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Firmware Update

Canon to Expand its Pro APS-C DSLR Lineup

Canon to expand

According to latest rumors surfaced over the web, Canon is planning to expand the Pro APS-C DSLR lineup by adding one more DSLR in between the Canon 90D and the Canon 7D mark III. From Canon latest trend of adding more APS-C DSLR series in the market the rumor look bit logical to us. However, the source of the rumor mill isn’t talking about the arrival time of these DSLRs.

Canon 77D DSLR successor of Canon 760D

From past few years, we have seen that Canon is trying to populate APS-C DSLRs category by giving us more and more options. For example, we have seen the addition of Canon 760D (and its successor Canon 77D). These set of DSLRs introduced to sit somewhere between the Canon 70D/ 80D series and the Rebel Series.

Similarly, last month Canon introduced and new entry level DSLR Canon 4000D in European and Asian region, which creates a new category of super affordable entry level DSLRs while using the canon most trusted (and outdated) 18 Megapixel sensor with contrast based AF.

As I said in the beginning of the article from past actions, it’s very clear that Canon may add more DSLRs to populate its Pro APS-C DSLR category.

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Canon Registered FullFrame Mirrorless, DSLRs and Compacts

Canon finally registered fullframe mirrorless, DSLRs and compact camera. Well that’s a really great news,  the list of the camera includes DSLR. Take a look at the list of DSLRs, Mirrorless and cameras registered at wireless certification agency

1. Canon 5DS Mark II Registered

  • Model code – K424
    • Interchangeable lens camera
    • Full size
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
    • It is described as mirrorless image size (6720 × 4480) in the test data (since the detail column is filled with almost the same data as 5D Mark IV [K349], the image size may be a dummy possibility)

According to the source the shape of the camera reassembles with 5D Mark IV DSLR of size. And if you see the image below of Canon 5D Mark IV vs Canon 5DS they both are almost identical. So, its a strong possibility that Canon 5DS Mark II is coming.

Canon 5D mark IV vs 5DS image

2. Canon Full Frame Mirrorless with 30 MP FF DPAF Sensor

  • Model Code – K433
    • Interchangeable lens camera
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
    • It is described as mirrorless full size in the test data (it is the same as the data of K424, so it is possible that the initial setting data was diverted for testing)

The K433 is a Fullframe Mirrorless camera with a 30MP DPAF Sensor (test model). It looks like the Canon Fullframe test models carry same resolution sensor of Canon 5D Mark IV camera. But, we have to keep in mind that it’s a test model and sensor resolution may get changed  in the final version.

3. Canon 7D Mark II and Canon 90D [Possibility]

We have to more DSLRs in the announcement pipeline. And the only two DSLR left in Canon to get an update is Canon 7D Mark III and Canon 90D. So, we are expecting these two DSLRs will replace the existing flagship APS-C camera and ultra famous Canon 80D.

  • K436
    • Lens interchangeable camera (probably single lens reflex)
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • K437
    • Lens interchangeable camera (probably single lens reflex)
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed

4. Canon G series compacts Registered and more…

Canon G5 X mark II, camera G7 X Mark III camera and g3x mark II camera also due for an update but at the moment we don’t have very clear information about compacts camera.

  • EC801
    • Compact digital camera
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
  • EC804
    • Compact digital camera
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed
    • More functions than EC 801 and EC 805 (probably G series)
  • EC 805
    • Compact digital camera
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed

5. Canon EOS M5 Mark II also registered ?

  • EC 811
    • Mirror-less camera
    • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed

Canon mirrorless camera updates are also over due and after Canon EOS M50 announcement both EOS M6 and EOS M5 become outdated.

Take a look what source said

Please check the codename list for the device ID of the released model . As it is a Wi-Fi connection test, it is unknown about a camera not equipped with Wi-Fi. Also omit the video camera (device ID starting with D).
Looking at the past data, it seems to be announced within approximately two years from the start of connection test if commercialized.

Canon Group on Facebook

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Canon 90D is Allowed to Record 4K ?

Canon 90D

Is Canon 90D is allowed to record 4K? ,Why I used the word “allowed”, since we all know Canon from a while. As you know that Canon 5D Mark II was the first canon camera to introduce video recording in Canon DSLR lineup. But, it is partially true since

1. Canon 50D was not allowed to Record Video ?

The Canon 50D was designed to record video, but Canon decided not to implement it. You can read in the post that Canon 50D body also have a space for built-in microphone but, unfortunately Canon decided not to implement it (possible to increase the 5D Mk II sales)

But, Nikon was quick to implement Video in DSLRs. And Nikon D90 (announced on Aug 27, 2008) become first DSLR in history to feature Video recording.

2. Canon 90D with New features

 Canon always selected xxd series camera for introduction of new features after Canon 50D.

If you remember the Canon 60D was the first camera with vari-angle display screen. And the Canon 70D camera was the first camera to feature dual pixel CMOS AF sensor. And Canon 80D was the first to have a new 24MP DPAF APS-C sensor, its dynamic range, lowlight performance and color depth was better than of Canon 7D Mark II.

It is possible that can and may pick Canon 90d as for the introduction 4K video inside the Canon APS-C sensor used DSLR camera.

3. Limited 4K inside the Canon 90d DSLR

What Canon done with Canon 5D Mark IV and Canon 1dx mark II camera to create a difference between the pro and semi-pro model. The Canon 5D Mark 4 camera features DCI 4K video recording but it is limited to 30 frames per second Canon 1dx mark 2 camera DCI 4K offers you to record at 60 frames per second.

