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Canon G3 X vs. Canon G1 X Mark II

Canon-PowerShot-G3-X-vs.-Canon-PowerShot-G1-X-Mark-II-12Which camera should you buy, newly announced Canon G3X camera or Canon G1X Mark II camera, take a look at the detailed specification comparison review below and share your thoughts with us….

Major Difference

Canon PowerShot G3 X vs. Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II Specification Comparison Table.

Canon PowerShot G3 X vs. Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II 4

Sensor:  The canon GX3 X camera features 20 MP 1″ sensor and the Canon G1X Mark II features 12 MP 1.5″ sensor, that clearly means that the photo diodes of the Canon G1X Mark II are big compared to the Canon G3X camera, large photodiodes collects more light and in-return you get better low-light images.

But both the sensors are bit different, the Canon G1X Mark II camera is build by Canon itself and Canon G3X  sensor is developed by Sony, (same sensor as of RX100 M3).

Lens: The Canon G3X features a 25X optical zoom lens on the other hand the Canon G1X Mk II limited to 5X optical zoom lens only, the other noticeable difference is the aperture range of both the camera, the Canon G1X Mark II features bright optical zoom lens F2.0 – F3.9 on the other hand the ISO range  of the G3X is limited to F2.8-F5.9, however we have to keep in mind the G3X has more lens elements inside it compared to the Canon G1X MK II camera.

More ISO Range – Despite of having small sensor and more resolution the Canon G3X offers more ISO range, so we do expect that Canon G3X will perform better under low-light condition. However we will publish high ISO test images of both the camera as soon as they became available.

Both camera features Hybrid image stabilization, the system selects from Normal IS, Panning IS, Macro (Hybrid) IS and Tripod modes. When shooting video, the system selects from Dynamic IS, Powered IS, Macro (Hybrid) IS and Active Tripod IS modes.

Auto-focus system – Both the compact camera features same type of contrast based AF system with 31 AF points.

Fast Continuous shooting speed in G3X – The Canon G3X not only features more resolution but it also features bit more continuous shooting speed. So if you are a sports shooter and need a compact camera than for sure the Canon G3X is best for you since it offers you more optical zoom, ISO range and burst rate.


Canon G3X can shoot Full HD Video @ 60fps on the other hand the Canon G1X Mark II camera is limited to 30fps only while recording the video, the optical zoom will sure help you to get closer to

Dust- and water-resistant – Canon G3X is the first Canon G Series compact camera to feature weather resistance sealing, the camera G1X Mk II doesn’t have such type of sealing. The weather sealing let you free to use your compact without worrying about outdoor weather condition.

Verdict: I will pick Canon G3X as clear winner, since the camera features more optical zoom, more ISO range and and bit fast continuous shooting speed… we highly recommend you to buy Canon G3X camera.

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Sony RX100 M3 vs Canon G1X Mark II vs Ricoh GR vs Panasonic GM1

A High ISO test recently done by french website Focus Numerique, If you look at the image below you will surely see that Sony RX100 M3 showing more details at 100% compared to large sensor cameras, a quick info about the sensor specification – Sony RX100 M3 features 20.1MP 1″ Exmor R BSI CMOS Sensor, Canon G1X Mark II have newly developed 12.8MP High-Sensitivity 1.5″ CMOS Sensor, Ricoh GR have 16.2MP APS-C Format CMOS Sensor and finally GM1 have 16MP M4/3 format Digital Live MOS Sensor.

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Sony RX100 M3 vs Canon G1X Mark II vs Ricoh GR vs Panasonic GM1

Sony RX100 M3 vs Canon G1X Mark II


Sony RX100 M3 vs Canon Canon G1X Mark II, the Sony RX100 M3 comes with a 1 inch sensor on the other hand the Canon G1X Mark II have a 1.5 inch sensor, the more sensor area means more light gathering area and hence you get noise free images and more color + contrast at high ISO range compared to the competitor… take a look at the major difference below


We already discussed the benefit of larger sensor, now lets talk about the lens. The Canon offers more optical zoom lens (2x more) compared to Sony RX100 M3 but Sony offers better aperture range compared to Canon. Bright lenses delivers bit more light to the sensor.

Zoom + Macro mode: Canon offers more zoom lens + better macro mode compared to Sony RX100 M3.

Hybrid Image Stabilization: Both camera features Hybrid Image stabilization modes, Canon G1X Mark II offers IS for wide range of movements >> Panning IS, Macro (Hybrid), Dynamic IS mode (video work) and final Powered IS for tele zoom, we are bit un-confimred but Sony RX100 M3 also features 5 axis based IS system, no more details available.

Advance AF system: Both camera have same type of contrast detect AF system, but the Canon G1X Mark II comes with more AF point hence you get more screen area under AF

Shutter Range: Canon G1X Mark II have bit broad shutter range compared to RX100 M3.

Top Continuous shooting speed: Sony features 2X more continuous shooting speed (10 fps) than Canon G1X Mark II, hence for sports-shooter we recommend RX100 M3 camera.

Video: Sony RX100 M3 shoot Full HD videos 60fps and able to record it at high-quality XAVC S format, which uses a Long GOP (Group of Pictures) structure, MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 video compression is also available., and other major feature is linear PCM audio compression option available in RX100 M3 camera. Canon G1X Mark II records Full HD videos @ 30fps in the Internet-friendly MP4 format.

Display: Canon G1X Mark II have 3.0″ 1,040k-dot capacitive touchscreen LCD display unit, that moves on multiple direction on the other hand RX100 M3 have 3.0″ 1229k-Dot Multi-Angle Xtra Fine LCD.

