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Canon EOS R APS-C Mirrorless Rumor

Canon EOS R APS-C Mirrorless surfaced over the web again. As per latest rumors we have the camera may arrive in market in 2021. This is just a confirmation, we have told you back on October 2019 that Canon may introduce a RF-Mount APS-C Mirrorless camera sometime in 2020-21.

Canon and Nikon both introduced their Mirrorless system cameras in 2013-2014. Canon as usual arrived with EOS M camera and Nikon started with the Nikon 1 inch sensor based mirrorless camera.

But, eventually Nikon 1 series was discontinued and later on they have introduced the Z mount in 2018 and Z mount based APS-C Mirrorless camera in 2019. The good thing is, Nikon regains the same versatility they have in the DSLR era with their Z Mount of FF and APS-C Mirrorless camera.

At the time of announcement of Canon EOS M mount, canon engineers done a big mistake. The EF-M mount isn’t large enough to accept FF sensor and that’s why they have introduced the RF mount.

In between DSLR to Mirrorless transition Canon lost it’s versatility they had in DSLR era.

So, now there’s a slight possibility that the may jump in the market with RF-Mount based Mirrorless camera.

Take a look what Canon representative said in an interview (published on March 2019 ) related to the possibility of Canon RF-Mount APS-C Mirrorless camera.

AP: Are you going to keep EOS M in its existing form, or are you going to make a APS-C camera with the RF mount?

YM: That’s a product development for the future so I can’t go into detail, and the market will dictate what sort of direction we should take. If the customers do want a small size, lightweight mount I believe there is room for that, so as we said in the previous answer, we will continue to work with the M mount.

Very clearly Canon accepted the possibility of RF mount based APS-C Mirrorless camera in the near future.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.

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