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Firmware Update

Canon 7D DSLR Discontinued

Canon-7D-Discountinued Screen grab from Amazon

We already published the news few days ago that Canon removed the MAP (Minimum advertised price) pricing from Canon 7D, that’s why the 7D body is was available at $300 less at adoramasee here, finally all the major online stores Discontinued the Canon 7D EOS DSLR camera.

Canon-7D-adorama-image Screen grab from Adorama

we have also published the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) on 7D Mk II camera will possibly ends on September 5, 2014and as some of trusted sources of rumor mill suggest that Canon will announce Canon 7D Mark II on September 5, 2014.

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HOT DEAL – Adorama is giving you upto $600 rebate on Canon EOS 7D body + lenses and flat $300 off on 7D DSLR body.

Starting tonight, midnight July 6, Canon EOS-7D body and 2 lens kits will have instant rebates of up to $600 through August 2.

Canon EOS-7D body only at Adroama:
Canon EOS-7D Digital SLR Camera Body, 18.0 Megapixel, with Advanced Movie Mode & 8 FPS Shooting
Reg: $1,499.00 Instant rebate: $500.00
Final price: $999.00 + free US shipping and 2% Adorama rewards

Canon 7D with Memory card, Bag and Cleaning kit.
Canon EOS-7D Digital SLR Camera Body Kit, Bundle With 16GB CF Memory Card, Camera Bag, Cleaning Kit
Reg: $1,499.00 Instant rebate: $500.00
Final price: $999.00 + free US shipping

Canon EOS-7D with 28-135mm lens at Adorama:
Canon EOS-7D Digital SLR Camera / Lens Kit with EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Standard Zoom Lens
Reg: $1,699.00 Instant rebate: $600.00
Final price: $1,099.00 + free US shipping and 2% Adorama rewards

Canon 7D with 28-135mm lens and much more…
Canon EOS-7D Digital SLR Camera / Lens Kit with EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM Lens – Bundle With 16 GB Compact Flash Card, Camera Bag, Cleaning Kit, 72 mm UV Filter
Reg: $1,699.00 Instant rebate: $600.00
Final price: $1,099.00 + free US shipping

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Canon EOS-7D Digital SLR Camera / Lens Kit, with Canon EF-S 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Auto Focus Lens – Bundle – with 16GB Compact Flash Memory Card, Camera Shoulder Bag, Professional Lens Cleaning Kit
Reg: $1,799.00 Instant rebate: $500.00
Final price: $1,299.00 + free US shipping


ML Dual ISO improves Canon 5D Mk III and 7D Dynamic Range to 14 stops

MLAlex from Magic Lantern posted a new information regarding the improvement of dynamic range of your Canon EOS 5D Mark III or Canon EOS 7D to 14 stops. The ML team working on a new technique of “Dual ISO”, By using the Dual ISO they are able to boost dynamic range by 3 stops, It’s a completely a new way of taking a photo by using ISO 100 for some of the vertical lines and ISO 1600 for the rest of it.  There will be a process to combining the lines of 100/1600 ISO to give you the full resolution file. No more details available yet,

From Alex ML at forum

– 5D3: works for both raw photo and raw video. 7D: photo only.
– Select one ISO from Canon menu, the other from Dual ISO submenu.
– Expose to the right for the lower ISO (usually ISO 100). Maybe darken 1 stop from there.
– Start at ISO 100/1600.
– Try a larger gap for really extreme situations, or a smaller gap for better midtone detail (less aliasing).

Histograms, ETTR, playback tricks [5D3 only]
– Raw zebras will use the darker exposure for highlight warnings and the brighter one for shadow warnings.
– Raw histogram will use the darker exposure. Consider the brighter one as some sort of shadow recovery.
– JPEG zebras/histogram are totally unreliable.
– In photo LiveView you will see the ISO from Canon menu. In movie mode, you will see horizontal lines.
– ETTR will use the darker exposure.
– Playback in 1x will show some sort of HDR preview. At certain zoom levels, you’ll be able to see only one of the two exposures, at very low resolution.
– The dynamic range indicator from the histogram is not accurate.

src – ML forum


Canon 70D vs Canon 7D

Canon 70D features lot of improvement over 60D (see here). But Canon 7D users should wait for 8D or 7DMkII or buy Canon 70D camera?, let’s find out the answer below


Sensor, AF system and ISO
Canon 70D features newly developed 20.2MP APS-C CMOS Sensor and improved ISO range.
Canon EOS 70D features a 20.2 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor and DIGIC 5+ processor, 70D offers native / standard ISO sensitivity of 100-12800, expandable upto 25600.
Canon 7D comes 18.0 Megapixel APS-C size CMOS sensor, Dual DIGIC 4 image processor, 7D offers ISO 100-6400 (expandable to 12800).

Canon 70D and 7D features same AF system, Both camera features 19 point AF system, but due to dual pixel AF technology the Canon 70D does fast AF during live view and movie mode (Phase AF system active during live view).

Advance image processor in 70D: Canon 70D is using DIGIC 5+ image processor, 7D is using Dual Digic 4 image processor.

Top-continuous shooting speed: Canon 7D offers high speed shooting at 8fps @18Mp, Canon 70D offers 7fps @20.2 Mp.


Display: Canon 70D offers bright 3.0″ 1,040k-dot vari-angle Clear View II touchscreen LCD monitor, Canon 7D comes with 3″, 920,000-dot TFT LCD.