Viewfinder: Sony RX100 M3 features advance 1440k-Dot OLED Tru-Finder Pop-Up EVF with eye sensor, no viewfinder present in Canon GX Mark II.

Ease of use: Sony RX100 M3 is very pocket-table camera and easily fits in your tight jeans without any problem, the Canon G1X Mark II need a jacket pocket.

Price Factor: Both camera available at approx same price tag – $799 (MSRP), no major difference here.

Connectivity: Both camera features WiFi and NFC connectivity.

Verdict: Yes Canon will give you better image quality due to its larger sensor + you get bit more flexibility due to the more optical zoom lens and better macro mode. But Sony gives you ultra compact design,  fast continuous shooting mode and excellent video recording mode with high-quality XAVC S format recording option.

if you are a travel / street photographer and need a ultra slime camera for your pocket than Sony RX100 M3 is a excellent choice.

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Canon G1X Mark II Announced in China


Just few days ago we have seen a Teaser by Canon China (see here), and the teaser finally ended up with Canon G1X Mark II announcement, the Canon G1X Mark II announced by Canon on February 11th, 2014 (see announcement page here see all post related to Canon G1X Mark II )…

Canon G1X Mark II at DxOMark Lab


The Canon G1X Mark II latest test result published over the web, the score of new G1X Mk II is lower than its predecessor Canon G1X.


Canon G1X Mk II comes with new sensor, fast / bright lens and improves AF performance, but the new sensor test score turn out too bad according to DxO Mark lab… hope Canon will fix this in next Canon G1X Mark III camera.

Also see specification comparison review here  –  Canon G1X Mark II vs Canon G1X | | Canon G1X Mark II vs Sony RX100 M2

Canon G1X Mark II vs Sony RX100 M2


Canon G1X Mark II features newly developed 1..5 inch CMOS sensor and on the other hand the Sony RX100M2 features 1 inch sensor, the other major difference is the size, the size of Canon G1X is really bit bigger than your pocket slim Jeans pocket and demands a large Jacket pocket.


Sensor size: The Canon features bigger sensor size and less megapixels compared to Sony RX100 M2,

Bigger sensor size collects more light in the sensor area compared to the smaller one and hence you get better low light performance and greater color depth.

Bigger Photodiodes in Canon G1X Mark II Sensor: Photodiodes are the part of the sensor that’s actually sensitive to light, a photodiode converts light (photons) into electricity (electrons).  Sony 1 inch sensor have approx 20 million photosites, and on the other hand the Canon G1X Mark II have 1.5 inch sensor and 12  million photosites, bigger sensor can obviously collect a lot more light per pixel –  Canon G1X Mark II is bigger and will collect more light compared to Sony RX100 M II.

 No-optical low pass filter – Sony RX100 M2 have no optical low pass filter inside hence you will get more sharp images when compared to Canon G1X Mar II

AF system: Both camera features Same contrast based AF system, but Canon comes with more AF points compared to RX100 M2. The newly developed AF system of Canon G1X Mark II is approx 2X faster than its predecessor. The PowerShot G1 X Mark II also supports 1-point and Touch AF.

Lens: Canon features more optical zoom lens than Sony, but Sony with limited zoom gives you more bit bright lens at the wide-end.

Image Stabilization: Canon features Hybrid Image Stabilization system , it include Panning IS, Macro (Hybrid) setting specifically corrects for shift-type shake, Dynamic mode IS for Video,  Powered IS active while using telephoto zoom and Active Tripod mode corrects minor amount of camera shake, Sony RX100 M2 have Optical SteadyShot image stabilization that works Active 3-Way stabilization works on clockwise and counter-clockwise movements only.

Fast Continuous Shooting Speed: Sony offers fast continuous shooting of 10fps, Canon G1X limited to 5fps only.

Display: Canon features high resolution fixed touch screen and Sony have tilting touch screen (no touch), with Canon G1X its easy to quickly access the main menus… so final choice is your which type of screen you prefer.

Both camera features built-in WiFi and NFC that enables remote shooting and wireless transfer of images .

Size and Weight: Sony RX100 M2 lighter and smaller than Canon G1X Mark II, +1  it will also comes with more battery life, suitable for travel photographers.

More Manual Controls in Canon G1X Mark II: Canon G1X Mark II comes with Dual Control Rings, inner ring is stepped and can be directed to set aperture value, shutter speed and exposure compensation and the outer, continuous ring gives you full control over the AF of the camera.

Verdict: Based on Specification Comparison review we recommend you to buy Canon G1X Mark II camera since it will give you better image quality than Sony RX100 M2 camera, but if you are a travel photographer and need a ultra slime camera for your pocket than Sony RX100 M2 is a excellent choice.

Pre-order / Buy your camera now

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Canon G1 X Mark II Sample Images


Canon G1X Mark II many sample images surfaced over the web today, the image look good at 100%, you can view full size sample images from Canon Japan website and some small size available at Canon UK website.

The Canon G1X Mark II features newly developed sensor 1.5inch sensor, newly developed DIGIC 6 Image Processor, you also get 1x more optical zoom from its predecessor (5x Zoom Lens),  the G1X Mark II also records Full HD 1080p Video Recording at 30 fps and on the rear side we have 3.0″ 1,040k-Dot Tilting Touchscreen LCD and Built-In Wi-Fi Connectivity with NFC.

Also take a look at – Canon G1X Mark II vs Canon G1X specification comparison