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Canon 2000D, Canon EOS M50 and More.. at CP+ 2018 Show

Canon at Cp plus show

Canon 2000D and Canon EOS M50  mirrorless camera is rumored to arrive during the CP Plus event on March 2018.  Canon was completely silent during the CES January 2018 event but we don’t expect the same will going to happen at the CP Plus event.

Not only the announcement of entry level mirrorless camera and 2000D  DSLR we also expect the announcement of Canon PowerShot G series compact camera and introduction of dual pixel CMOS autofocusing sensor inside it.

We were one of the first website who told you that Canon G1x Mark III will going to have the Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocusing sensor. Now we are also expecting the announcement of Canon G5 X mark II, camera G7 X Mark III camera and g3x mark II camera will get dual pixel CMOS autofocus sensor.

Canon at CP Plus event of 2018

  •  Announcement of Canon EOS M50 camera
    The  Canon EOS M50 camera was registered few months back and its announcement is overdue.  we do expect it will going to use their 24 megapixel DualPixel CMOS AF Sensor. And will going to remain Limited at full HD 60p recording.
  •  Canon 2000D
    We are expecting the successor of Canon 1300 D is also coming during the CP Plus event,  Canon 2000d camera is also registered or Wi-Fi certification a month ago.  we are expecting introduction on dual pixel CMOS your sensor inside the Canon entry level camera. Follow our Facebook page for Canon 2000d latest updates and rumours
  • Canon G5 X Mark II
    Why we are picking the name of Canon G5X Mark II.  since we have received multiple information and the part that can and will going to update Canon G5 X mark 2 camera in the beginning of 2018 with dual pixel CMOS autofocus sensor. So we are expecting the announcement of Canon G5 X Mark II camera during the event. Canon G7 X Mark III and G3X mark 2 also coming this year.

Some surprise announcement May happen
Canon full frame mirrorless system [Development announcement only]
We have received confirm status information that can and will going to introduce full frame mirrorless system camera during Photokina 2018 event. But at the same time we are also expecting that we may see some kind of development announcement related to full frame mirrorless camera at the CP Plus show.

Now we are having a list of camera expected to arrive later this year.

1. Canon EOS C900 [Cinema]
NAB show going to happen in the April month of 2018. And we are expecting the announcement of Canon EOS C900 cinema camera during the event.  Based on the information we have received in the past the upcoming Canon EOS C900 camera will going to record 6k cinema videos and will going to compete against the cinealta Alta 6k Sony camera.

2. Canon 5ds Mark II
we can’t end this article without taking the name of this megapixel Monster of Canon.  The announcement date of Canon 5ds mark 2 camera is not known yet.  Canon 5ds mark 2 camera coming with dual pixel CMOS autofocus sensor and 4K video. Based on information we have received in the past the camera will going to arrive between the June and August of this year.  stay with us and we will going to update you soon as I get any information related to the Canon 5ds mark II camera.

3. Canon 135mm L lens
According to the information we have received in the past, Canon 135mm L lens is also expected to arrive sometime in the first half of 2018. See more here

We will going to update you soon as we get any new information related to upcoming Canon cameras. Do subscribe our social channels for latest updates and LIVE rumors.

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Canon 5DS Mark II Coming with 55 Megapixel Sensor

Canon 5DS Mark II

Canon 5DS Mark II creative image

Canon 5DS Mark II Coming with 55.3 MP Sensor ? According  to latest information Canon 5DS Mark II will get a approx 10%   20% resolution bump compared to its predecessor. If the source is right then we will sure see next Canon 5DS Mark II camera with 55 60 MP sensor.

Without any doubt we can say the Upcoming Canon 5DS Mark II sensor will have Dual Pixel CMOS AF Technology and will sure record 4K Videos.

Canon 5D Mark II Coming on Photokina 2018 ?

We again got confirmation from the same source that Canon 5D S Mark II camera is coming sometime in 2018. Based on my experience Canon will use Photokina platform to get maximum exposure for its next Megapixel monster.

It’s A big task for Canon R&D department to announce a Nikon D850 rival that already scored 100points during DXO Mark Lab test. Canon does have some BSI CMOF DPAF Sensor patents and we do hope Canon should bring new sensor technologies to improve the overall image quality of the DSLR as well mirrorless line-up.

UPDATE – Canon 5DS Mark II Coming with 20% increase in resolution

In recent alert we came to know that the 20% increase in resolution is expected and NOT 10%, so if next version of 5DS Mark II arrives in near future the resolution of the camera is expected to be 60 Megapixel.

Also see – Canon Mirrorless Camera Prototypes [Speculations] | Also see Canon G1X Mark III more Confirmations

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Canon 5DS Mark II to Feature 60MP FF Sensor [Rumor]

Canon 5DSR Mark II

According to latest rumors surfaced over the web, Canon 5D S Mark II is coming in Q3 or Q8 of 2018.  The news isn’t new as we have already published back on March 2017 Canon 5DS Mark II Coming in Q2 2018.  Although the rumored announcement time is bit fluctuating but that do confirm that the Canon 5DSR Mark II isn’t coming in 2017.

