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Firmware Update

Canon 2000D / T7 Sample Images

Canon 2000D Sample Image

Take a look at the Canon 2000D / T7 sample images. The Canon 2000D camera features a new 24 MP APS-C CMOS Sensor and a decent core specs for entry level shooter out there.

Take a look at the announcement page of the camera if you haven’t looked at the moment.

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Canon 2000D / 1500D / T7 Announced - Press Release, Sample Videos and More...

Canon T7 DSLR camera

Canon 2000D / 1500D / T7 Announced finally  (yes, we have three names for a same product based on geographical locations of the world) the entry level DSLR camera. We already know that the Canon T7 camera was coming and told you months ago. Now take a look at once again the final specs of the camera. Canon most trusted 24MP DPAF Contrast detect sensor. And not only that we also have Digi4+ image processor and standard ISO range upto 6400 only. Well that’s a good camera is some wants to learn DSLR photography.

The camera is able to record Full HD videos and also features WiFi connectivity for image and video transfer and it also enables remote shooting with smartphone Canon camera app.

Canon T7 price and availability

Canon T7 Intro Video

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Upcoming Camera Model Codes


This page is very special. We already have Hot Camera Rumors page in which you can see the list of upcoming camera, but in this page we are putting the name of upcoming camera model name codes those who are officially registered.

The codes you see below are the list of officially registered cameras, being said that it clearly means the model codes shown in this page are arriving as a product in next few months.

1. Canon Fullframe DSLRs and Mirrorless

Model name Device ID Wireless components  Module
DS126631 6D II K 406 ES 202
WM 500
DS 126651 9000D K 408 ES 200
WM 500
DS126661 Kiss X 9i K 405 ES 200
WM 500
Kiss X 9 K417 ES 200
WM 500
DS 126701 4000D K422 ES 200
DS 126721 R K424 WM 600
DS 126741 Kiss X 90 K 432 ES 200
DS 126751 Canon ESO RP
 WM 600
DS 126761  Kiss X10
 K436  WM600
 DS126801  see more details here
DS 401141 470 EX – AI
DS 401211 MT-26EX-RT K363
DS401221 EL-100

2. Canon Compacts and APS-C Mirrorless

Model name Device ID Wireless components  Module
PC2276 M 100 EC 398 ES 200
WM 500
PC 2279 M6 EC 407 WM 227 WM 500
PC 2323 / PC 2325 G9X II EC 410 WM 227 WM 500
PC 2328 Kiss M EC 412 WM 600
PC 2329 SX730HS EC 417 ES 200
WM 500
PC 2332 IXY 210 EC 414 ES 200
PC 2333 IXY 200 EC 415
PC 2334 SX430IS EC 416 ES 200
PC 2335 G1X III EC 418 ES 200
WM 500
PC 2336 MM 100 – WS ES 200
PC 2352 SX 740 HS EC801 WM 600
PC 2355 G5X Mark II
 More details here WM 600
PC 2357 SX 70 HS EC 805 WM 600
PC 2366  Upcoming  More details here WM 601
PC2367 WM601

2. Nikon Upcoming Camera Code Name

Model Name Country of manufacture Radio wave type Module
N1608 Digital camera Thailand Nikon D850
N 1610 Digital camera Thailand Nikon D7500
N16D3 Digital camera Indonesia Nikon W300
N 1622 Digital camera China → Thailand Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz)
Nikon P1000
N16F1 Remote controller Bluetooth ML-L 7
N16H0 Dot site for camera DF-M1
N1710 Digital camera Wi-Fi (5.8 / 5.1 / 2.4 GHz)
Nikon Z 7
N1711 Digital camera Nikon Z 6
N1718 Digital camera Thailand Bluetooth Nikon D3500
N1721 Digital camera Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz)
N 1811 Digital camera COOLPIX B 600
N 1838 Digital camera  Upcoming  COOPLIX 150
N 1845 Digital camera  Upcoming  More details here
N 1847 Digital camera  Upcoming
N 1849 Digital camera  Upcoming
N 1850 Digital camera  Upcoming

3. Sony Upcoming Camera Code Name

Model number Camera Name
WW 151602  Upcoming Camera
WW 213188 DSC-RX 100 M 5 A
WW 771132 DSC-RX 100 M 6
WW 173777 DSC-RX 10 M 4

