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Canon 850D Announcement Soon [Rumor]

According to latest rumors coming from Rumor Mills, Canon may announce the Canon 850D  / Canon T8i camera this month. However the credibility of this rumor is still unknown since it’s coming from a new source. We do have some hints in the past, that Canon may announce a new Rebel this year because the user will it do so, the do bring up updates of rebel camera every year.

Same Sensor and Image Processor as of SL3 ?

At the same time the Canon 200d Mark II / Canon SL3 camera announcement has been done a few months ago. And that raises a big question, If a company announces a new Rebel series camera without any big change in specs as of SL3 (which we expect will not going to happen) then for sure they will be confusing their consumers by offering similar camera (specs) packed in different body with a different price tag.

Canon Upcoming APS-C Camera

Rumor mills started taking the name of all possible APS-C camera that may arrive in the next few months. From the past few weeks we have received rumors about Canon 90d, EOS M6 Mark II as well as EOS M5 Mark II and now finally we are getting rumours about the Canon 850D Rebel camera.

And surprisingly, all the announcement dates are pointing towards the end of August, which is of course not far from now.

In general with you get a lot of leaked information and specification just prior to the announcement. So, we have to wait and watch what comes next and we will update you as soon as we get any reliable set of information from trusted sources.

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Canon 850D / T8i, Canon G7X Mark III and 2 More Announcement Come in next few months...

Finally news coming out from from trusted sources that Canon will soon going to announce 4 news cameras. Now, at the moment we have 4 model names of the upcoming camera and out of these four camera we do know that PC2355 is actually Canon G7X Mark III. And we have already published the leaked images of the camera.

List of Canon Upcoming Entry Level DSLRs, Mirrorless and G series Compacts

DS 126751

  • Digital camera (single lens reflex or RF mounting machine)
  • Made in Japan (Oita Plant)
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth equipped (WM 600)
  • SKU: 3380C003AA, 3380C013AA, 3380C023AA
  • Battery: 7.2 V 1040 mAh (LP – E 17?)

TNC Exclusive – We are 100% confirmed that Model DS 127651 uses APS-C sensor and it do have 4K video recording capability. Camera is a entry level or Mid-range APS-C camera, not 7D Mk III or 80D successor. We do expect is a Canon 850D camera.

DS 126761

  • Digital camera (single lens reflex or RF mounting machine)
  • Made in Taiwan or Made in Japan (Oita Plant)
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth equipped (WM 600)
  • SKU: 3454C001AA, 3454C002AA, 3454C003AA, 3458C001AA, 3461C001AA
  • Battery: 7.2 V 1040 mAh (LP – E 17?)

TNC Exclusive – DS 126761 Camera also uses Canon 24MP APS-C Sensor and 4K recording capability. Its a entry level camera, but we are not sure about the model name. Most probably it’s a Canon SL3 / 250D or Mirrorless M100 Replacement

PC 2355 (Canon G7X Mark III – Check out the leaked images)

  • Digital camera
  • Made in Japan (Nagasaki Plant)
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth equipped (WM 600)

PC 2366

  • Digital camera
  • Wi-Fi · Bluetooth installed (WM601)
  • Battery: NB-13L

TNC Exclusive – Both PC 2355 and PC 2366 are Canon G series compact cameras. Canon now updating its Pro compact series with 4K video recording capability.

We will update you soon as we get any new information.  Follow us for LIVE updates.

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Canon Ditched DSLR Development in Favor of Mirrorless

Ok last year Canon said they will cannabilze DSLRs to promote Mirrorless camera, and they did also. They haven’t updated the long overdue 7D Mk II camera (no longer in production / discontinued) and no DSLRs announced in 2018. Now, latest rumor coming from rumor mill suggest that Canon killed one of its DSLR development in favor of Mirrorless camera. May be 5DS line dumped up and we will see a high-resolution mirrorless solution for that.

They Never let users know…

The best thing camera maker usually do is to delay the product announcement. Sony never officially told that they have stopped the development of APS-C Alpha mount cameras. In the same way Nikon never told officially they are quitting the development of Nikon 1 Series Mirrorless camera. And we have Samsung never officially told us that they are shutting down the NX series camera manufacturing unit due to less profit.

