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Firmware Update

More Signs: Canon G7X Mark III Coming...

Finally, we got hints from reputed rumor mill that Canon G7X Mark II camera is discontinued by the manufacturer. Well that’s a great news if true. We have got multiple hints in the past that Canon G7X Mark III camera is expected to arrive in the year of 2018.

Few, month ago Canon registered a G series camera EC804 in wireless certification agency. According to Japanese sources the EC804 is a G series camera, possibly Canon G7X Mark III.

All these indicate we may see successor of Canon G7X mark II soon, possibly in next few months.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Update: Man behind the Fake Canon G7X Mark III Leaked Images

Canon G7X Mark III images

Breccia – Man behind the Fake Images of Canon G7X Mark III

Canon G7X Mark III leaked images was a hoax and it was created by a Italian vlogger “Breccia”. The time we have received the images we have decided not to publish them without further verification. But within few mins a highly reputed rumormill published the same with big water mark on them,  and finally we have also decided to do publish the same. And not only that we have also published the large files without any watermark to let you decide these images are fake or real.

This incident will make us to look more deeper to the leaked images coming from a new source. At the same time why Breccia made fake images.. maybe to drive some thousands of subscribers from us to his new youtube channel.

Canon G7X mark III Images - Real of Fake ? We want to know your thoughts ?

Canon G7X Mark III image

Before we being let me tell you that I want to believe the images we have recieved are real, I also want to believe the Canon G7X Mark III camera coming with New DPAF sensor, 4K video and external Mic support.

The big question is the images we have received are real of fake ?

So, first time on internet we are posting high resolution leaked images of the Canon G7X Mark III camera without any watermark. So, you can download and see for yourself and let us know what you think about the images ?

Canon G7X Mark III High Resolution Images Direct Link

See Canon G7X Mark III images for yourself clearly in high resolution, they have no watermark and do let us know what you think about them.

Post your thoughts on the comment box below

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Canon G7X Mark III Leaked Images

We have received email from Canon Insider (Thanks so much), and he have given images of the upcoming Canon G7 X Mark 3 camera. If the images are true then for sure the Canon G7 X Mark 3 camera is coming with big improvement

Earlier we have recieved info that Canon G7X Mark III camera is coming with DPAF sensor. And we do believe that it will have for sure.


On the rear display screen you can clearly see the Canon compact camera that can capture 4K videos 50p which is really unbelievable for me. But if it’s true then ..WOW.. I will get one for sure

Now, one of the biggest problem with the Canon G7 X mark 2 camera was the built-in microphone and not a option to add external microphone inside it. But in the upcoming camera we can clearly is see, on the side there is a port for microphone input which will going to help a lot of vloggers to get this camera.

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