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Firmware Update

Canon 700D vs Canon 600D

Canon 700D vs Canon 600D

Canon 700D / T5i vs 600D / T3i, the Canon 600D is approx two year older than Canon 700D, take a look at the major specification comparison below,


New Sensor: Canon 700D features 18.0 Megapixel Hybrid CMOS AF sensor, Can do AF while recording videos, Canon 600D doesn’t have AF points within the sensor

Canon 700D Sensor

The EOS Rebel 700D features Canon’s new Hybrid CMOS AF System, perfect for shooting photos and video in Live View. This system combines two distinct AF technologies, phase and contrast detection AF, for speedier and more accurate focus. These complementary focusing systems are aided by pixels on the camera’s CMOS sensor that assist in predicting subject location, making continuous focus tracking quick and accurate in video recording while enhancing focusing speed.

Image Processor

 The Canon 700D features canon newly developed image processor DIGIC 5.

Image Processor 600D vs 700D


The Canon 700D DIGIC V Image Processor works with the camera’s newly developed CMOS sensor to deliver advance performance, with Canon 700D you get improved ISO sensitivity, can shoot up to 5.0 fps continuously and can even perform advanced functions like HDR Backlight Control, art filters, lens correction.


The Canon 700D features Full HD @ 30 fps with Movie Servo AF, Canon 600D Can record Full HD @ 30 fps but No AF available while recording videos.

Movie Servo AF allows continuous autofocus tracking of moving subjects while recording video. When shooting video with one of Canon’s STM lenses, such as the new EF-S 18–55mm f/3.5–5.6 IS STM, Movie Servo AF takes advantage of the lens’ stepping motor for smooth and quiet continuous AF.


Canon 600D have 3″ Vari-angle Fixed LCD Display, The Canon 700D features Vari-angle Touch Screen 3.0-inch Clear View LCD monitor II, 700D offers two-finger touch gestures for zooming or changing images focus point and shutter release can be activated with the touch of a fingertip using Touch AF.

Other feature +

Features an intelligent Multi Shot Noise Reduction tool that reduces noise even further than the camera’s sensor and the DIGIC 5 Image Processor do. With Multi Shot Noise Reduction activated, the camera takes four consecutive shots, merges and aligns them. This eliminates more noise than the Rebel’s traditional Noise Reduction filter, with little or no apparent resolution loss.

Verdict : We highly recommend you to buy Canon 700D DSLR.

Buy Canon 700D from Amazon

Also See: Recommended Lenses for Canon 600D / T3i

Canon EOS B vs Canon 650D - Specification Comparison

Canon B vs Canon 650D

The Canon EOS B is expected to be announced on March 21/22 2013, take a look at the Specification Comparison review, we will update this page as soon more data become available.

Canon EOS B vs Canon EOS 650DCost Factor

  • Canon EOS B will cost you approx $799 with 18-55mm kit Lens
  • Canon EOS 650D will cost you $ 649.00 with 18-55mm kit Lens (Available at Amazon | B&H)

Early VerdictCanon B features same sensor  and core specification as Canon EOS 650D, so Canon 650D users should wait for a better camera. For those who want a small size DSLR, Canon EOS B is one of the best option.

Nikon D7100 vs Canon 650D / T4i


Take a look at the Specification review of Nikon D7100 vs Canon 650D and share your thoughts with us.

Nikon D7100 vs Canon 650D


Nikon D7100 is a new 24.1-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor and Canon 650D features 18 MP APS-C  Hybrid CMOS sensor

Nikon D7100 is bit larger sensor and features more megapixel than Canon D650.

No Optical Low Pass Filter

Due to no optical low pass filter the Nikon D7100 will capture more details, color and have less noise at high ISO.


Nikon D7100 and 650D features almost same ISO range, but Nikon D7100 can push its ISO to as low as 50, Canon is limited to 100.


Nikon D7100 features better 51 point advance AF system with 15 cross type points, Canon 650D features Hybrid AF system with 9 points, All 9 points are cross-type, as opposed to only the central point in the 600D. The central point is also dual cross-type ( sensitive to diagonal lines) at f/2.8.