3 More DSLRs on its Way, no FF DSLR in 2019 ?

Based on the latest rumors coming from rumor mill Canon planning to announce three APS-C DSLRs camera next year. But no Fullframe Camera is coming,. Let’s talk about list of possible DSLRs camera we may see in the year of 2019

  1. Canon 7D Mark III – As we all know that Canon 7D mark II camera is discontinued and 7D Mk III is the most eligible camera to arrive in the year of 2019. Let’s talk about the possible core specification of the camera. The camera may have 24 or 30 MP sensor. Digic8 image processor that we have already seen in the Canon EOS M50 camera. New CRAW file format and advance image decoding algorithms. The camera is said to have silent shooting mode and continuous shooting upto 14FPS in AF-C mode.
  2. Canon 90D is also rumored to arrive in 2019. But based on the latest set of information we are getting Canon is planning to introduce Canon 7D Mark III camera before Canon 90D. The camera will 4K 30p and lot of other enhancement including  new RAW file formats and C-log support
  3. Canon 850D / T8i is also rumored to arrive in the Q1 / Q2 of 2019. The latest rumors we have received suggest that the camera will have a 24 megzpixel CMOS sensor DPAF tech same as of Canon 80D DSLR camera.  Initial information also suggest that the Canon 850D / T8i camera is the first Canon Rebel camera to have 4K video recording option.

Not only DSLRs we have also published a list of possible upcoming Mirrorless camera coming in 2019

We will update you soon as we get any new details

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source – canonrumor

Canon 850D Coming in 2019

Canon 850D Image

According to latest rumors Canon 850D (T8i) isn’t coming too early, the camera is said to feature 24 Megapixel CMOS sensor and advance video specs compared to Canon 800D DSLR camera. We take advance video specs as the introduction of 4K in Rebel series.

1. When Canon 850D is Coming ?

According to the information we have received from new sources the Canon 850D isn’t coming till Feb 2019. The expected arrival date of Canon 850D / Canon T8i is Q1 or Q2 of 2018. But, at the end anything is possible, we may see it bit early also.

2. Sensor Resolution of Canon 850D

Initial information suggest the sensor will remains at 24 Megapixel with better dynamic range and lowlight performance. So, the Next Canon 850D camera will sure have better Image Quality compared to the current generation of Rebel series.

3. More Processing Speed

Digic 8 is rumored to introduce inside the Canon 850D camera to uplift AF performance and improve overall speed of the camera.

4. Canon Rebel With 4K

Yes, anonymous sources suggest that upcoming Rebel camera will carry advance video specs and will be it more video centric camera to attract new users.   So, it’s safe to assume either Canon 800D / T8i or its Variant with Top Lcd Coming in 2019 will have 4K inside.

One Pro APS-C DSLR is said to arrive in the year of 2018, we will publish more about it in our next blog-post, Take the information with grain of salt. We will update you soon as we get more information related to that.

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Canon 850D Coming in 2018

Canon 850D creative image

Canon 850D creative image

Canon 850D / T8i Coming in 2018  September ? According to latest rumors coming from anonymous sources Canon 850D is coming in Q4 of 2018. Possibly in September of 2018 during Photokina event.

Canon 850D Rumored Specification

  • 24.1 MP DPAF Sensor
  • 4K Video
  • 45 Point AF System
  • Digic 8 Image processor
  • ISO 51200

Introduction of 4K will make big impact on DSLR market since most of Videobloggers will going to buy this camera in no time due to DPAF sensor and 4K Video.

If Canon goes on its schedule update then also the Canon 850D / T8i is coming on Feb 2019. So, There isn’t much difference between the rumored announcement date and the scheduled update time.

Note – Keep note Nikon D5700 is also rumored to arrive with 4k

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Canon Patent EF-S 15-53mm F2.8-4 Lens


Canon patent a new 15-53mm f/2.8-4 kit lens for its APS-C sensor DSLRs camera. The lens starts with a bright F2.8 aperture and that’s clearly show Canon effort for up-scaling the quality of kit lenses.


Take a detailed look of the patent details.

  • Patent Publication No. 2015-152765
    • Published 2015.8.24
    • Filing date 2014.2.14
  • Example 1
    • Focal length 15.40 20.46 51.00mm
    • Fno 2.80 3.00 4.30
    • Half angle of view ω 41.57 33.73 14.99 °
    • Image height 13.66mm
    • Overall length of the lens 119.65 123.99 149.53mm
    • BF 35.93 38.66 50.56mm

In general a patent documents take 2 to 3 years to transform into a real product, so this lens will arrive with either Canon 850D / Canon 900D or Canon 80D.

More Lenses on the Way

More APS-C / EF-S kit Lenses are also coming in near future since few days ago we have published a post  – 15-85mm F3.5-5.6 New Kit Lens coming for APS-C DSLRs.