major Specification

  • Same 16MP sensor – same as X-Pro1
  • 6 fps
  • Light magnesium body
  • Improved AF speed
  • To be released before Christmas
  • Same video recording capabilities as the X-Pro1
  • Mic input
  • EVF only (not hybrid as the X-Pro1)
  • Pull 25 ISO to simulate Velvia in JPEG mode
  • Two colors: black and silver

The Fujifilm X-E1 expected to be arrive at Photokina (September 2012) with a price tag of $1000 (or less).
See Fujifilm X-Pro 1 at Amazon


Fujifilm XE-1 Leaked Images

The upcoming affordable version of X PRO1 name is Fuji X-E1, Images of Fujifilm XE-1 mirrorless camera leaked by Japanese website digicam.info

(translated), the camera have same design as the X PRO 1 but missing the hybrid viewfinder.

Based on latest rumors we are getting the new camera have same core specification as X Pro1, Fuji XE-1 will arrive in Black and Silver body, expected to be announced at Photokina / September 2012.

XF18-55mm F2.8-4 R OIS – standard kit lens for XE-1 Camera

Canon G2 X Specification [Rumor]

Canon G1 X is announced at Jan 9, 2012 so its It may be too early to expect a Canon G2 X, but it is not too early to publish a rumored specification, according to the specification Canon G2 X may arrive with improved Hybrid AF system like Canon EOS M, better image processor and newly designed lens with 2X more optical zoom and better macro performance. see the rumored specification below

Canon G2X Rumored Specification

  • Improved AF system (Phase + contrast detect)
  • DIGIC 5+ image processor, to improve the overall speed of the camera
  • Very short release time lag – electronic first shutter curtain
  • viewfinder field of vision increased upto 97%, built-in rear-projection LCD panel
  • New Lens – Increase in focal length of 26-130, aperture 2.7-5.6 and better macro performance
  • Base ISO starts from 50
  • High resolution LCD with 1,040,000 screen dots.
  • Price similar to current Canon G1 X

Please take this with a grain of salt: it is just a rumor for a new source.

Canon G1X at Amazon