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Firmware Update

Canon Patent Computational Photography Camera

Canon working on computational photography. We can see in the patent image camera just similar to the light field l16 camera, with multiple camera modules on it.

So it’s completely new concept for a company like Canon, to enter into computational photography. BTW, all major Smartphone manufacturers using dual or even Quad camera setup to create depth of field like DSLR.

We have already seen Light field L16 camera with multiple camera module, that perfectly generates depth of field like Pro lenses.

Light L16 camera

Light L16 is first Light Filed or Computational Photography Camera. But it’s availability is limited to US only.

We also have to keep in our mind that it’s not always necessary something that we see as a patent will it make it into production.

The patent was published on Nov of 2012. So, is also possible that Canon may have some working prototype of Light field camera in its lab.

Continue reading Canon Patent Computational Photography Camera

Canon Working on 10X Optical Zoom Lens for APS-C Compact Camera

Canon working on 10X optical zoom lens for APS-C compact camera. As we all know that the recently announced Canon G1X Mark III camera features 3X Optical Zoom lens. So, Canon is preparing for future competition and we may see a variant of Canon APS-C sensor based Megazoom camera.

Specification and lens arrangement of embodiment 5 for APS-C compact camera
Zoom ratio: 9.96
Focal length: 18.56 39.37 184.95
F no.: 3.61 5.11 6.49
Half image angle: 36.35 19.13 4.22
Image height: 13.66 13.66 13.66
Lens length: 110.65 121.29 164.53
Back focus: 8.65 10.60 12.43

[Publication number] Japanese Unexamined
Patent Application Publication No. 2018-36364 (P2018-36364A)
[Publication date] Heisei 8, March 2018 (2018.3.8)

We will update you soon as we get any new information.


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Canon Patent 20X Optical Zoom Lens for 1 inch Sensor

Canon patent 20X optical zoom lens for 1″ sensor. We have two zoom lenses patent in a row one having aperture range of F2.7-4.6 and one having F2.7-5.6. At the moment we are waiting for Canon G3X successor [G3X successor have 25X 2.8-5.6 optical zoom].

Take a look at the translated patent details

Canon Patent 20X Optical Zoom Lens

canon patent image

Specification and lens arrangement of embodiment 2
Zoom ratio: 20.00
Focal length: 8.50 54.45 170.00 mm
F No .: 2.70 3.96 4.50
Half image angle: 37.14 7.74 2.49
Image height: 6.44 7.40 7.40 mm
Lens length: 144.32 144.32 144.32
Back focus: 11.37 11.37 11.37 mm P2018-25624A


Specification and lens arrangement of embodiment 5
Zoom ratio: 20.00
Focal length: 8.30 55.00 166.00 mm
F No .: 2.70 4.80 5.60
Half image angle: 37.84 7.67 2.56
Image height: 6.45 7.41 7.41 mm
Lens length: 149.39 149.39 149.39 mm
Back focus: 13.43 13.43 13.43 mm P2018-25625A Specification and lens arrangement aspect 1 Zoom ratio: 19.50 Focal length: 10.60 72.07 206.68 F No .: 3.61 3.61 3.61 Half image angle: 36.10 5.85 2.03 Image height: 7.41 7.41 7.41 Lens length: 198.01 198.01 198.01 Back focus: 30.92 37.81 16.95

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Canon Working on Sensor Based Image Stabilization

canon dslr IS

Canon Working on 3 axis Sensor Based Image Stabilization. As you can see the 402 is the moving part of the sensor. So, we expect that Canon upcoming Mirrorless and DSLRs will going to have built-in image stabilization.

Take a look a the patent details below

  • Pub. US 2018/00
  • Pub date: Feb 8, 2018
  • Filed on: Oct 5, 2017

3 axis is

The Patent is new so we expect intro of this tech 2 years from now. Possibly Canon 1DX Mark III or Canon 5D Mark V will have in body Image stabilization.

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Canon Working on Finger Print Sensor For Upcoming DSLR and Lenses

Fingerprint sensor or not a new technology there are lot of Smartphones that do carry a fingerprint sensor on the rear side. This fingerprint sensors are actually a authentication tool in most of the smartphones and they are used to unlock the device.

Now, Canon is also working on fingerprint sensor for their dslrs and lenses as you can see in the patent drawing below.

Canon DSLRs With touch sensor

In the drawing it is clearly visible that a DSLR also having a fingerprint sensor in the body as well as the lens attached to the DSLR also built in fingerprint sensor.

Finger print sensor in Canon Kit Lens

with the introduction of fingerprint sensor in the day lenses Canon secure the camera as well as lenses, it’s also a very positive step and if the introduce search feature inside DSLR.

So we may see these technology in upcoming Canon 5D Mark V, Canon 1DX Mark III Camera ? Who knows 🙂

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Patent Details An electronic apparatus includes an authenticator configured to identify registered finger information that coincides with detected finger information by matching the detected finger information with the plurality of registered finger information in a predetermined order, an executor configured to execute a function corresponding to the registered finger information identified by the authenticator, a user identifier configured to identify the actual user among the plurality of registered users by acquiring user identification information representing the actual user or by performing a determination process configured to determine the actual user, and a controller configured to change the predetermined order according to the actual user identified by the user identifier.

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Source | Via CW

Canon Working on Advance Power Zoom Adapter For Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless power zoom adapter

The New Camera Exclusive – As we have already seen the Canon power zoom PZ-E1 adapter (Amazon) enables electronic zoom control for some Canon lenses in DSLRs. In a recent patent (2017.7.20) published by Canon, they are working on advance power zoom adapter for Mirrorless camera lenses. In the patent image we can clearly see camera shown in the image for reference doesn’t carry any Mirror inside, We do hope the next gen of power zoom adapters for mirrorless will carry more advance core specs.

Application number: JP20160005679 20160115
Priority number(s): JP20160005679 20160115

Translated Description : To provide a control system capable of preventing a zoom operation from stopping, the zoom operation likely to stop once noises cause a lowest driving voltage to go below a threshold value, the threshold value of a lowest driving voltage set by each lens so as to avoid an unstable operation, as a rotational load of a zoom ring differs from lens to lens, in an accessory attachable to an interchangeable lens configured to externally operating a zoom ring.SOLUTION: An imaging apparatus system includes a camera main body 1, an interchangeable lens 2 attachable to the camera main body 1 and an accessory 38 attachable to the interchangeable lens 2. The accessory 38 includes a drive part 34 capable of operating a zoom ring, a power supply unit 36, a detector configured to detect a voltage of the power supply unit 36, and a determination part configured to determine whether or not the power supply voltage has gone below a threshold value by a predetermined number of times. The determination part controls an operation stop by the accessory 38.SELECTED DRAWING: Figure 1

Canon Patent Stacked CMOS Sensor

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Canon Patent Stacked CMOS Sensor

Canon new Stacked CMOS Sensor patent surfaced over the web. Before, we begin let me tell you that Sony A9 was the World’s first FF camera with stacked CMOS sensor inside it. Stacked CMOS sensor allows you to process the entire data 25% more faster than of Conventional CMOS sensor. And that’s the Sony A9 camera is able to processor 24MP files @ 20 frames per second.

Patent Image

Canon Patent Stacked CMOS Sensor

Patent details image

We also hope that Upcoming Canon camera will have more improved AF and data transfer speed.  Not only Stacked CMOS sensor, Canon doesn’t have a Fullframe BSI CMOS sensor. And they are also working on it (See here).

We do hope that Canon will soon bring more advance version of DPAF / Stacked or BSI technology in coming flagship cameras.

Source USPTO | Via NL