Due to Phase AF points within the sensor, Canon Phase AF is also available during video recording, Nikon D7100 is limited to contrast AF during video recording.

  • Auto FocusDetection Range of Nikon D7100 is -2 to 19 EV
  • Auto FocusDetection Range of Canon 650D is EV -0.5 – 18

Nikon have better AF Detection Range, Compared to Canon 650D.

Continuous Shooting Speed

Nikon D7100 features fast Continuous Shooting Speed compared to 650D in 1.3X crop mode (13.5 MP), in full resolution capture both have similar speed.


you can capture full HD videos @ 60fps from Nikon D7100, AF is done by Contrast detect method during vide o recording.

Canon 650D Full HD is limited to 30fps but you get Phase AF while recording videos.



Nikon features fixed high resolution LCD display on the other hand Canon 650D is the first DSLR to feature vari-angle touch display with Touch and Shoot technology.

other features

Nikon D7100 features Environmentally sealed body – no such feature in 650D

Nikon D7100 features 100% coverage optical viewfinder, Canon is limited to 95%

Nikon D7100 features longer battery life (950 vs 440)

Canon 650D feature in Camera HDR and multi-shot noise reduction capture, no such feature available in Nikon D7100.

Conclusion – Winner Nikon D7100

  • Nikon D7100 features better + big sensorNo Low Pass Filter
  • Better AF system
  • Fast Burst Mode
  • Better Video mode

Canon 650D features better sensor , advance AF system and rugged body design – We highly recommend you buy Nikon D7100.

Buy Nikon D7100 from Amazon | B&H | Amazon UK

Canon 650D / T4i High ISO Test

High ISO test of Canon 600D published by FOCUS NUMERIQU, the noise of Canon 600D, Canon 650D and Nikon D3200 is very low / not visible at up to ISO 1600, so we have selected images after ISO 1600 to 12800. The brightness was set at 200 Lux during the test and the new canon 650D uses Canon 40mm STM lens.

Canon 650D High ISO Test
Noise is visible from ISO 1600 and lost in the detail begins at ISO3200. The color changes at ISO 3200 slightly, and the details become bit more less at ISO 6400. We can also see increased particle / color noise, noise can also be seen as not beautiful geometric patterns, at ISO 12800 Dynamic range is reduced, noise is greatly increased, detail is lost.


Buy Canon 650D from Amazon
Buy Nikon D3200 from Amazon

From FOCUS NUMERIQU – Translated by google
A quantum leap is taken at ISO 1600 with a granulation becomes visible and more blunt for details, but the image remains a draw for great classic between A4 and A3.

A cut above (3200), the grain is a little more visible and it just nibble the finest details. A new line has been crossed in 6400 with a slight color drift: the colors become pale and lose intensity. On flat colors, the grain becomes visible and provides a geometric structure unattractive. On the black background, it is possible to see purple veins.

In ISO 12800, the dynamics decrease, the grain becomes coarse in fact eliminating the fine details. It is, as proposed Canon, ISO sensitivity up really useful because, let’s say it bluntly, the H mode (ISO 25600) is frankly not good…

to download the high res RAW files / or to see full test result visit: (French Website)

Canon 650D Recommended Lenses

We have sorted out some of the best lenses for your Canon 650D / T4i, Canon 650D is the first DSLR made in canon factory that features Full Time AF during video recording also the overall AF performance of the 650D is very much improved due to phase and contrast detect AF system and the 650D focuses 2X faster when live view mode is used compared to 600D.


Starting from a Best All-rounder Lens for Canon 650D

Buy Canon 650D / T4i with  Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM Lens from Amazon | B&H

Canon 18-135mm STM Lens is the best all rounder lens for shooting any type of scene, it also features STM (stepping motor) technology for quiet continuous auto focusing while shooting video. The 18-135mm is a real all-rounder lens made for Canon 650D, for the first time in a Canon EF lens line-up, the 18-135mm uses 4 stop Image stabilization for still images and Dynamic IS (Movie Shooting Mode only) that uses a wide image stabilization correction range to help ensure steady video even when shooting while walking.

