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How to capture great images of strangers

The video is created by Portland, Oregon-based photographer Jimmy Hickey’s you will get a clear idea how to shoot strangers while travelling (Yes, with your camera).
See the video and know the four step formula suggested by Hickey to capture great images of complete strangers ,

Portrait photography guide

What is a portrait?

From the very first pictured pictures on wet plates by nineteenth – century photography pioneers to the latest images recorded as digital files on the computer, people have always been the most popular subject for photography. For amateurs, the most common reason for taking out their cameras is to record for posterity, both the individuals who are important to them, and the special moments of their life. In the world of professional photography, portraits represent a significant proportion of commissioned work.

But what do we mean by a “portrait?” One English-language dictionary defines it as a “likeness of an individual, specially of the face.” But while that definition is certainly one with which many would agree, it doesn’t really do justice to the multitude of ways in which people can be portrayed in a picture.

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Canon lenses tutorial

Canon has created a website where you can learn all about Canon lenses and discover which one the right one to help you create the shots you’re after.

Click here to visit website

Quick Guides to Canon EOS digital Camera and lenses

Canon shooting tips

Canon QuickGuides are a free downloadable resource for EOS cameras and accessories. These PDF cheat sheets are helpful tools to carry around in your camera bag for quick reference, or to read from your computer for step-by-step guidance on specific product features and techniques.

Quick Guide to EOS Custom Functions customize your EOS camera for individual shooting preferences: Download PDF 778KB

Quick Guide to Canon EF Lens Features:variety of features available on EF lenses.

Quick Guide to Accurate EOS Autofocus: Learn ow to ensure accurate and consistent focus with your EOS system.

Quick Guide to EOS 7D Autofocus Modes:
Learn about autofocus features such as AF Shooting Mode options.

Quick Guide to EOS DSLR Video Recording:
HD Video footage from the EOS-1D Mark IV, the EOS 5D Mark II, and the EOS 7D

Click here to visit canon website and download quick guides

5D Vs 7D - lens comparison test

Mike Collins on Viemo explains the difference between the crop affects the 7D APS-C and 5D Full-Frame Sensor.

Tips for Taking Garden Photos - Olympus

Tips for Taking Garden Photos
Join Olympus Visionary Jay Kinghorn for this exclusive video series on capturing your garden with your E-System camera.

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Underwater Snapshots Tips - Olympus

Underwater Snapshots
Whether you already have a camera that can take photos underwater, or you are planning to get one, learn why using underwater scene modes will help you get a great shot by taking care of the essential settings automatically. Plus, check out our maintenance tips for waterproof cameras, as well as underwater shots taken by Olympus users.
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