Canon EOS 5DS Mark II Rumored Specification

  •  60.1mp image sensor.
  • A new type of low megapixel mode.
  • 4K video (video features will be basic)
  • Body same as of Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.
  • Focus peaking present, may appear first on another DSLR.
  • Expect all the other features such as DPAF, Wifi, Touchscreen and GPS.

The only one thing that  catches attention to my eye is introduction of all new 60 MP DPAF sensor.  But, we also know that Canon do test at least three to four prototypes of professional camera all having variable core specification before finalizing the specification of any pro DSLR. At the end we can say 60MP sensor is a possibility, we may see few more sets of rumored specification in near future.

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Canon Upcoming Cameras 2018

Canon Rumor 2018

2017 ended and Canon completed almost all its major announcements this year.  Take look at the list of Canon upcoming cameras of 2018

Canon 1400D / T8 We have already seen Canon 1400D / Kiss X90 entry level DSLR already cleared the FCC test and in next few months we will announcement for sure.

Canon EOS M50 also registered at wireless certification agency and expected to announce in next few months.

Canon 2000D: The Canon 2000D coming in three different variants (having different kit lens and body ). The canon 2000D name surfaced by worldwide wireless certification agencies and the camera is also listed in our upcoming camera code name list

Canon 5DS Mark IIAs we have told you earlier Canon 5DS/R successor will going to arrive in 2018. The same news is re-confirmed by a source of veteran rumor mill today.

Based on the information we have received Canon 5DS camera will not going to split in two different mode, only one model us coming with OPLF and wit high resolution DPAF sensor.

4K APS-C DSLR from Canon in 2018 – In 2018 Canon will going to introduce it’s first 4K capable APS-C sensor based camera. And later on the tech will be added to lower-end models. Currently Canon 7D Mark II and Canon 80D remains limited to Full HD Video mode only.

Canon 7D Mark III – Canon is rumored to announce Canon 7D Mark III camera in 2018. We don’t have to wait  for 5 years again to get the next squeal of the camera. The Next generation of 7D series camera will going to have enhanced DPAF sensor and upgraded Video 4K video mode.

Canon 90D – The name isn’t confirmed yet it may be also called Canon 80D Mark II. Canon is also rumored to upgrade the 80D camera next year.

No details available about any upcoming High-End Mirrorless camera.

More to come….

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Canon 5DS Mark II Coming in Q2 2018

Canon 5DSR Mark II

According to latest rumors surface over the web Canon 5DS Mark II is expected to be announced on Q2 of 2018 and that news also confirms us that there will be no 5DSR announcement in 2017.

Canon may be waiting to see the products of other camera makers. Sony is also rumored to announce Sony A9 mirrorless camera this year and Nikon is also expected to introduce Nikon D 810 successor at the end of 2017.

In this article published few days ago have said,  although the Canon 5DSR update is due but we are expecting Canon 6D Mark II and Canon SL2 announcement first.

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Canon 6D Mark II and Canon 150D - Next announcement from Canon

Canon 6D Mark II

Today Japanese website released the list product codes of some un-announced cameras model names from Canon as well as different companies, take a detailed list of the upcoming camera from Canon.

Canon NExt DSLRs

Products which are using WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. They need to get certification from Bluetooth and WiFi certification Agencies worldwide prior to its announcement. Once, these agencies check the product emitting Specific absorption rate (SAR) is under safety standards, they award the certificate.

Finally 6D Successor is coming…

In the list you can clearly see two camera model one in DS126671 and other is DS126631. One of the model is expected to be Canon 6D Mark II and the other is Canon 150D.

The next announcement from Canon will be Canon 6D Mark II and Canon EOS 150D. Yes we do know that Canon 5Ds R update is also due but, there is no information available about Canon 5DS Mark II at the moment.

Canon 6D DSLR will going to feature advance core specification and Dual-Pixel CMOS AF sensor, no 4K video for now as we expect. More details coming soon…

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Canon Patent New Optical Viewfinder for Next Flagship


Canon patent a new viewfinder for professional DSLRs that features magnification ratio of 0.82X. Let me know you that the 5D Mark IV viewfinder features magnification ratio of 0.71X and the Canon 1DX Mark II features magnification ratio of 0.76X.

As we all know that viewfinder is the most important user interface of the DSLR camera. Now let’s know what is magnification ratio in  DSLR camera ?. It generally refers to how big the viewfinder image appears, for example a theoretically perfect viewfinder will have 1X magnification ratio.


1X is the size of things appear when you look them with your eye. Now if your Camera, say Canon 1DX Mark II have 0.76X magnification ratio makes things appear to be approx three-quarters the size they look to be with your naked eye. And to be clear 0.82X is better than 0.76X.

canon new viewfinder image

Here is the patent details

Patent Publication No. 2016-191760
Published 2016.11.10
Filing date 2015.3.31
Example 5
Diopter -1 -3 +1
Focal length 61.30 58.73 64.32
Eye point 20.0 20.0 20.0
Magnification 0.82 0.85 0.78

Believe me or not this tech will sure coming in future camera’s of Canon for sure. The viewfinder may be used for upcoming Canon 1DX Mark III or may be Canon 5DS Mark III.

We are pining up this article to our Canon Future tech page.

Stay with us and we will update you soon.

The article first appeared at Wednesday, 16 November 2016 (GMT-5).

source –