So we can expect that can canon will going to maintain some kind of difference between the Canon 90D and Canon 7D Mark III camera to save the 7D Mark III sales that will going to be announced after Canon 90d. [ As the rumor mill says that Canon 90d is coming early and 7D Mark III is coming sometime in the beginning of 2019]

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Canon 90D Coming in Late 2018

Canon 90D image

Canon 90D camera is rumored to arrive sometime in late of 2018. And this year we also have photokina at Sept 2018. So, We are expecting the arrival of Canon 90D camera on Aug / Just prior to the event OR during the event / Sep of 2018.

Canon 90D camera will get a completely new sensor with advance DPAF system.  One of the most important thing is Canon 90D camera sensor will be exclusive and it won’t going to used inside next generation of Rebels or Mirrorless cameras.

At the end we don’t have word about the introduction of 4K in Canon XXD lineup.

Well, its a great news and we are also expecting Canon Mirrorless announcement during Photokina of 20185. So, it will be nice to see how Canon manages everything this year.

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Canon Upcoming Cameras 2018

Canon Rumor 2018

2017 ended and Canon completed almost all its major announcements this year.  Take look at the list of Canon upcoming cameras of 2018

Canon 1400D / T8 We have already seen Canon 1400D / Kiss X90 entry level DSLR already cleared the FCC test and in next few months we will announcement for sure.

Canon EOS M50 also registered at wireless certification agency and expected to announce in next few months.

Canon 2000D: The Canon 2000D coming in three different variants (having different kit lens and body ). The canon 2000D name surfaced by worldwide wireless certification agencies and the camera is also listed in our upcoming camera code name list

Canon 5DS Mark IIAs we have told you earlier Canon 5DS/R successor will going to arrive in 2018. The same news is re-confirmed by a source of veteran rumor mill today.

Based on the information we have received Canon 5DS camera will not going to split in two different mode, only one model us coming with OPLF and wit high resolution DPAF sensor.

4K APS-C DSLR from Canon in 2018 – In 2018 Canon will going to introduce it’s first 4K capable APS-C sensor based camera. And later on the tech will be added to lower-end models. Currently Canon 7D Mark II and Canon 80D remains limited to Full HD Video mode only.

Canon 7D Mark III – Canon is rumored to announce Canon 7D Mark III camera in 2018. We don’t have to wait  for 5 years again to get the next squeal of the camera. The Next generation of 7D series camera will going to have enhanced DPAF sensor and upgraded Video 4K video mode.

Canon 90D – The name isn’t confirmed yet it may be also called Canon 80D Mark II. Canon is also rumored to upgrade the 80D camera next year.

No details available about any upcoming High-End Mirrorless camera.

More to come….

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Canon 90d is Coming sooner than expected ?


We have seen some aggressive announcements from Canon in past few weeks. And if you look at the specification of the recently announced Canon 77D camera, (see comparisons of both camera here), then you will going to find that Canon 77D features advanced Core specification when compared to the Canon 80d camera.

Why we are saying that the Canon 77D  features advanced Core specification?, because the image processor inside the canon 77D is better than the Canon 80d. New image processor will bring new image decoding algorithm and hence you will see better image quality from it.

Just like Canon 77D the Core specification of the 800d also resembles with the Canon 80d camera.

Hence, after the announcement of these two clones the sales of Canon 80d will going to slow down tremendously. Only those who require a weather sealed camera Now going to purchase the 80D. Now what next will Canon do,  the simple answer is to announce the successor of Canon 80d camera as soon as possible.

we have 3 camera by having exactly same Core specification.  and hence we expect Canon will going to announce Canon 90d or maybe Canon 80d mark in near future.

Canon 90D

Name of the camera isn’t know yet, it may be called Canon 90D or may be Canon 80D Mark II. But we are sure that Canon 80D successor will have core specification somehow similar to Canon 7D Mark II camera. Yes, we do expect the 65 point AF system of 7D Mk  II can be seen in Canon 90D.

Resolution Rollback isn’t expected

If Canon continues to show same aggressiveness, then we will going to witness Canon 7D mark 2 camera AF system under 80d body at end of this year (2017) or beginning of 2018.

But at the same time we are sure that Canon won’t going to roll back the resolution of Canon 80d to 20.2 megapixel of 7D Mark II.  so, we are going to see a completely new sensor with 65 point AF system inside Canon 90D.

Do share your wish-list with us

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Canon Patent EF-S 16-80mm F2-6 Lens

Latest patent document surfaced over the web suggest that Canon is working on a EF-S16-80mm F2-6 STM Lens, the lens is designed and developed for APS-C DSLR cameras.

Canon lens patent

Take a look at the patent details below translated by google

Description, self-interpretation of the patent literature

  • Patent Publication No. 2016-51137
    • Published 2016.4.11
    • Filing date 2014.9.2
  • Example 1
    • Zoom ratio 4.71
    • Focal length 16.09 41.83 75.78
    • F-number 2.07 5.15 6.00
    • Half angle of view (degrees) 36.26 18.01 10.17
    • Image height 11.80 13.60 13.60
    • The total lens length 100.68 110.04 120.89
    • BF 15.19 27.94 26.84

The 16-80mm F2-6 lens may arrive in future as a kit lens with Canon 90D or Canon 7D Mark III camera. The lens features excellent wide-angle max aperture range and stepping drive motor for fast and silence auto-focusing.

Do share your thoughts with us – See more Canon Patents

source – egami