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Canon to Bring Sensor Shift Image Stabilization on FullFrame Mirrorless Cameras

We have already seen Canon DUAL IS DSLR patent now for the first time we published Canon Fullframe Sensor shift IS patent. This also confirms that Canon will sure bring image stabilization to their upcoming high-end FF Mirrorless camera models.

Dual IS Patent Timelime

  • 2018-01-11 – Priority to JP2018-00
  • 2018-01-11 Priority to JP00
  • 2019-01-10 Application filed by Canon Inc
  • 2019-04-09 Assigned to CANON KABUSHIKI KAISHA
  • 2019-07-11 Publication of US20….A1
  • 2019-12-06 Application status is Pending

Canon DUAL IS Mirrorless Camera Patent Details

Patent Text Translated from Japanese (Machine Translation)

Japanese Patent Laid-Open No. (“JP”) 2009-265182 discloses an imaging system that changes a ratio (correction ratio) between a correction amount by moving an image sensor on a camera side and a correction amount by moving the correction lens on an interchangeable lens side in accordance with an image stabilization amount. More specifically, the image is stabilized prior to imaging (exposure) by moving only the correction lens, and the image is stabilized during the imaging by moving both the correction lens and the image sensor. Then, the camera starts controlling the movement of the image sensor for the image stabilization after moving the image sensor in accordance with the position of the correction lens when the imaging starts.

IIS (In Camera Image Stabilization)

Thereby, the image is stabilized by moving the image sensor 104 (referred to as IIS hereinafter). The IIS is performed for the camera shake in the vertical direction (pitch direction) and the camera shake in the horizontal direction (yaw direction).

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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Canon EOS RX Professional Camera Confirmation

On the day of Canon 1DX Mark III camera development announcement, Canon representatives also confirmed that they are working on Canon next Pro FF Mirrorless camera and the upcoming camera will feature in-built body image stabilization and will also carry Dual card slot.

Take a look what they

“There’s a high-end EOS R in consideration,” said Canon UK’s product intelligence consultant, David Parry. “So we are considering bringing a high end EOS R to the market. “If we do, it will have dual card slots, it will be that sort of level, and under development is in-body image stabilization. So we are looking at this technology, it is in development with us.” (Digitalcameraworld)

Speaking to Canon UK’s David Parry, Photography Blog was told that the possible new full-frame mirrorless camera for professionals will have dual card slots and in-body image stabilisation, two features that the current range-topping EOS R model does not offer, and which have been very much in-demand from would-be owners. (Photographyblog)

It’s early days and very little is known about the new EOS R camera Canon will make, but in a recent meeting with Canon we were told that the company is looking into developing in-body stabilisation for its next EOS R model. The only other information we know at this stage is that it will be designed with dual card slots. (AP)

also see Canon RF Mount APS-C Mirrorless Coming on 2020-2021 [Expectation]

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Canon EOS RP With 24 - 105 mm kit and Body Only Option

Canon EOS RP with 24 – 105 mm kit and Body Only Option is coming. Latest rumors coming from trusted sources suggest that Canon EOS RP camera is coming with a 24-105 mm kit lens and body only option. BTW, Canon registered three different SKU units, the third option may be Canon EOS R camera with EF Mount adapter.

Canon Upcoming Camera Spotted at witless Certification agency

1. Canon EOS RP Body Only  (Confirmed)

2. Canon EOS RP Body + 24-105mm (Confirmed)

3. Canon EOS RP Body + EF Mount Adapter

Bottom line – Canon EOS RP or Canon EOS Rp – is a model code name / reference name we are not confirmed yet. The EOS RP camera name spotted by Nokishita guys at wireless certification agency. So, there is a big possibility we may see EOS RP camera next.

Check out the latest camera model codes from Canon.

You check the Canon Registered models code list here and Camera Rumors page for upcoming camera rumors.

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