Other New Features

Built-In Wireless Connectivity: Canon 70D Wi-Fi provides remote control over the camera’s exposure settings (aperture, shutter speed, and ISO) as well as focus and the shutter release from an iOS or Android mobile device when using the Canon EOS Remote app.

Built-in HDR: Canon 70D features built in HDR, reducing the time needed to manually overlay images in post-production.

other new feature that 60D users will find in 70D is Multiple exposures, up to 9 exposures can be recorded onto a single file using 2 distinct settings for control.

Verdict: Canon 70D AF is same as 7D, but due phase AF pixels in the sensor the 70D will do fast AF when used in live view and movie mode, the sensor is new so you get 20.2 Mp resolution and ISO up-to 25600, other features include vari-angle touch display, WiFi and Built in HDR modes.

Professional shooters will may not see major improvements in the cores specification that they want, since the AF system, Continuous shooting speed remains same, Canon 7D still shooters should wait for upcoming Canon 8D or 7D MkII camera, If you are a Still+Video shooter you must upgrade you DSLR to 70D.

Canon 70D at Amazon | B&H |

Nikon D7100 vs Canon 7D

Nikon D7100 vs Canon 7D

Nikon D7100 vs Canon 7D Specification comparison review, Nikon D7100 features higher megapixel sensor, No optical low pass filter but limited burst speed.

Nikon D7100 vs Canon 7D


Nikon D7100 features newly developed 24.1-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor and Canon 7D features 18 MP APS-C CMOS sensor, Nikon D7100 is bit larger sensor and features more megapixel than Canon 7D.

No Optical Low Pass Filter

Due to no optical low pass filter the Nikon D7100 will capture more details, color and have less noise at high ISO.


Nikon D7100 features broad ISO range compared to Canon 7D, you get ISO 50-25,600, Canon 7D is limited to 100-12800.


Nikon D7100 features 51 point advance AF system with 15 cross type points, Canon 7D offers all cross-type 19-point autofocus system. So you get more cross AF points in Canon 7D.

Continuous Shooting Speed

Canon 7D have better Continuous shooting speed compared to Nikon D7100. (6fps vs 8fps)

For continuous shooting sequences, the 7D can capture bursts of up to 126 JPEGs (large) when using UDMA CF memory cards, or 15 when shooting RAW files.

With Nikon D7100 you get rapid six frames-per-second (fps) burst speed in 1.3X crop mode.


Nikon D7100 features full HD video recording at 60fps with contrast detect AF system, Canon 7D Full HD is limited to 30fps only and no contrast AF or Phase AF available during video shooting.

Nikon D7100 vs Canon 7D


Nikon D7100 features bigger and better display.

Other features

In-camera HDR mode in D7100
Nikon include Selective Colour, Miniature, High and Low Key, Silhouette, Colour Sketch and Night Vision effects.


  • Nikon D7100 features bigger and better sensor
  • No Optical Low Pass Filter in D7100
  • Advance 51 point AF System
  • Broad ISO Range in D7100
  • Better Video mode in D7100 and
  • Better and bigger Display
  • Canon 7D features fast continuous shooting speed
  • affordable

We highly Recommend you to buy Nikon D7100 DSLR

Buy Nikon D7100 from Amazon | B&H | Amazon UK

Canon 7D Magic Lantern Now Available for Download

Canon 7D firmware updateCanon EOS 7D Magic Lantern Alpha Now Available for Download, it contain lot of new feature see the details below, but remember Use Magic Lantern at your own risk!

It is still an early alpha version, so here are a few things you should know:

  • it was primarily tested on one 7D, and a few days on three other 7D’s;
  • during those tests we took 1000 photos and gigabytes of videos;
  • there were no crashes or strange behaviors during our tests;
  • this release will not alter any data in your camera’s permanent memory;
  • this release will not directly alter any so-called “properties” (persistent camera settings);
  • this means, some functions like HDR photos, HDR videos, bulb ramping etc will not work yet;
  • it is not a firmware upgrade, despite the camera saying “Firmware update program”;
  • we have disabled all features that are not yet working perfectly;
  • please don’t beg for adding feature XYZ, it will be added as soon as it works without issues.

Key Features

  • Audio meters while recording
  • Zebras
  • Focus peaking
  • Magic Zooom (via half-shutter, or focus ring)
  • Cropmarks, Ghost image
  • Spotmeter
  • False color
  • Histogram, Waveform
  • Vectorscope
  • Movie logging
  • Movie auto stop
  • Trap focus
  • LiveView settings (brightness, contrast…)
  • Level indicator
  • Image review tweaks (quick zoom)
  • and a lot more

See full details here

Canon EOS 7D firmware available for download

Canon 7D firmware update is available for download, this update will push your 7D to a next level, click here to download the update

Canon EOS 7D firmware v2 – new features:

•    Improved maximum burst for RAW images (up to 25)
•    In-camera RAW image editing
•    In-camera Image Rating
•    In-camera JPEG resizing
•    Maximum Auto ISO setting (ISO 400-6400)
•    Manual audio level adjustment in movie recording
•    GPS compatibility
•    File name customisation
•    Time zone settings
•    Faster scrolling of magnified images
•    Quick control screen during playback

Canon EOS 7D – Key features:

•    18MP APS-C CMOS sensor
•    Up to 8fps shooting
•    ISO range up to 12800
•    Approx. 100% Viewfinder
•    19 cross-type AF points
•    iFCL metering system
•    Dual “DIGIC 4” processing
•    Full HD movie recording
•    Integrated Speedlite Transmitter
•    3’’ Clear View LCD
•    Magnesium alloy body with environmental protection

See the major specification comparison between the old and the new firmware update.