For Still shooters – We still recommends the EF-S Canon 18-200mm IS  lens, With  18-200mm you get more range (18-200 vs 18-135mm) and sharp images even at 200 mm focal length, the lens will give you Image Stabilization system that delivers up to four equivalent stops of shake correction throughout the zoom range but It doesn’t have Dynamic IS mode and Silent step-drive motor optimized for video shooting as 18-135mm STM lens, so if you shoot still images only buy than Canon 18-200mm lens


Zoom Lens for Canon 650D / T4i

Buy Canon EF 70-300mm IS Lens from Amazon | B&H

The 70-300mm IS lens features a very good quality of optics under affordable price, the Lens also features IS so you can shoot handhold the lens at shutter speeds 3 steps slower than would otherwise be possible, the 70-300mm IS lens is the best lens available in canon that comes at an affordable price.

Looking for more affordable option Try EF-S Canon 55-250mmIS Lens, The compact and affordable EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS offers a good telephoto performance. Center of the lens performance is best, the lens performance degrades a bit at the wide-end and long-end. The AF is slow but focus accuracy is not a problem.Buy from Amazon || B&H


Canon 650D / T4i Lens for Portrait Photography

Buy Canon EF 50mm F1.8 Lens from Amazon | B&H

The 50mm F1.8 is a affordable portrait lens with exceptional image quality, It takes sharp images and creates beautiful and smooth bokeh when used at F1.8 or F2.8 aperture. A highly recommended and affordable portrait lens for your Canon 650D / T4i.


Macro Lens for Canon 650D / T4i

Buy Canon EF-S 60mm F2.8  USM from Amazon | B&H

The EF-S 60mm F2.8 Macro lens is made for Canon APS-C fromat camera like canon 650D / 600D / 60D and 7D, the 60mm captures images at 1:1 image ratio and features Ultra Sonic Motor with full-time manual override, the minimum focus distance of 7.8″ or 20 cm.

Recommended Lenses for Video Shooting with Canon 650D / T4i

A totally new range of STM Lenses announced with 650D to enhance the video shooting experience, the newly developed STM (stepping motor technology) used for smooth, quiet continuous auto focusing while shooting video.

Buy Canon 40mm STM from Amazon | B&H

Buy Canon  18-135mm STM Lens from Amazon | B&H (available with 650D)

Both the lenses features step motor technology, the new technology allows the lenses to smoothly and silently focus, and when used in combination with Canon’s new EOS Rebel T4i Movie Servo AF feature, achieve continuous AF while recording video. The new stepping motor technology in both lenses quietly focuses allowing the EOS Rebel T4i’s stereo microphone to only record the sounds of the scene being shot.

The 40mm F2.8 STM lens is a high  quality pocket size lens and excellent for portrait and video shooting, the 18-135mm covers a wide range and also features New STM and Dynamic IS for video shooting.

Inside Canon 650D

Take a look inside Canon latest entry level DSLR 650D / T4i, the 650D features 18 Mp sensor, Hybrid AF system for Still and video, Full HD & HD video recording and first DSLR to feature touch screen, See more about canon 650D

Buy / pre-order Canon 650D from Amazon

Canon 650D Self-Cleaning Sensor

Canon 650D Shutter Unit

Canon 650D AF Sensor Canon 650D AF Sensor

Canon 650D CPU BoardCanon 650D CPU Board

Canon 650D SensorCanon 650D Sensor

Canon DIGIC 5 image processorCanon DIGIC 5 image processor

Canon 650D Videos

Canon 650D features hybrid AF system for AF during video mode, the new 650D is the only canon DSLR that supports newly announced 18-135mm and 40mm STM lenses optimized for video shooting, Some new videos are available, see the links and videos below

Sample videos taken by Canon 650D available at Canon Japan

Uploaded by Canon

Canon 650D Review

Canon 650D Overview

Canon 650D Overview