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Firmware Update

Leaked Image of Olympus E-P5

The rumored Olympus E-P5 image surfaced over the web today, as we have reported earlier the camera have a retro look, similar to original PEN F of 1960’s.
The Olympus E-P5 will feature same 16-megapixel sensor as the OM-D EM-5, New AF engine, Built-in WiFi, but no built in viewfinder. A new 17mm F1.8 lens is also expected to be announced with Olympus E-P5. The E-P5 will be announced at a launch event on May 9, 2013.

Image Comparison – Olympus PEN E-P5 (2013) vs Olympus PEN F (1960)

Olympus PEN E-P5 (2013) vs Olympus PEN F (1960)

CLICK TO ENLARGE – Olympus PEN E-P5 (2013) vs Olympus PEN F (1960)


Image Comparison – Olympus E-P5 vs Olympus E-P3

Olympus E-P5 vs Olympus E-P3

CLICK TO ENLARGE – Olympus E-P5 vs Olympus E-P3


Samsung NX2000 Images and Specification Leaked

Samsung NX2000 surfaced over FCC and spotted by engadget, the NX2000 will feature Tizen OS, 20.3-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor with Built-in WiFi. Samsung is also expected to announce NX lenses: 10mm f/3.5 and 16-50мм f/2.8.


BIG DIFFERENCE - List of all 68 improvements the X100S has over the X100

Fuji X100s vs Fuji X100

Here’s a complete list of all 68 improvements the X100S has over the X100. Most of these changes were as a result of the fantastic feedback provided by X100 users.

1. 16-megapixel sensor, up from 12-megapixel
2. X-Trans CMOS II sensor eliminates need for Optical Low Pass Filter
2. The resolution has improved to match Full Frame domain sensors
3. The Signal to Noise ratio improved to be on a par with Full Frame domain sensors
4. Phase detection pixels allow 0.07 sec Auto focus
6. 1080p 60fps full HD movie
7. Improved start-up time. From 2.0sec to 0.9sec
8. Continuous Shooting from 5fps up to 6fps
9. Number of consecutive frames while using Continuous Shooting from 10 frames to 31 frames
10. Improved Shooting Interval from 0.9 seconds down to 0.5 seconds.
11. EXR Processor II Lens Modulation Optimiser reduces diffraction
phenomenon and peripheral aberrations.
12. EXR Processor II features X-Trans processing & new noise reduction.
13. Outputs 14bit RAW files
14. EVF has a 2.35 mil dot LCD
15. A new protective coating on the surface of the view-finder window prevents fingerprints and smudging.
16. The handling and response on focus ring has been improved.
17. The shooting range of the OVF has been expanded from 80cm-∞ to 50cm-∞
18. The world’s first MF system ‘Digital Split Image’.  It uses the phase detection to show accurate focus peaking.
See demo:
19. ‘Focus Peak Highlight’ function helps you to check the focal plane.
See demo:
20. In Movie Shooting, it is possible to choose 3 kinds of focusing modes
MF/ AF-C and AF-S.
21. Expanded AF shooting range from  40cm – infinity (X100) to 21cm – infinity (X100S). *not on Macro mode
22. Quick (Q) Button for speed and instant access to shooting menus.
23. Multi Tab Menu easy and fast navigation
24. Two new Film simulation functions added: Pro Neg.Std and Pro Neg. Hi
25. ‘F-simulation bracketing’ function – one shot can produce 3 different Film Simulation images which can be pre-set.
26. ‘Advanced filter’ mode
27. ‘Multi Exposure’ function. While viewing your first shot on EVF or LCD as overlay, you can shoot a second shot.
28. ‘Shutter Counter’ counts every 100 shots.
29. The shape of viewfinder window changed to help prevent dust build-up
30. The strap attachment rings are double coated with stainless-steel layer
31. Improved the shape of ‘Viewfinder lever’
32. Improved the layout of ‘Focus lever’ (goes MF > AF-C > AF-S now)
33. Improved the operability of the ‘MENU/OK button’
34. Improved shape of the ‘Q button’ (was previously the RAW button)
35. Improved the shape of ‘Front Ring’
36. Improved the torque of  ‘Exposure dial’
37. Improved layout of ‘Shutter speed dial’
38. Improved the design of Battery-chamber
39. Improved the shape of Hot shoe
40. Max ISO from 3200 to 6400 *ISO AUTO Mode
41. WB shift available in any mode
42. Variation of aspect ratio 3:2, 16:9, and 1:1
43. Improved functionality in MF mode
44. Able to reset the setting separately
45. No formatting on the setting when updating FW
46. Change the default LCD information setting -> standard
47. Reset function added for every custom mode
48. Information of all F-simulation modes
50. Support ‘Eyefi Connected’
51. Holding Q-button is short-cut function
52. Remove ‘ISO AUTO’ to Shooting Menu
53. Change the location of ‘AF area select button’
54. Change the sub-function of  ‘AF area select button’
55. Change the sub-function of ‘AE button’
56. Add the sub-function of ‘Fn button’
57. In Playback mode, add the ‘Information function’
58. In low light scene, LCD display becomes smooth.
59. After release the shutter button, immediately switch to playback mode.
60. After release the shutter button, could immediately use some key.
61. After bracket shooting,immediately switch to palyback mode.
62. When holding shutter button, LCD doesn’t freeze.
63. Support the SD-card used Macintosh.
64. In low EV scene, the exposure of LCD will adapt.
65. In Manual Exposure, the histogram will adapt.
66. In Post-viewing, eye sensor function can work
67. Support external microphone and electric release.
68. Change the information of  setting external Flash
69. The ND filter is now available in panorama mode.