4. Olympus Upcoming Camera Code Name

Model Name Product Tpe Camera Name
IM001 Digital camera E-PL 8
IM002 Digital camera E-M1 Mark II
IM003 lens 25 mmPro
IM004 lens 12-100 mmPro
IM005 Digital camera TG-5
IM006 Digital camera E-M 10 Mark III
IM007 lens 17 mmPro
IM008 Digital camera E-PL 9
IM009 lens 45 mmPro
IM010 Digital camera E-M1X
IM011 flash FL-700WR
IM012 Wireless Commander FC-WR
IM 013 Wireless receiver FR-WR
IM014 lens

5. Fujifilm Upcoming Camera Code name list

Camera Model  Code Product Name
FF 160001 X-T2
FF 160002 X-A3
FF 160003 X-A10
FF 160004 X-100F
FF 160005 GFX 50S
FF 160006 X-T20
FF 170001 X-E3
FF 170011 X-E3 (China Edition)
FF 170002 X-H1
FF 170003 X-A5
FF 170004 X-A20
 FF 180002 (NEW)
 FF 180003 (NEW)
FF 180004 (NEW)


6. Leica Upcoming Camera Code Name List

Model Code Code Name Type Made in Product Name
1546 Digital camera (Manufactured by Panasonic)
8854 Digital Camera Germany Leica TL
8323 Clooney Digital Camera Germany Leica CL
5370 R2D2? Digital Camera Germany Leica TL 2
3656 Digital Camera Germany Leica M10
2754 instant Camera China Sofort
London Thambar-M 90
Salzburg Noctilux-M 75
Tokyo APO-Summicron-SL 75
Toronto APO-Summicron-SL 90
Wilder Elmarit-TL 18 mm


source –

More to come…

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Canon 2000D Rumored Specifications

Canon 2000D

Canon 2000D early specification hit our mailbox few days ago. And for those who are new, you must know that  Few weeks ago we got confirmation that next entry level DSLR name will be 2000D instead of 1400D. Now, The next DSLR from Canon is rumored to feature 24MP Hybrid CMOS sensor and touch LCD.. let’s take a look at the detailed list of leaked specification.

Canon 2000D Rumored Specification

  • 24 megapixel  APS-C CMOS sensor
  • Standard ISO 25600
  • Full HD video recording at 60p
  • Rear touch LCD screen
  • Design of the camera is compact and similar to Canon 200d
  • Shipment of camera will start from February / March of 2018

We are the first website to publish the Specification of Canon 200D Camera. Many website will sure republish it today or maybe few weeks from now without mentioning / citing us as a source.

What you can do ?

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Before we move on I must say to you that I get over 200 emails everyday and it is not possible for me personally to reply every email , but believe me I read each and every email I get. So, keep sending ur love to us.

Canon 2000D Coming [Confirmed] and More...

Canon 2000D image

Canon 2000D May arrive as Canon next entry level DSLR. Earlier it was expected that Canon 1400D is coming based on the name trend followed by Canon. But according to the latest Registration document surfaced over the Russian Certification agencies, Canon Registered several product names those includes Canon 2000D, 3000D and 4000D.

Take a look at the product Registration details below

  • EOS 2000D
    • Notifications Number: RU0000034331
    • Digital single-lens reflex camera
    • Kit: Body, 18-55 IS II, 18-55 DC III
  • EOS M50
    • Notifications Number: RU0000034194
    • Color: Black / White
    • Kit: Body, 15-45 IS STM, Double Zoom, Double Lens (15-45 / 22), 18-150 IS STM

Don’t get confused with the names, Canon generally releases entry level DSLRs with three different names worldwide (Canon 2000D / Canon T7 / Canon Kiss X90).  We already told you about the Canon EOS M50 camera. The arrival time of Canon 2000D and Canon EOS M50 is expected next few months.

With 2000D Canon also registered, two more camera. (may be Canon upcoming models name)

  • EOS 3000D
    • Notifications Number: RU0000031323
    • Digital single-lens reflex camera
    • Kit: Body, 18-55 IS II, 18-55 DC III
  • EOS 4000D
    • Notifications Number: RU0000033405
    • Kit: Body, 18-55 IS II, 18-55 DC III

The Canon 1300D (Amazon | B&H) Camera uses traditional 18 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, we do believe the 1300D / T6 is the last Canon camera to use the 18MP traditional contrast detect sensor. The Upcoming camera will going to feature 24 Megapixel based Hybrid or may be DPAF CMOS sensor from 200D / SL2.

Canon 2000D Page at Facebook

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