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Firmware Update

What Canon thinks about Canon EOS R7?

Canon EOS R7 rumors running over the web. A Japanese website DCwatch asked Mr. Tsuyoshi Tokura, General Manager of Image Communication Business Headquarters at Canon. about Canon EOS R7, let’s take a look at what he has said

We have released two models this time, but the R series lineup is not yet complete. Of course, I’m thinking of expanding it in the future as a strategy, but I can’t say yet whether it will be EOS R7. However, there is no doubt that the lineup will be expanded, so please look forward to it.

The big fact, they are not able to talk publicly about upcoming cameras (or any products) due to companies’ privacy policy. But, at the same time, he didn’t deny it too.

Canon Lost its Versatility, they will regain for sure

WIth the announcement of Canon EOS R Camera Canon lost it’s verstility as they have in the DSLR era. Now we have completely two different mout Canon EF-M and Canon RF and both incomptiable to each other. But, Sony and Nikon while regained doesn’t have such problem in their Camera lineup. So, to fix this Major issue in their lineup a APC-S sensor based Canon RF Mount Camera announcement is inevitable.

As per latest rumors we have Canon R7 may arrive on Sep 2021.

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Fullinterview available at DCwatch

Canon EOS R7 Coming on Aug-Sep 2021


According to the latest rumors surfaced over the web Canon is working on a High-End APS-C Mirrorless camera and will they will prefer RF Mount to introduce the APS-C Flagship camera aka true successor of Canon 7D Mark II.

Canon EOS R7 More Details

Canon EOS R7 – The name of the camera isn’t confirmed yet, but as per rumors Canon does have working prototypes of the camera, and once of the bodies carry 32 MP sensor of Canon EOS M6 II and DIGIC X image processor from Canon EOS R6 / R5.

We have already published the core specification of the camera a while ago. Canon EOS R7 Rumored Specification

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Canon EOS M7 | R7 Rumor Update

Canon EOS M7 Mirrorless camera (almost same) specifications surfaced again over the web. Take a look at the new set of rumored specs below

Canon EOS M7 Specifications:

  • 32mp APS-C sensor with DPAF II
  • IBIS
  • Slightly renewed DIGIC LSI
  • Cheap EVF, 2.36Mdots
  • Dual SD Cards, speed limits are the same as 4 years old cameras
  • 12fps serial shooting, without AF active
  • 4K from 24p to 60p, using all APS-C sensor sampling
  • 1080p up to 120p (overheating at 120fps)
  • CLog mode for marketing purposes
  • $1599 price

The source who broke out also mentioned that Canon may discontinue the EF-M mount camera announcement(s) from next year and will start afresh RF-Mount Mirrorless camera.


TNC Take on this rumor

The rumor isn’t look legit to me. And as usual, we know that the Canon EOS M6 II camera available at $1099 is capable to shoot 14FPS with SERVO AF (Full Time AF) without any issue. Then why Canon will announce a camera $1599 with 12FPS continuous shooting without active AF.

About discounting the EF-M series camera: Canon EOS M50 is one of the most popular cameras of Canon, And also helped Canon to gain more APS-C market share despite the presence of Fuji and Sony in the competition. As per rumors, Canon does have future plans to introduce RF Mount APS-C Mirrorless camera, but it doesn’t mean they will end up the EF-M camera line and lenses.

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Canon Upcoming Cameras 2020

We are talking about a list of possible cameras that may arrive in the year 2020. We already have the development announcement of Canon EOS R5 camera. And the official announcement of Canon 1dx mark 3 flagship DSLR camera in the year of 2020. Apart from these two flagship mirrorless and DSLR cameras Canon also introduced a new rebel Canon 850D camera in the year 2020. So, we already have several new cameras at the beginning of this year

Now in this particular article, we will discuss the list of possible cameras that may arrive this year. Not the least we have created is not just based on rumors, the list is created based on the data available from worldwide wireless certification agencies. So now let’s jump on the list without using anytime

1. Canon EOS R6 Coming in 2020

Canon EOS R6 – We are almost hundred percent confident that Canon will be releasing the Canon EOS R6 camera at the end of 2020 if everything goes on schedule inside Canon we also have the remote set of a specification of the Canon EOS R6 Camera

Canon EOS R6 Rumored Specification 

  • 20mp full-frame CMOS sensor
  • IBIS
  • 12fps mechanical and 20fps electronic.
  • 4K @ 60p
  • FullHD @ 120p
  • Dual card slots
  • No top-down screen
  • Lower resolution EVF than the EOS R5
  • Build quality not as good as the EOS R5
  • New battery
  • Expected arrival date – June 2020

So from the rumored set of specifications, it’s very clear that the upcoming Canon EOS R6 camera is a mirrorless version of the recently announced Canon 1dx mark 3 camera. Most of the core specification of the camera looks exactly the same.  that we have seen in the 1dx Mark III.

2. Canon EOS R3 / RS

Canon EOS R3 is said to carry a 2X resolution sensor compared to Canon EOS R5. So, we will be getting an 80MP sensor if the rumors are correct. BTW,  Prototypes with a 75MP sensor as well as 60+ MP sensors also exist. We will be updating you soon as we get new information related to the High-Resolution Mirrorless camera.