Also see Fuji X100s vs Fuji X100 Major Specification Comparison Review

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Sony Cameras and Lenses Coming in Next Few Days

Sony NEX 3NWe now have the list of Sony products coming in next few days, the Alpha A58 will have a newly developed CMOS sensor and priced around $600, Sony affordable mirrorless camera NEX 3N with 16Mp APS-C sensor is also coming, see more details below

Sony A58 Rumored Specification

  • Sony SLT-A58 (α58), new 20MP APS-C sensor – price – $600
  • Sony NEX-3N, 16MP, Price –  $500
  • Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 lens (SAL50F14Z), price – $1,500
  • Sony 18-55mm II lens for A-mount (SAL18552), price – $220
  • Sony 70-400G f/4.5-5.6 II lens (SAL70400G2), price – $2,200

Samsung NX-R Mirrorless Coming in March 2013

Samsung NX RSamsung NX-R and NX-300 listed on Samsung website, Samsung announced its NEX300 hybrid AF camera on CES 2013 and expected to announce Samsung NX-R is coming on March 2013, No details available about the specification available yet. We will update you soon as we get any new info.


Samsung NX300 vs Samsung NX210

Samsung today announced  its new flagship mirrorless camera NX300 with advance Hybrid AF system and 2d-3d Image and video shooting capability (when combined with Samsung’s new 45mm 2D/3D lens). Samsung NX300 vs Samsung NX210 Take a look at specification comparison below

Samsung NX300 vs NX200

New in Samsung NX300 – Take a look at what new in Samsung NX300 Mirrorless camera.

Addition of AF points to the Sensor: Samsung added some AF points to its 20 Mp APS-C sensor to enhance AF system, but remember when some AF points added to sensor than we also loose image quality/low-light performance.

Introduction of DRIMe IV Image processor: With the introduction of new image processor we can see some noticeable changes (compared to NX210)

  1. Increase in the ISO speed (up to 25600),
  2. Recording of full HD movies frame rate extended to 60fps,
  3. Continuous shooting speed increased to 9fps,
  4. Max shutter speed also increased to 1/6000

Conclusion: Overall the core specification of the NX300 much better compared to the NX210, the new NX300 also gives you a option for shooting 2D-3D Images and Videos when combined with a 2D-3D 45mm lens.

We recommend NX300 over NX210. Current NX210 Still Shooters may wait for NX400 to see some major change in image quality.

Samsung NX300 - 3D Capable APS-C Mirrorless Camera with Hybrid AF

NX300 front

Buy Samsung NX300 from Amazon

Samsung today announces the new flagship model in its successful NX series – NX 300, It features 20 Mp APS-C mirrorless camera with ISO range of 100-25600, Hybrid AF system that uses Phase and Contrast AF system for faster and accurate focusing, on the rear side of the camera we have a large 3.3″ OLED display unit with 800 x 480 resolution, The NX300 uses a very fast DRIMe IV image processor that is capable of shooting nine frames-per-second at continuous shooting mode, you can also record 1080p videos at 60fps.

Samsung NX300 Major Features

  • 20 Mp APS-C Sensor
  • ISO range of 100-25600
  • DRIMe IV imaging engine
  • Hybrid AF system (Phase and Contrast )
  • 1/6000 sec shutter speed
  • 3.3″ OLED display unit ( 800 x 480 resolution )
  • Capture in both 2D and 3D (when combined with Samsung’s new 45mm 2D/3D lens)
  • Wi-Fi connectivity / Remote Viewfinder function

New NX 45mm F1.8 2D/3D lens also announced with NX300, the first one-lens 3D system capable of capturing both still images and full HD movies in perfect 3D quality

The Samsung 45mm 2D/3D lensis the world’s first one-lens 3D system for a consumer camera. Capable of capturing both still pictures and full 1080p HD video, the Samsung NX300 and 45mm 2D/3D lens kit have become the only compact system camera supporting both 3D still and 3D movie. The NX300 is also compatible with Samsung’s entire range of NX lenses and professional standard accessories, giving users an unparalleled range of options when striving for that perfect shot.