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Firmware Update

Canon 5D Mark III - H264 compression vs Magic Lanterns 14 Bit RAW

Take a look between the comparison between H264 compression vs Magic Lanterns 14 Bit RAW, RAW video look better to me…. see the video below

An ISO test comparing Canons H264 compression vs Magic Lantern’s 14 Bit RAW hack.

First I converted the RAW files with ML’s raw2dng.

  • Next I dragged the files into Photoshop which opened up Adobe Camera Raw.
  • I selected the first image and used the auto white balance setting which got rid of the heavy magenta tone.
  • Then I synchronized the additional files, and exported them as 16bit tiff files.
  • First I tried to use QuickTime 7 to create an image sequence, but it render the video with incorrect color.
  • So instead of QT I ended up using Final Cut Pro X to create an image sequence to a ProRes 422 HQ output.

Canon 5dmk3 @ F8
Canon 70-200 2.8L IS II @ 200mm
Technicolor Cinestyle

See – Magic Lantern – Raw Video from the Canon 5D Mark III is Now Possible

Canon pro DSLR in the next month

Yes after the canon dealer rumor the NL says

A Canon pro DSLR announcement is expected in the next month, according to reports from NAB (thanks) – a suggestion that continuous AF during video was a key feature.
No details as to whether it was 5D3 or 1Ds3 replacement.

Canon 5D Mark III and 7D mark II Rumors - April 2011

A dpreview forum user says that his trusty camera dealer really knows that a Canon 5D Mark III and a 7D Mark II will be announced within a month

My local dealer, media markt, claims that the new 5d3 and 7d2 will be announced within a month and in the shelves this summer. The sales representative was so sure and convincing that I am selling my 5d2 before the price drops. He claimed the sales team already prepares for the rush of totally 7 new models/updates from Canon and Nikon, and that the new add’s from media markt are being prepared formthis as we speek!

Canon 1Ds Mark IV Rumor at dp review

heard from canon themselves september release full frame 28mp, 10fps, digic v, new auto focus, 1.3 crop mode. 1ds replacement is into medium format around 42mp in a more compact body to competition set for end of year with 5dIII at 24.1mp and 7 fps

CR says that New 5D mark III is coming on August 2011 with a new lens and flash.

Canon New Patent and Rumour Roundup

Canon 5D Mark III and other Time line
5D3 expected announcement date – between june and September, 1Ds Mark Iv expected announcement date is Dec 2011, 1D Mark V expected announcement date is June/July 2011(Via CR).

About Compact Camera?? We may see a New G Series Camera – Canon G13 and Canon SX40 IS in Aug/Sep 2011. (got a email few days ago about canon compact camera timeline)

Tweet from Philip Bloom??

Yesterday Philip Bloom posted this in his account of Twitter , I can not find the tweet , but this is a screenshot from my iPhone, perhaps it is a new accessory for DSLRs, we’ll see referred to ” game changer . ” (translated by google) src –

Canon Patents

Canon patents about Zoom lenses – A 42X optical Zoom lens, (May be used in SX40 IS with Digic 5 Processor??)

Canon 42X Zoom Lens

About 42X zoom lens, equivalent of 27-1116mm.

Patent details:

  • Patent 2011-33868
  • Patent published on 17, 2011
  • Focal length: 4.36-180.0mm
  • Aperture: 2.54-5.74
  • Angle of view: 38.63-1.23°
  • Lens length: 94.37-134.09mm
  • Zoom ratio: 41.24

Via Egami

Canon 7D Mark II Coming?

Few days ago PR posted a update about Canon 7D Mark II, Norwegian online retailer that listed the Canon 7D Mark II camera with a release date of April 20, 2011. The expected price is 17486 NOK ($3140.30)

CR said today 3 New canon DSLR are coming on 2011, 1Ds Mark IV, 5D Mark III and 7D Mark II????. So just hope that 2011 will bring a lot of changes in canon PRO DSLR camera range.

Canon Rumors Roundup March 2011

Update from NL

  • The 5D Mark III will come at least 6 months after the 1Ds Mark IV replacement.
  • The EF-S line of lenses are not high on the list of priorities at Canon.
  • ‘L’ series lenses are needed to get the best out of the current 18MP crop cameras.
  • Canon prices in Australia will drop in April 2011 in response to the grey import market

Canon Joins Thunderbolt Group

Intel announced that Canon is already part of the new technology Thunderbolt. Canon may use this technology in upcoming 5D Mark III and 1Ds Mark IV, however there’s no official announcement from canon about the new Thunderbolt Technology. In our previous post we have mentioned that Nikon through D4 may also adopted the new technology.

src –