3. Canon EOS R7

Canon EOS R7 is a Canon RF Mount APS-C mirrorless camera which is also rumored to arrive at the end of 2020 or maybe at the very beginning or 2021. The camera will carry the same 32.5 MP sensor that we have seen inside the Canon 90D OR Canon EOS M6 mark 2 camera. As we all know can and lost its versatility with the announcement of RF-Mount based full-frame mirrorless cameras. Since the RF Mount and the Canon EF-Mount are completely different from each other

4. Canon EOS M60 Coming in 2020

Canon EOS M60 – Canon working on a mini version of the Canon EOS M6 Mark II camera. The camera will have almost the same core specification we have seen in the Canon M6 Mark II, packed under an affordable body.

Canon EOS M6 Rumored specification

  • 32.5MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • DIGIC 8
  • UHD 4K30p, 24p
  • Full HD 120p Video Recording
  • 3.0″ 1.04m-vari-angle Touchscreen LCD
  • Announcement timeline Sep 2020

The upcoming Canon EOS M60 camera will have uncropped 4K video recording mode as we have in the Canon EOS M6 Mark II or Canon 90D Camera. As mentioned in the specs too, the expected arrival date of the camera is sep of 2020 if everything goes on schedule

5. Canon EOS M50 Mark II

Surprisingly it looks like Canon wants to populate its Mid-range and entry-level APS-C Mirrorless camera segment by giving more options to users. Canon is also rumored to announce a true successor of Canon EOS M50 camera with a brand new 24MP sensor as we have in Canon 200D II or Canon 850D with uncropped 4K video recording mode.

Canon EOS M50 Rumored Specification

  • 24MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • III Gen DPAF tech / Eye AF Support
  • DIGIC 8
  • UHD 4K30p, 24p [uncropped]
  • 3.0″ vari-angle Touchscreen LCD

The announcement of the camera is expected to be around Q4 of 2020. We will post more updates related to M50 Mark II if we get any.

6. Canon 1600D / T8

Canon 1600D / T8 camera latest rumors surfaced over the web. According to the latest rumors we have the camera is expected at the end 2020 or very beginning of 2021.

Rumored specifications of the camera also suggest that entry-level live may get 2nd generation of DPAF sensors [without Eye AF]. And cropped 4K Video recording option with CDAF (Contrast-detect AF system) support.

7. Canon EOS Rm

As per the latest rumors we have from the rumor mills that Canon may announce a Full Frame Mirrorless camera Canon EOS Rm below Canon EOS RP to gain more market share with price tag below $999. Well that’s really great news if true. And not only that rumor mills also suggest Canon will announce more affordable RF Mount FF lenses to reach more users.

Canon Upcoming Cameras of 2021

list of Canon DSLR and Mirrorless models expected to arrive in the year of 2021.

8. Canon 5D Mark V

As per the initial set rumors we have Canon 5D Mark V is scheduled to arrive in Aug-Sep month of 2021. No further information is available about the specification of the camera.

9. Canon 6D Mark III

Canon 6D Mark III camera is also expected to arrive next year. The camera will have a 30MP sensor and uncropped 4K video recording mode.

10. Canon 200D III / SL4

If everything goes on schedule then we will see Canon SL4 aka Canon 200D III on Aug-Sep of 2021. But, it’s too early to say anything related to a camera announcement which is approximately more than a year from now. Take a look at the set of rumored specifications of the upcoming Canon SL4 / 200D III camera.

Canon Upcoming Lens 2020-21

  1. Canon RF 14-28mm F2L Lens Coming Soon
  2. Canon RF 85 mm f / 1.2 without the BR optical element
  3. Canon RF 13-21mm  F2.8
  4. Canon 5 New RF lenses coming soon, the name of the lenses surfaced over Russian certification agency. And once the name surfaced these camera companies roughly takes two to three months to make the product official.

Canon Upcoming EF-M Lenses 2020-21

  1. EF-M 15mm f/2 STM
  2. EF-M 50mm f/2 STM
  3. EF-M 60mm f/4 Macro IS STM
  4. EF-M 18-45mm f/2.8-4 IS STM
  5. EF-M 100-300mm f/5.6-8 IS STM

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Canon EOS R7 Rumors

According to the latest rumors we have, canon is working on an RF Mount based APS-C Mirrorless camera. The name of the camera is said to be Canon EOS R7, camera will have the same 32.5MP sensor we have seen inside the Canon EOS M6 Mark II camera as well as the Canon EOS 90d camera. The camera will also have IBIS inside. From the set of core specification it’s look the the camera is coming to compete against the Fuji X-T4 and Sony A6600.

Canon EOS R7 Rumored Specification

  • 32.5MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • IBIS – Sensor shift Image Stabilization upto 5.5 Stops
  • DIGIC 8 Image Processor
  • UHD 4K30p

Well we all know that Canon already has an EF-M Mount mirrorless system camera line-up, but they have lost the versatility they have in the DSLR era. To regain the same versatility Canon is now planning to introduce Canon RF- Mount based APS-C mirrorless camera system in the market. They are also working on lenses dedicated for the new APS-C mirrorless system. Canon will be announcing the new APS-C system mirrorless camera along with few lenses at very beginning of 2021.

The rumored surfaced over the web, so take it with grain of salt.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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